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News from another Universe

“Good evening, this is the news from the BBC. Peace Activists are still besieging the Saudi Arabian embassy in London to protest at Saudi Arabian funding of violent terrorist organisations and aggressively exporting Wahhabist Islam. Although there are no reports of any violence, the activists have been handing out sample bottles of Vodka and girlie magazines to passers-by as a symbol of their disapproval of the Saudi regime.

A spokesperson for the activists said that the American military campaign will not stop until the root causes of American anger had been addressed.

Root causes of American anger

Meanwhile at a meeting of European Heads of State in Strasbourg, Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroeder issued a joint statement again condemning Al-Qaeda as a gang of ruthless savages and a threat to the entire civilised world. They also issued a warning to Saddam Hussein not to indulge in any aggressive, unilateralist behaviour that would lead to more conflict and cause even more anger in the West. Monsieur Chirac was particularly forthcoming, describing the Iraqi regime as ‘simplistic bedouin warriors’. His words were warmly welcomed by Church leaders and trade union representatives. Now over to Caroline for the weather…”

21 comments to News from another Universe

  • Jeffersonian

    I thought the Earth had come off its axis for a second there….until I re-read your headline. I was swooning for a second…

    The dictates of multiculturalism as practiced in America and Britain, of course, dictate that any and all denunciations are made in the direction of actual liberalism (read: classical liberalism/libertarianism/free-market capitalism) and never, ever, ever in the direction of an actual tyrant. Radical chic is “in” again!

  • That image has been on the wall at the police department where I work since a few weeks after 9/11. I see it daily. What I don’t see, when I go outside, is the WTC – formerly about a mile away. Your “broadcast” may be from an alternate universe, but that root cause is still firmly based in my here and now. And I hope the American military won’t stop until it’s been “addressed”.

    Wouldn’t it be rather spectacular if the rest of your “broadcast” came true as well?

  • Wind Rider

    Posted this originally at LGF –

    Instant Gratification. One of the drawbacks to life in the modern age. Get it now. Order today, have it delivered tommorrow.

    This was a pre-meditated, deliberate act of war, by people that have been waging their campaign for years. Years of scheming, plotting, preparation, indoctrination, subversion, coercion, and infectious hatred. By word and deed, they have stated repeatedly that they consider no quarter, that none are exempted, none should be spared, and that their ultimate goal is the overthrow of our civilization, and the deaths or enslavement of us all.

    Why? Don’t care, because what I’ve seen of their rationalizations rings hollow and false. A line has been crossed, from which there is no return. The only path available, the one ahead, by which we die or continue to insist upon the right to live as we choose – and follow it through we must. Without any evidence at hand that those that could do such things will ever stop of their own accord, and ample evidence that the lack of anything less than an absolute show of strength in response is simply an invitation for others to follow in their bloody footsteps. Sitting, waiting, and hoping, as options, borders on the suicidal.

    The road ahead is rough, and the journey itself a hard one. Not all have the stomach for the tasks ahead. They beseech that we not do this in their names. To that I can only say, fear not on that count; there are 3000 names much more deserving than yours. For they have paid the ultimate price in this awakening from our latest idyllic, daydreaming slumber.

    And while those of us that remain go forth, to pick up the banner, now that we have awakened, a prayer that through our actions, we will in some small way help those we remember to rest in peace. Not to avenge their deaths, but so that they do not look upon us from where they are now, and shed a tear because we stood by and did nothing.

    Would that we have the vision to see good, and the vision to see evil for what it is, and have the courage to make the right choices accordingly. And that we keep our resolve to do what we must, for more than a few weeks, or months, or years, but forever if necessary.

    That would be true gratification.

  • Howard Veit

    Those images of the people floating to their deaths are the dominating images I have from that day. Awful. And it does truly make me rage.

  • David A. Fauman

    I will have that picture in my mind until the day I die.

