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Irons in his soul

Given the disproportionately high incidence of entertainers who march in lockstep with the fashionable leftoid tendency, I think it is forgiveable to regard to the word ‘actor’ as being synonymous with the word ‘moonbat’.

And mostly this is true. Mostly, but not entirely. Earlier in the week, I was watching a BBC ‘Hardtalk’ interview with Oscar-winning British actor, Jeremy Irons, who served up a welcome surprise:

Irons also spoke passionately about his defence of hunting. Irons hunts in Ireland and said he believes that people should be allowed to do what they want as long as they don’t harm other people.

“I’m appalled that really for political reasons Tony Blair is allowing his back benchers, who are bored, who have no power and want to stir it up.

“They want to get back at the way the Tories dealt with the miners, so they think they’ll ban the nobs hunting.”

I doubt very much that Mr. Irons is shaping up to become the British Ronald Reagan but it is gratifying to know that he is out there anyway. Creative talent and the power of reason are not mutually exclusive characteristics.

18 comments to Irons in his soul

  • Pham Nuwen

    This of course is a man who pulled of Humbert Humbert, without looking like either a pathetic pedophile, or a calious child molestor, and instead managed to bring the true character that was intended to the screen. He has done this as far as I can tell with all the roles in his career, and is a man of extreme talent, courage, and honor. It shows in all his work, it is no surprise to me it shows in his private live, and personal opinions.

  • I am sorry, but I don’t see what is the big deal in “pulling off a Humbert without looking like either a pathetic pedophile, or a calious child molestor” for an actor who is neither a pedophile nor a molestor himself. You might guess that I am rather unimpressed with Irons’ work in general, regardless of the fact that it apparently took some character to publicly oppose such a PC position as a ban on hunting. Just like great actors can be total assholes, the opposite can also be true. And, on the third hand, there are plenty of excellent Hollywood actors who are not lefties, and even are Republican supporters. It’s only that the media’s lights are not generally turned towards them.

  • Robert

    Up the Irons!!!


  • Verity

    I’m with Alisa. As an actor who has become famous sheerly for his talent (rather than being a Redgrave or Charlie Sheen, for example), why shouldn’t he be able to interpret Humbert Humbert for the screen? (Actually, I think James Mason is the one who captured the true Humbert Humbert, but I digress.)

    However, I reread the post and did not see Irons standing up for personal liberty, an end to government interference in private life and an end to government tampering with our constitutional rights. He was merely in a snit because his personal hobby was being outlawed. I don’t find this particularly brave or encouraging.

  • Robert, love the sentiment…up the irons indeed!

    Verity, surely if something like this motivates someone to actually speak up for what is right its not all bad.

    After all Ron Silver, not known for his Republican leanings, was so pissed off with Moore, F-9/11 and leftie bleating that he co-funded the Farenhype DVD. Not only that but he routinely would go on TV to support the President.

    It is a good idea for those of us of our ilk to support and welcome such people when they are sound on something. We should not guffaw and complain they are not sound enough. One has to remember that by publically supporting such a cause (likehunting) Irons may be permanently blotting his copy-book in some circles where he would have been welcomed before.

  • Verity

    Actually, Andrew, you make a good point. Irons is only making a point which interests him personally, with no reference to the wider landscape in which this scandalous government operates, but you are correct. He will be regarded by some to have blotted his copybook. He may well find doors closed to him that would have been opened eagerly formerly. So yes, you have a very fair point.

  • Andrew, not to detract from the good point you are making, but Ron Silver has been known for his Republican leanings for quite a while, pretty much since 9/11. He was a speaker at the Republican convention, for example.

  • Tony

    Anyone know of a list of non-left leaning actors etc. Both sides of the pond?

  • Steel

    This should get you started:
    Conservative Celebrities

    There are some questionable names on the list. It includes anyone who’s expressed support for the Republican party (which doesn’t necessarily mean conservative or small-government), plus people who have shown conservative/libertarian leanings in their comments. Not all are self-proclaimed.

    Most of the names on the list are solid, though, especially in regards to the sports stars on the list.

  • Verity

    What a pathetic list! For one thing, they’re all American and they’re all B or C list, retired or dead. Or they’re sports stars no one outside the US has ever heard of. And it didn’t even mention Arnold Schwarzenegger! And they shouldn’t have mentioned every C&W star who ever lived, as we can take this as read.

    Who can we field for our team. OK, Jim Davidson. And …?? I think I once read Becks ‘n’ Posh …

  • Verity

    I just realised the list linked above had a comments section and someone wrote in Joan Collins, Mick Jagger (!) and Frederick Forsyth. Also Roger Moore.

    Somehow, I doubt whether any one of the BBC 40,000 employees is going to be outed.

  • John Ellis

    …and all this adds to the debate, how? Most Luvvies are Lefties, OK. So?

    Are we so paralysed by the cult of celebrity that we giva a damn one way or another…?

    (And I speak as a leftie on many social issues….)

  • I have a ole’ freind who is rather senior at the Beeb who is a Tory. However he is the only Tory I have ever met who works in TV or radio in this country.

    PS: I should have made it clear about Ron Silver that he became a convert to the Bush cause after 9/11. I forgot to add that in my remarks.

    Amazingly enough there is a Baldwin brother (Stephen) who is also a Republican and tends to end up on Fox quite a bit.

    Verity well the Dixie Chicks who are huge (or were) in the Country scene are certainly lefties (and morons too).

  • “Are we so paralysed by the cult of celebrity that we giva a damn one way or another…?” Oh boy, I guess we are…

    That list is certainly incomprehensive. The actual list includes actors from all levels (A, B and C), both Big Hollywood types, and Indies. I’ll just mention Robert Duvall, John Malkovich and James Woods.

  • Did I mention that Irons is quite overrated? Oh, I did…

  • Verity

    Andrew – The Dixie Chicks recanted their smart-mouthed comments, saying they had made them on the spur of the moment at a concert where the whole audience was anti-war and was egging them on. After their natural constituents, C&W fans, turned on them, to prove how sincere their apology was, they proceeded to the ultimate celebrity proof of sincerity and penance. They posed naked.

  • Verity,

    It seems to me that “people should be allowed to do what they want as long as they don’t harm other people ” is a general statement of principle rather than a narrow defence of his own hobby.

    (I’ve no strong feelings pro or con Irons as an actor. Good looking bloke, though!)

  • Oh, give me a break…