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Bitcoin talk

This coming Friday evening (Aug 3rd), there will be a talk, at my home, on the subject of Bitcoin, given by a German libertarian who is now visiting London named Frank Braun.

Frank Braun is an acquaintance of Detlev Schlichter. Detlev wanted London to offer Frank Braun some kind of libertarian welcome, but many of the usual libertarian welcomers are now out of the country, on holiday and fleeing the Olympics. So, I’m doing some Frank Braun welcoming. Which suits me well because I have for some time been thinking of cranking up my Brian’s Fridays, and this will be a good way to see if that really appeals. Plus, any acquaintance of Detlev Schlichter is an acquaintance of mine. Certainly, this particular talk ought to be interesting.

There is a posting up at my personal blog about the event. If you’d like to attend, and are near enough actually to do that conveniently, please email me (follow the link to see how).

Now, back to all the tidying up that I must do before Friday. That has now become urgent. Which was another reason why I said yes to Frank Braun dropping by.

4 comments to Bitcoin talk

  • Myno

    Any chance of an audio or video track afterwards, for those of us not quite in the vicinity? The topic is of great interest, and any acquaintance of Detlev’s…

  • Russ Mitchell

    Agreed. I’d like to know more about Bitcoin, and as Myno said, any acquaintance of Detlev’s… yepyep.

  • Jake Haye

    Would be great to hear/see a recording – hope that’s possible.

    If the nobility government were to legislate against Bitcoin, wiping out their value overnight, would they be open to some kind of class action lawsuit from those who suffered a (possibly substantial) loss as a result?

  • If you revive Brian’s Fridays, I might have to move back to London. Yes, that is a threat.