    There is more liberty in Germany than in 1938.
    There is more liberty in Japan than in 1938.
    South Korea is a democracy today.
    The Russia has had several free elections and citizens are no longer property of the state.
    Islamo-facism will be defeated and the Arab peolpes will enjoy the blessings of liberty.

    Europeans elites have never been interested in liberty. England is the mother of liberty in the modern world and her success was the success of liberty. Europe was mostly the opposite.

    “Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice.”
    Barry Goldwater-1964

  • Timothy Sandefur

    “It is vain to imagine that the mere perception or declaration of right principles, whether in one country or in many countries, will be of any value unless they are supported by those qualities of civic virtue and manly courage—aye, and by those instruments and agencies of force and science which in the last resort must be the defense of right and reason. Civilization will not last, freedom will not survive, peace will not be kept, unless a very large majority of mankind unite together to defend them and show themselves possessed of a constabulary power before which barbaric and atavistic forces will stand in awe.”–Winston Churchill, 1938

  • Some local “poetess” who thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips wrote a worse-than-usual poem after all the footage of jumpers from the WTC. It included the following gems:

    “he falls well, better than anyone has fallen before…..his pants foretell the darkness coming on…”

    “the man flies, he dances in the air. it is a sophisticated dance……..”

    A friend of mine who thought this incredibly tasteless responded: “A poetess falls, she has been tossed. She screams, yet it is a song. A song of destiny.”

    I’d like to go to her next reading and ask if I tossed her out a window, would she fall “beautifully”?

  • KingNapalm

    Political correctness and turning the other cheek will be the end of us. Islam was founded by a thief,murderer and pedaphile. So should we be shocked at the barbarism desplayed by Muslims worldwide? Most of the worlds armed conflicts involve Muslims. The only only true tolerant Muslims I find out there are the one’s who escaped tyrants like Khomeni and came west or some of the poor masses who were not eduacted in upper echelon Muslim schools. Democracy brought Christianity out from the darks ages and Muslim leaders and clerics fear that word more than death. But is’nt it time we ram Deocracy down the throats of a despots like we did with the Nazis and Soviets? Or should we wait for them to obtain weapons that will end western civilization?

  • thank you for nailing that one to the wall by its earlobes. the root cause of my anger, indeed. and I’m not getting over it any time soon.

  • Joel Daniele

    I am appalled that a person would make such a mockery of those pitiful people who had wives,husbands,children and had no choice but to jump. Let’s see….be burned alive by 2000 degree fires or jump to an utterly painless death….shit I would have jumped

  • Peter

    this is why we fight.

  • Joel: you seemed to have rather missed the point. David was not mocking those who died but showing what, in a rational world, people actually should have been saying as a result of this monstrous event. David was indeed mocking someone – the BBC, the European politicians and media.

  • Stephen

    Actually, a picture of one of the planes being flown into the Trade Center would be a better illustration of the “root causes,” because it would show the intentionality of the murderers who committed the act. Thinking about that cold ruthlessness enrages me. It also reminds me (it’s easier to forget) that there are genuinely malevolent people out there.

    The picture you put up shows a human being confronting death, which is a mystery but not a moral outrage.

    The first time I saw a photo like this I felt a sense of pity, because suicide is an act of weakness, but since then it has occured to me that these people were not choosing death, but a type of death (the best choice they had), and I might have made the same choice. That fills me with a sense of awe.

    Anyway. I agree with the sentiment but the photo is probably not in good taste.

  • jeanne a e devoto

    Maybe not, but the act that caused the man to be forced to jump strikes me as being in even worse taste. We all know why he was jumping out of the building, what choice he was forced to… and there is your “moral outrage”.

    The planes hitting the buildings show causes. They don’t show the effect on an actual human being, who went to work that morning and who was killed in this fashion by these people. The human image is much more immediate; in the face of such an image, it’s far harder to depersonalize the victims and barber on about “Arab rage” and “foreign policy” and “hyperpower” while ignoring the bare fact of what was done.

