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Reporting on Iraq

If you still haven’t had enough of my postings on Iraq, here is one that describes just how the news we hear about Iraq is obtained, restricted and processed.

Having read Salam Pax blog and other ‘inside Iraq’ articles, I am now convinced of what has so far been a conjecture based on my experience of communism. Nightmares do not fade that easily and I recognise this is as the same stuff of which ‘the Evil Empire’ was made and 1984 written about. In its pervasiveness and destructiveness it is often beyond understanding of a free individual.

6 comments to Reporting on Iraq

  • On the day of the Chernobl accident, my father was listening to Radio Moscow on his shortwave radio. They described it as a “minor incident”, and stated that there was no danger of any kind. Right.

    For the most part, though, the relevant reporting comes out of Washington. They’re also biased, and I’ve yet to see much more than lazy reporting overall in the whole Iraq issue. I read an interview with a reporter who was at the front lines in Afghanistan. He said that it’s difficult for reporters to get to the front lines if they try and use the military as their taxi service. He just went, and didn’t ask anyone whether he could do it or not. That’s the kind of reporter we need more of.

  • Hamish

    Yes, that is one hell of a blog. I can see how careful we must be basing our views on what we read and see in our own media after reading his views from inside that hell hole. I sure hope our idiot political masters do not lose their nerve as the sooner Saddam Hussain is made part of the history of hellish past dictators, the happier I, and the the hapless people who live within his power, will be.

  • molly

    Wow. I did not completely understand Adriana’s point until I read Hamish’s coment. Now I do. That is right, if those people are just left to bleed under those bastards then we are no better than a person leaving a stranger in the road after a car has hit them because ‘it is none of their business’.

  • molly

    I meant Hamish’s comment under ‘Letter from another planet’ actually , just so you understand, teehee 🙂

  • gs samantaray

    oh my dear is this world is not our mother ?is the omnipresent omniptent is not our father ?so are you not brother?then why are we fighting?oh my dearest sister Madona did you decided to keep your mouth clouse when two of your brother fighting for each others blood?oh my dear leaders when willwe realise that victory over heart is the real victory?

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