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Blogging Les Blogs

Today’s reason for light blogging is that the Samizdata editors are in Paris(!) attending a blogging conference Les Blogs. Blogging is making some waves in France and this conference is truly international, bloggers from 20 countries are present. We have met many a blogger we have known virtually and putting faces to blogs is always an interesting experience.

For those who are interested in the blog trends and biz, head over to the Big Blog Company blog for some furious blogging of the conference.

Les Blogs_logo_sml.jpg

4 comments to Blogging Les Blogs

  • bender

    ok ok ok..

    I was reading the linked blog company blog.. and Adriana kept having “lesblogs” as a link after her byline….

    I was very confused for a minute – then I remembered all about this language called “French”…

  • “lesblogs” is the category they asked bloggers to use when blogging the conference so technorati can tag it better. Yeah, it’s the French spelling..

  • Sheriff

    Expect the French Language Gestapo to invent a new term for Blogs

  • Sheriff, they already did. I remember being informed a year ago that the chattering, finger-in-the-bottom-lock-washer classes and other Parisian ‘elites’ had a furious blogged brainstorming and came up with the pathetically uncreative term of “carnets” (notepad).

    They then started to designate themselves with the preposterous barbarism “carnetiers”, finally reaching their peak: no style, no substance.

    That said, I have always found the amount of time and efforts those concerned French-O-Philes (who frequently can’t spell their own language – at least for some of them) put into molesting their mother tongue just for the sake of not using English words, to be fairly entertaining.

    But then, I’m easily amused when it comes to a certain type of my compatriots.