  • Sherman's March

    If General Sherman were alive today and saw those pictures: “I will make Saudi Arabia howl.” (You can insert any medieval fascist terrorist state you choose).

  • I must agree with Jeanne. The picture is very ‘distasteful’. It is sickening in fact… and that is exactly why it needs to be shown. The sheer horror of this image is essential to David’s article and the points he makes.

    I am a libertarian… what of the liberty of the man in this picture? This image shows with utter clarity why there can be no ‘shades of grey’ here, no moral ambiguity, no ‘two sides to every story’… and why the actual actions and statements by sections of the Islamic, European, British, and yes, American establishments are morally bankrupt.

    The only valid moral response is consistent outrage and only valid moral objective is the complete, pitiless and violent annihilation those who would see such a thing repeated.

  • Kati Marie

    I am a High School student at Madison High School and in my US History class we are studing the Causes and Effects of Sept. 11th and why it isn’t exactly a war on terror. All that I really have to say is that, to have to use a picture of such a horrible and terrible state that our country men were placed in when they went to work that day, is terribly awful. And the fact is that the “root of the americans anger” is pointed directly at the Arabs. They blame us for everything that has gone wrong in their lives and the country because many years ago the US supported the Jews and helped them get their home land back, Israel. And the Arabs and Jews have been at it ever since. So that is my comment.

  • Thanks for your comment Katie, but what is your point? The ‘fact is’ that the Arabs in question who American anger is pointed at are the one who are responsible for planning the events that lead to that terrible picture.

    Yes, to use that picture is awful. That is exactly the whole point of using it. We are not discussing some abstract ‘unpleasantness’ here that will go away if we all just have a big global group-hug, we are talking about a premeditated act of mass murder by evil men. David use the picture to confront the reader with the reality of what happened and why in a rational universe, rather than this one, the so called peace activists and world leaders would indeed have been saying the things in the article in response to the horror shown in that picture.

  • Lindi

    This image lights a fire that we are only beginning to understand. What was this man’s name…who does he leave behind….why did he choose to jump? Yes, this is a root cause for anger….and if not America’s, well at least my own.



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    ÝÚÞÈ ÇäÊÕÇÑåÇ Ýí ÇáÍÑÈ¡ ÇÑÊÝÚÊ ÇáãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÇáÇãíÑßíÉ áåÇ ÈäÓÈÉ 450 Ýí ÇáãÆÉ ãä 23.7 ãáíæä ÏæáÇÑ ÚÇã 1967 Çáì 106.5 ãáÇííä ÚÇã .1968 æíæãåÇ ÞÇáÊ ÕÍíÝÉ “ÇáäíæíæÑß ÊÇíãÓ” Çä ÇÍÏ ÇáÇÓÈÇÈ åæ ÇÓÊÚÏÇÏ ÇÓÑÇÆíá áÊÁãíä äãÇÐÌ áÁãíÑßÇ ãä ÇÓáÍÉ ÓæÝíÇÊíÉ ÇÓÊæáÊ ÚáíåÇ Ýí ÇáÍÑÈ. ææÇÝÞÊ ÇÏÇÑÉ ÇáÑÆíÓ áíäÏæä ÌæäÓæä Ðáß ÇáÚÇã Úáì ÈíÚ ÇÓÑÇÆíá ØÇÆÑÇÊ “ÝÇäÊæã” æÚáì ÌÚá ÇãíÑßÇ ÇáãÒæÏ ÇáÑÆíÓí ááÁÓáÍÉ ááÏæáÉ ÇáÚÈÑíÉ.

