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The next generation

There have been some good postings at Rob’s Blog recently, in particular an informative review of a new book called The Spirit Level Delusion, and a vivid description of some rather uncaring care. But this


… is particularly good news.

You can’t assume that children will have even approximately similar opinions and ideas to their parents, but that’s the way to bet. But however his ideas and opinions turn out, warmest congratulations to Mr and Mrs Rob’s Blog.

3 comments to The next generation

  • Yes, congratulations are indeed due.

    I notice that of the eight people listed on the right of this blog as “editors” or “principal contributors”, none of us have children, although we are all at or past the age when people commonly do. The “contributors” are perhaps a little better, but still well behind the general population: I see two people who I know have children, one whose first child is on the way, six who I know do not, and two who I am unsure about. Perhaps we do need to be less libertarian and more libertine.

  • Michael, I think I know what you mean, but I don’t think you say it right. The word “libertine” suggests to me an indulgence in short term pleasure that is quite different from parenthood, of the sort here celebrated.

  • Oh, I know what the word means. I think my point is that the Lord (or evolution or the great teapot) might have given humans the desire to seek out short term self indulgent pleasure precisely because it can lead to the long term things that are indeed here celebrated. Whereas, as I can see, sitting inside at a computer screen denouncing the idea of government does so less often.