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The incorrigible spirit of Oz

It is good to know that in a turbulent world, one can count on our Anglosphere cousins down under to maintain their glorious traditions of brash vulgarity and plain-spokenness (and not to mention the ability to kick ass at cricket). On a gloomy November afternoon, while pondering the latest tragic events in Kenya, I came across this cheeky little news report, which should gladden the hearts of anyone who has less than 100 percent respect for the police, who increasingly seem more intent on social control than beating crime.

Lawyers for an Australian man who “mooned” a police car claimed it was his constitutional right and part of the larrikin Australian character.

Sounds entirely reasonable to me!

3 comments to The incorrigible spirit of Oz

  • larrikin???

    Australia – a wonderful place to visit though I’d probably want to live there too.


  • scooterboy

    There was a similar case in California in the 80’s. The judge ruled that it was constitutionally protected speech.

  • There’s no constitutional right to “moon” in Australia; an omission that is greatly to be lamented.

    However, any magistrate that convicts this guy will be denounced as a pompous asshole; probably the most serious crime that an Australian can be accused of.