    æÈÚÏãÇ ØáÈÊ ÇÏÇÑÉ ÇáÑÆíÓ ÑíÊÔÇÑÏ äíßÓæä ãä ÇÓÑÇÆíá ÇáÊÏÎá áÍãÇíÉ äÙÇã Çáãáß ÍÓíä Ýí ÇáÇÑÏä ÚÇã 1970-¡1971 ÇÑÊÝÚÊ ÇáãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÓÈÚÉ ÇÖÚÇÝ ãä 93.6 ãáíæäÇð ÚÇã 1970 Çáì 634.3 ãáíæäÇð ÚÇã .1971 Ëã ÈÚÏ ÍÑÈ 1973 ÇÑÊÝÚÊ ÈäÓÈÉ 800 Ýí ÇáãÆÉ ãä 492.8 ãáíæäÇð ÚÇã 1973 Çáì 2.646.3 ãáíÇÑíä ÚÇã .1974 æÝí ÚÇã 1979 ÈÚÏ ÓÞæØ ÔÇå ÇíÑÇä æÇäÊÎÇÈ ÍßæãÉ “ÇááíßæÏ” Ýí ÇÓÑÇÆíá æÊæÞíÚ ÇÊÝÇÞí ßãÈ ÏíÝíÏ¡ ÇÑÊÝÚÊ ÇáãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÇÑÈÚÉ ÇÖÚÇÝ ãä 1.822.6 ãáíÇÑ ÚÇã 1978 Çáì 4.913.0 ãáíÇÑÇÊ ÚÇã .1979 (æØÈÚÇð ÈÏÁÊ ãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÇãíÑßíÉ ÚÓßÑíÉ æÇÞÊÕÇÏíÉ áãÕÑ ÇÞá ãä Êáß ÇáãÎÕÕÉ áÇÓÑÇÆíá).

    áßä ÇáäÞáÉ ÇáäæÚíÉ ÇáÊí ÇÚØÊ ÇÈÚÇÏÇð ÌÏíÏÉ ááãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ææÓÚÊ ÏÇÆÑÊåÇ ßÇäÊ Ýí Ùá ÇÏÇÑÉ ÇáÑÆíÓ ÑæäÇáÏ ÑíÛÇä ÇáÐí ßÑÓ ÇÓÑÇÆíá “ÍáíÝÇð ÇÓÊÑÇÊíÌíÇ” ÈãÐßÑÉ ÊÝÇåã ááÊÚÇæä ÇáÇÓÊÑÇÊíÌí ÊæÞÚ ááãÑÉ ÇáÇæáì Èíä ÇáÏæáÊíä æßÇä åÏÝåÇ ÇÖØáÇÚ ÇÓÑÇÆíá ÑÓãíÇð ÈÏæÑ ÇßÈÑ Ýí ãæÇÌåÉ ÇáÇÊÍÇÏ ÇáÓæÝíÇÊí ÇáÓÇÈÞ. ßÇä Ðáß  ÎÑ ÊÔÑíä ÇáËÇäí 1981 æÓÑÚÇä ãÇ ÈÏÁÊ ÇÓÑÇÆíá ÊÌäí ÇáËãÇÑ. ÝãÚ Çä ÇáãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÇáãÇáíÉ áã ÊÓÌá ÇÑÊÝÇÚÇð ÛíÑ ÇÚÊíÇÏí ÈÚÏ ÇÌÊíÇÍ ÇÓÑÇÆíá áÈäÇä ÚÇã ¡1982 ÝÇä ÇáÚáÇÞÉ ÇáÌÏíÏÉ Èíä ÇáÏæáÊíä ßÇäÊ ÊÝÊÍ áåÇ  ÝÇÞÇð ßËíÑÉ. ÝÝí 1983 æÞÚÊ ÇáÏæáÊÇä ãÐßÑÉ ÊÝÇåã ËÇäíÉ ÇæÌÏÊ ãÌãæÚÊíä ãÔÊÑßÊíä ááÊÚÇæä ÇáÓíÇÓí æÇáÊÎØíØ ÇáÇãäí.

