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A reduction in the amount of eco-crap

World’s biggest eco-toilet scheme fails

Not that I wish to discount the idea of improvements to the current design of toilets entirely. One must not be too quick to pooh-pooh new ideas.

10 comments to A reduction in the amount of eco-crap

  • PersonFromPorlock

    You have grossly maligned The Bear of Very Little Brain! “poo-poo” works much better in this case.

    Which I suspect you knew.

  • Mike James

    PersonFromPorlock poo poos the pooh pooh which Natalie had pooh poohed. Both seemingly unaware that there was once another website which poo pooed various poo poos (pooh poohs, if you must). That, in turn, engendered poo poos from across the World Wide Web, including the poo poos of German web sites devoted to certain unusual practices. That brought poo pooing from the hosting service for that website, and all the other hosting services poo pooed the site. The site had to go dark.

    Because of poo poo!

  • JohnB

    There are two (at least) sides to this.

    On the one the eco/humanist religionists are an unrealistic pain and rightly have dropped themselves in it.

    On the other side there is the fact that economical use of resources is almost the goal of science and not to be despised.

    One does not ask the scientists to stop improving things by applying thought to reality (emphasis on reality, not religio-based self aggrandisement), just (some of them) to stop worshipping their own merde.

  • Paul C.

    I double and tripple flush as much as
    You’ll never take me alive. Dry Crappers! Top’o world, top”o world!

  • Bruce Hill


    The dangers of poo-pooing if left unchecked…

  • Dom

    “… you aim your urine at the urine bowl…”

    I’m 60 years old and I still play “sink the submarine” while shouting “take that, you nazi bastards”, so no, I ain’t buying one them any time soon. And how are girls supposed to do this anyway.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    And how are girls supposed to do this anyway.

    Posted by Dom at July 31, 2012 02:59 PM

    Here, destroy your mind: http://urparamount.com/products/iPee1/pee-female-urinating-device.html

  • Adrian Ramsey

    Here, destroy your mind: http://urparamount.com/products/iPee1/pee-female-urinating-device.html

    And life imitates Heinlein, once again.

  • Alisa

    Oh bother.

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    To quote from The Big Bang Theory- “I see two problems here. Number one- and number two!”