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Always ready to help

In case you get caught short Down Under, the Australian government has a website to help you.

5 comments to Always ready to help

  • Robert

    That’s kinda useful. If ever I’m in Australia and need to pinch a loaf that could come in handy.

    They might have to put it out of order afterwards and call in an army of plumbers but isn’t my convenience all that matters?

  • Jacob

    I usually use McDonalds. They have clean toilets, and are ubiquitous.

  • Ian

    Did you see it’s part of the “National Continence Management Strategy”?


  • Alain Gadoury

    The “My Toilet Map” part with registration and all. Lovely, just lovely.

    The Nanny state at its best.

  • I don’t think this is a Nanny state issue, but rather a small public service. Not as important as tracking hurricanes or epidemics, perhaps, but useful nontheless. If i ever get back to OZ maybe I can download the site on my mobile.

    What is interesting is that I cannot see the US government doing such a thing. We Yanks are a bit more recticent about some bodily functions than other nations.