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Where are the human shields in South Korea?

So the ‘heroic’ human shields found Iraq not worth laying down their lives for? I previously asked why they weren’t in Kuwait City when Iraq invaded. David Carr suggested jokingly next year North Korea, but I doubt if they would be welcome. The place that needs defending right now from the threat of massive chemical and possibly nuclear destruction is South Korea.

If the human shields were anything more than stooges for Communist evil, they would be in Seoul, Pusan, or forming a chain across the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ). If it is of any help to the peacenik who may be reading, try this link for info on places to visit along the border.

I’m not holding my breath.

This has been my 100th posting on Samizdata. Thanks to Brian, Adriana and especially Perry for their patient explanations of this medium, and to all the readers and commentators, who make it all worthwhile. Well sort of

4 comments to Where are the human shields in South Korea?

  • The very notion of volunteering to be a human shield depends on the idea that you come from a relatively civilised nation whose leaders may change their minds if some of their own people put their lives on the line.

    The fact that none of these people want to volunteer to be killed by Iraqi attacks on Kuwait or North Korean attacks on South Korea is a tacit admission on their part that some regimes are less worried by civilian casualties than others.

    You can only be a human shield if there is something in the minds of the attackers making unarmed humans harder to hit and therefore shieldlike. Otherwise you’re just a human.

    From years fruitlessly arguing cases like these among good-hearted Quaker friends in Manchester [most of whom were passionate CND members] when I was growing up in the 70s, I can only really report that their central idea is “We should know better”. They also have an honest belief that turning the other cheek has real magical power to it. That’s something I can take more easily from sincere religious believers than from anti-religious Marxists. Marxists cannot expect passive resistance to have a magical influence on any foe, or any influence at all on a foe who is not already very principled, such as the British in India.

  • Congratulations on your 100th post, Antoine! Let there be many multiples of that number… Well done.

  • Felonious Punk

    For that matter, where are the human shields in Iraq? Heh heh…

  • not a stooge

    and you, you stupid little man, are not a stooge for ‘capitalist evil’? Dont bother posting your rubbish thoughts on the internet anymore, it is for free minded, freedom loving people, that respect all nationalities, not just the ones your disgusting political elite decide idiot sheep like you should like.
    Keep your rubbish thoughts and stinking culture away from here.