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Automatic Blunkett

This is fun, in a gruesome way. It is the David Blunkett policy maker, which comes up with things like this:

Detain yobs in the street indefinitely under the Terrorism Act, and then put them under a curfew order.

Or this:

Arrest refugees, and then issue them with compulsory ‘Entitlement Cards’. And charge them for it.

Or this:

Pre-emptively convict asylum seekers, and then try them in secret. And charge them for it.

Although, whenever the BBC is mentioned, I get the feeling that quite a few people around here might agree with Automatic Blunkett’s ideas. I got this, for example:

Deport the BBC to Guantanamo Bay, and then give them a ‘Citizenship Test’.

That is the problem with people like Blunkett. Almost everyone gets something that they want.

Qwghlm.co.uk, whoever he may be (this would be a good place to start finding out – his real name is, I think, Chris Applegate), adds his own cautionary note:

NOTE: The random generator can generate actual policies that Blunkett has launched. I take no responsibility for any distress caused by sudden realisation of the truth, nor any feelings of fear, doom etc. for one’s own civil liberties.

“I take no responsibility …” This man sounds like a lawyer. Maybe a lawyer and definitely a pessimist. Could he be a lefty version of this person.

See also gwghlm.co.uk’s latest blog posting about ID cards. Quote:

I’ve written before at much greater length on just why ID cards are such a bad idea (snappy three word version: costly, useless, invasive) and none of these questions has been satisfactorily answered in the meantime.


(It is off topic, but I could not for the life of me get copying and pasting from this guy’s blog to work. First I could not highlight just the bit I wanted. Then I could not copy even that huge gob that I almost completely did not want. (Although, I was able to copied the embedded short cut.) In the end, I copied that last quote by hand. What gives? Am I using the wrong Internet access whosadaisy programme? Is he one of these guys who made up his own blogging programme? Enlightenment please.)

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