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Computer games for all tastes

If you have played the computer game America’s Army, now you have the opportunity to try a… different… sort of real-life based first-person-shooter game:

Hizbullah has launched a computer game allowing players to simulate its fighters during military operations on Israeli soldiers prior to the liberation of the South. Special Force, which took two long year s of development by the Hizbullah Central Internet Bureau, hit the market on Feb. 16. The game consists of different stages all inspired by actual Hizbullah operations in the South. Players face the same conditions as Hizbullah fighters, including geographic locations, mines, the number of Israeli troops and even the weather conditions. Special Force also offers a training simulation, where players can practice their shooting skills on targets such as Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other Israeli political and military figures.

The medium of computer games is neutral… what next? A mod for a civilian airliner flight sim that re-creates some rather well known flights on September 11th? I would not be surprised. After that, maybe a ‘role playing computer game’ set in Poland in 1943 called Einzatsgruppen?

Unfortunately the good guys do not have a monopoly on creativity.

3 comments to Computer games for all tastes

  • Alpha Omega

    In fact, there have already been computer games based on the Nazi death camps, written by small extremist groups.

  • Dale Amon

    Oh come on Perry. Admit it. The first thing you did with Microsoft Flight Simulator was to fly your plane into the Sears Tower like everyone else did. 😉

    I once flew the shuttle sim on SGI… but I couldn’t quite get the glide path extended long enough to hit the VAB.

    Oh, we’s sick puppies we is…

  • DANEgerus

    Oh I get it… you shoot down children and dodge from house to house before it gets bull-dozed? Are there extra points for desecrating Christian holy sites? And are there UN reps to hide behind?