    æÝí 1987 ÚäÏãÇ ßÑøÓ ÇáßæäÛÑÓ ÇÓÑÇÆíá ÍáíÝÇð ÇÓÇÓíÇð ãä ÎÇÑÌ ÍáÝ ÔãÇá ÇáÁØáÓí¡ ÈÏÁÊ ÇáÕäÇÚÇÊ ÇáÚÓßÑíÉ ÇáÇÓÑÇÆíáíÉ ÊÊäÇÝÓ ãÚ äÙíÑÇÊåÇ Ýí Ïæá ÇáÇØáÓí ááÍÕæá Úáì ÚÞæÏ áÇäÊÇÌ ãÚÏÇÊ ÚÓßÑíÉ. ææÞÚÊ ÇáÏæáÊÇä ÚÇã 1988 ãÐßÑÉ ÊÝÇåã ËÇáËÉ ßÑÓÊ ßá ÇáÇÊÝÇÞÇÊ ÇáÓÇÈÞÉ. æãÚ ÇäÊåÇÁ ÇáæáÇíÉ ÇáËÇäíÉ ááÑÆíÓ ÑæäÇáÏ ÑíÛÇä¡ ßÇäÊ ÇãíÑßÇ äÔÑÊ ãÚÏÇÊ ÚÓßÑíÉ Ýí ÇÓÑÇÆíá æÁÌÑÊ ãÚåÇ ãäÇæÑÇÊ ãÔÊÑßÉ ãäÊÙãÉ æÈÏÁÊ ÇáÊØæíÑ ÇáãÔÊÑß áÕÇÑæÎ “ÇÑæ” ÇáãÖÇÏ ááÕæÇÑíÎ ÇáÈÇáíÓÊíÉ æÛíÑå ãä ÇáÈÑÇãÌ ÇáÚÓßÑíÉ.


    æÌÏíÑ ÈÇáÐßÑ Çä ÚãáíÉ ÇáÓáÇã áã ÊÛíÑ ÇáÊæÌå ÇáÇãíÑßí ááãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÇáÚÓßÑíÉ áÇÓÑÇÆíá. ÝÍÊì ÈÚÏ ÊæÞíÚ ÇÊÝÇÞ ÇæÓáæ Ýí Çíáæá 1993 æÌå 78 ÓäÇÊæÑÇ ÑÓÇáÉ Çáì ÇáÑÆíÓ Èíá ßáíäÊæä ÇáÍæÇ ÝíåÇ Úáì ÇÈÞÇÁ ÇáãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÇáÚÓßÑíÉ ÚäÏ ãÓÊæíÇÊåÇ ÇáÞÇÆãÉ ÈÏÚæì “ÚãáíÇÊ ÇáÔÑÇÁ ÇáßËíÝÉ ááÇÓáÍÉ ÇáãÊØæÑÉ Ýí ÇáÏæá ÇáÚÑÈíÉ” æßÁä åÄáÇÁ íÌåáæä Çä 80 Ýí ÇáãÆÉ ãä åÐå ÇáÇÓáÍÉ ÊÔÊÑíåÇ ÇáÏæá ÇáÚÑÈíÉ ãä ÇãíÑßÇ äÝÓåÇ Èá Çä ÇãíÑßÇ ÊÑæÌ ÈíÚåÇ ÇíÇåÇ. ÇÖÝ Çä ßá ÇáãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÇáÊí ÕÑÝÊ ÈãæÌÈ ÇÊÝÇÞÇÊ ÇáÓáÇã ßÇäÊ ÚÓßÑíÉ áÇÓÑÇÆíá æÇÞÊÕÇÏíÉ ááÝáÓØíäííä æßÐáß Çáì ÍÏ ßÈíÑ ááÇÑÏäííä.


