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A belated April Fool…

But the author, General Mirza Aslam Beg, the former Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan, did not realise it at the time. I particularly liked:

The Iraqi nation has shown its resolve and resilience, to stand up against the over-powering superiority of the aggressor, who has been forced to recoil back, for replenishment and re-enforcement. It is the coalition forces, which suffer from “shock and awe” due to the stiff resistance and the remarkable display of courage and capability, to fight according to a well thought-out war plan, which is holistic in conception, embracing all tenets of operational strategy.

Read and laugh

6 comments to A belated April Fool…

  • Byron

    Funny. I knew it was bs when I saw the words “holistic” and “paradigm”. This guy writes like a cross between a Dilbert cartoon and an Osama Bin Laden diatribe.

    The moon in silence goes its way and heeds no yelping cur.

  • Byron

    By the way, this really pisses me off:

    Bipolarity of the Cold War period had built-in safety for the weak. Soviet Union’s demise enabled USA to assume absolute power, which corrupted it absolutely. Iraq, which happens to be the custodian of great civilisational heritage, is perhaps ordained to bring sanity in the otherwise chaotic world.

    “Built-in safety for the weak”??? I wonder if the citizens of the ex-Soviet satellites would consider themselves to have lived in safety. I think he means, built-in safety for tyrancial dictators who could side with either East or West and be propped up and used as pawns in the Cold War against the opposing side. Now that the USSR is gone, those dictators are no longer safe.

  • Fred Boness

    I’d like to know more about this FRIENDS organization. They may need watching (or counselling).

  • Fred: I’d like to know more about this FRIENDS organization. They may need watching (or counselling).

    The coordinates to enter into the JDAMS targetting control console are…

    Actually I just love it when people make themselves look like complete and utter pilchards.

  • Bill Ernoehazy

    …and, just to make it delectable, the author of this little gem actually used the “q” word.


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