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The reason for light blogging this weekend…

Three reasons actually: One engagement party (between two Samizdatistas, no less), one St. George’s day party and a party of Samizdatistas in France…

We lured the famous Dissident Frogman away from his Northern stronghold to meet up with us south of the French heart of Darkness for much hilarity at the expense of the French establishment and a great deal of good food.

4 comments to The reason for light blogging this weekend…

  • Rob

    My three year old son sneezed this morning and I have to say that what came out of his nose looked more appetising than your snails. Bon apetit.

  • Alice

    It’s cruel to link to my fellow-countryman Frogman, I thought for a click time that he had returned to posting.
    Many wishes of happiness to the newly engaged, which proves once more (and why should we prove?) that libertarianism is not selfish. A common ideal, which I hope, will keep them together for ever.
    Fondue, snails, wine, French architecture and critics of the French Establishment, lucky you!

  • so who got engaged or is that samiz?

  • Axos

    I assume the “man in the iron mask” (and Philip the Good???) is actually the Dissident Frogman?