    æãËá ÇáãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÇáÚÓßÑíÉ¡ ÊÊÌÇæÒ ÇáãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÇáÇÞÊÕÇÏíÉ ÞíãÊåÇ ÇáãÇáíÉ áÊÌÚá ÇáÏæáÊíä ãÊÏÇÎáÊíä ãÊÑÇÈØÊíä ÇÞÊÕÇÏíÇ. ÝÇáåÈÇÊ ÇáÊí ÇÎÐÊ ÊÑÊÝÚ ãäÐ ãäÊÕÝ ÇáÓÈÚíäÇÊ æÎÕæÕÇ ÈÚÏ ÇÊÝÇÞí ßãÈ ÏíÝíÏ¡ ÓÌáÊ ÇÑÊÝÇÚÇ ãËíÑÇ ãä 910 ãáÇííä ÚÇã 1984 Çáì 1.950.0 ãáíÇÑ ÚÇã 1985 áÊÓÊÞÑ ÈÚÏåÇ ÍÊì 1998 Úáì 1.200 ãáíÇÑ æÊÎÖÚ áÇÍÞÇ áÎÝÖ 120 ãáíæäÇ ÓäæíÇ ßãÇ ØáÈÊ ÇÓÑÇÆíá. æßÇä ÇáÇÑÊÝÇÚ ÚÇã 1985 äÊíÌÉ ÊæÞíÚ ÇãíÑßÇ Çæá ÇÊÝÇÞ ááÊÌÇÑÉ ÇáÍÑÉ ãÚ ÏæáÉ ÇÎÑì – ÇÓÑÇÆíá – ÇáÇãÑ ÇáÐí ÝÊÍ ááÇÎíÑÉ ÇáÇÓæÇÞ ÇáÇãíÑßíÉ ÈÇÒÇáÉ ÇáÊÚÑÝÉ ÇáÌãÑßíÉ ÊÏÑíÌÇ æãÇ ÊáÇ Ðáß ãä ÒíÇÏÉ Ýí ÍÌã ÇáÊÈÇÏá ÇáÊÌÇÑí ãä 4.7 ãáíÇÑÇÊ ÏæáÇÑ ÚÇã 1985 Çáì 11 ãáíÇÑÇ ÚÇã .1995 æåÐÇ ÇáÇÊÝÇÞ ÇáÐí ßÇä äãæÐÌÇ áÇÊÝÇÞÇÊ áÇÍÞÉ ÊæÞÚåÇ ÇãíÑßÇ ãÚ ßäÏÇ æÇáãßÓíß áã íßä äåÇíÉ ÇáãØÇÝ¡ Èá ÝÊÍ ßá ÇÈæÇÈ ÇáÊÚÇæä ÇáÇÞÊÕÇÏí æßÑÓå ÈÇÊÝÇÞÇÊ æãÄÓÓÇÊ ãÔÊÑßÉ áÊÔÌíÚ ÇáÈÍË æÇáÊäãíÉ ÇáÕäÇÚíÉ ÇØáÞÊ ãÆÇÊ ÇáãÔÇÑíÚ Ýí ÇÓÑÇÆíá (äÍæ 500 ãÔÑæÚ) Ýí ãÌÇáÇÊ ÇáÊßäæáæÌíÇ æÇáÇÊÕÇáÇÊ æÇáØÈ æÛíÑåÇ. æßÐáß ÈãÌãæÚÇÊ ááÊäãíÉ ÇáÇÞÊÕÇÏíÉ æÇÎÑì ÊÚäì ÈÊÎÕíÕ ÇáÇÞÊÕÇÏ Ýí ÇÓÑÇÆíá æÊæÓíÚ ÇáÓæÞ æÞÏ ÊæáÊåÇ ÇãíÑßÇ

