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Electronic Jihad

My previous posting about ‘ironic Jihad’ was satirical but this is certainly not!

The militant Islamic group Hamas is urging followers to conduct a three-day ‘electronic Jihad’ on Jewish websites, starting today, Novermber 29th. Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles said the latest find this week was particularly alarming:

“We have had numerous hackings back and forth between Israeli and Islamic sites since the Intifada began two years ago.

But this is something we have not seen in some time. There seems to be an entire portion of a We site which is devoted to a ‘how to’ get involved in that kind of activity.”

The term ‘Jewish’ websites could mean anything from Israeli government sites to any company that does business with Israel.

Apparently, the same way bloggers are using the Internet as a forum for ideas and for additional sources of information, increasingly computer literate Islamic groups are using it to transform the Islamic and Islamist world and to circumvent official sources of information.

“….The Internet has become not only a battlefield, as this announcement would seem to indicate… of electronic wars, but it is also a key element in propaganda battles in Arabic, Persian and in English.”

4 comments to Electronic Jihad

  • Julian Morrison

    An electronic jihad for the good guys.


    Print it, post it, spread the meme.

  • This can’t be good. I have a friend who’s alos a Sikh who owns a Web hosting/design company in Arizona- that’s in the United States 🙂 – who said that after the 9-11 terrorist attacks he had to remove his turban and cut his hair as an attempt to keep business going. He has so far.

    This kind of thing isn’t going to help.
    PS Before you start thinking Sikh’s have nothing to do with this – that’s the point – everyone, almost everyone, gets tarred with the same brush when this type of —- happens.
    PPS – yes I know PS’s go at the end
    PS. I don’t understand Julian’s comment above about Buy Nothing Day being part of an “electronic jihad for the good guys”
    Temple (previously Self-Titled Journal, listed to the left down there somewhere. Thank you Perry.)

  • Julian Morrison

    I was playing with words really, and the file I posted is a poster against, rather than for, BND.

  • I first saw this story on FARK where they pointed out that they’ve taken down more servers than those guys will ever dream of.

    They would do well to just leave /. out of it.