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I guess this makes it hard to enforce a speeding ticket?

Bucharest, Romania. August 2010.

11 comments to I guess this makes it hard to enforce a speeding ticket?

  • Laura

    That’s right! Stick it to the Man, Vols!

  • Laura

    Oh, shoot. I meant, “Stick it to the Man, Cavaliers!”

    ::grumble grumble::

    Like anyone in Romania would know the difference.

    ::still hides head in shame::

  • Jacob

    A ticket is only for dumb Westeners.
    In many parts of the world people never pay a ticket, at most they pay a bribe to the cop that caught them.
    The number is not immune to this procedure.

  • That’s not to dodge a ticket, that’s to warn others to expect crappy driving.

  • J.M. Heinrichs

    Are Tennessee and Virginia in the same county?


  • Joshua

    Is there a joke I’m missing here? While it would be unusual to see an American license plate on a car in Romania, I don’t see anything about it that would be more difficult to enforce speeding tickets against it than any other car with a foreign (or at least non-EU) license plate.

  • guy herbert

    When the congestion charge zone was introduced in London, I wrote to TfL enquiring how they proposed to enforce the scheme against people with foreign numberplates they could not identify through DVLA, or in the case of Arabic ones not even read. Answer came there none.

    I suspect one is probably immune to camera enforcement. But I understand in some parts of the country police have been arbitrarily seizing, as unlicenced, individual cars with foreign plates that they see on two occasions more than 6 months apart. (If you bring a car into the country and keep it here, then you have to licence it here within 6 months.)

    I am waiting for some continental businessman who visits regularly to get them for violation of EU free-movement laws.

  • Eric

    “No, honey, I told you I’m not lost and I’m not asking for directions! Rockefeller Center is just a few lights further on.”

  • Alasdair

    Looks like Valerie Plame is back ‘undercover’ again, folks !

  • Sunfish

    If a driver is DHUA and is stopped and written for same, how does it affect the enforcement of the citation whether the plate is from Manchester or Flanders or Virginia or the PDRK?

    They’re two different states, next to each other.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Mate of mine, in a hurry to register a grey import, rang in for the new registration number. Unfortunately, he misheard the number, so until the car was scrapped it ran around with number plates that didn’t match the documentation. Never once got a speeding ticket, presumably lost in the system.