    áÇ ÎáÇÝ æáÇ ÊÔßíß

    æåÐÇ ÝÞØ Ýí ÇáãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÇáÑÓãíÉ ÇáÚÓßÑíÉ æÇáÇÞÊÕÇÏíÉ ÇáÊí ÊãËá ÇáÊÚÈíÑ ÇáÓäæí ÇáãÇáí ÇáÇÞæì Úä ÚãÞ ÇáÚáÇÞÉ æÎÕæÕíÊåÇ Èíä ÇáÏæáÊíä æÇáÊÚÈíÑ Çáãßãá Úä ÇáÊÚÇæä ÇáÓíÇÓí ÇáæËíÞ ÈíäåãÇ æÝí ÛÇáÈ ÇáÇÍíÇä ÇáÊØÇÈÞ ÇáÓíÇÓí. æáÇ íÏÎá Ýí ÚãÞ ÇáÊÑÇÈØ Èíä ÇáÏæáÊíä Úáì ßá ÇáÕÚÏ ãä ÇÕÛÑåÇ Çáì ÇßÈÑåÇ æÝí ßá ÇáãÌÇáÇÊ ÇáËÞÇÝíÉ æÇáÚáãíÉ æÇáÊÚáíãíÉ æÇáÇÌÊãÇÚíÉ æÇáÕÍíÉ æÇáÊí ÊÊãËá Ýí ÇÊÝÇÞÇÊ Èíä ßá ÇáãÄÓÓÇÊ æÇáæßÇáÇÊ ÇáÍßæãíÉ ÇáÇãíÑßíÉ æäÙíÑÇÊåÇ Ýí ÇÓÑÇÆíá¡ ßãÇ áÇ íÏÎá Ýí ÇáÇÊÝÇÞÇÊ ÇáãÓÊÞáÉ ÇáãÚÞæÏÉ Èíä ÇÓÑÇÆíá æßá ãä ÇáæáÇíÇÊ ÇáÇãíÑßíÉ Çæ Ýí ÇáÈÚÏ ÇáÏíäí ÇáÐí íÒíÏ ÊÚÇØÝ ÇáÇãíÑßííä ãÚ ÇÓÑÇÆíá.


    æÎÕæÕíÉ ÇáÚáÇÞÉ ÊÝÓÑ ÇíÖÇ Çä ÏÚã ÇÓÑÇÆíá åæ ÇáãæÖæÚ ÇáÐí áÇ íÎÊáÝ Úáíå ÇáÌãåæÑíæä æÇáÏíãæÞÑÇØíæä Ýí ÇãíÑßÇ ÈÇáÛÇ ãÇ ÈáÛÊ ÎáÇÝÇÊåã Úáì ãæÇÖíÚ ÇÎÑì. ÝáÇ ÁÍÏ Ýí ÇáßæäÛÑÓ ãËáÇ íÊÓÇÁá Úä ÇáãáíÇÑÇÊ ÇáËáÇËÉ ÇáÊí ÊÎÕÕ áÇÓÑÇÆíá ÓäæíÇ¡ áÇ ÇááíÈÑÇáíæä ÇáÐíä íäÊÞÏä ÇáÇÏÇÑÉ ÚÇÏÉ ÇÐÇ ãÇ ÇíÏÊ ÏæáÇ ÊäÊåß ÍÞæÞ ÇáÇäÓÇä æáÇ ÇáãÍÇÝÙæä ÇáÐíä íÝÖáæä ÚÇÏÉ ÊÞáíÕ ãæÇÒäÉ ÇáãÓÇÚÏÇÊ ÇáÎÇÑÌíÉ. æãÚ Çä ÏÚã ÇáÇÏÇÑÉ áÈÚÖ ÇáÓíÇÓÇÊ Çæ ÇáÇäÙãÉ ÇáÞãÚíÉ Ýí ÇáÚÇáã ãä ÞÈá áã íãÑ ãä Ïæä ãÓÇÁáÉ æÇÚÊÑÇÖ Èá ÇÏì Çáì ÊÛííÑ ãæÞÝåÇ ßãÇ ÍÕá Ýí ÝíÊäÇã æÇãíÑßÇ ÇáæÓØì æÌäæÈ ÇÝÑíÞíÇ æÊíãæÑ ÇáÔÑÞíÉ¡ ÝÇä ÇáÊÚÇãá ãÚ ÇÓÑÇÆíá íÙá ãÎÊáÝÇ. æÇáÇÓÈÇÈ áÐáß ßËíÑÉ áÇ ãÌÇá ááÎæÖ Ýí ÊÝÇÕíáåÇ åäÇ æáßä ÑÈãÇ ßÇäÊ ÇáÇÔÇÑÉ Çáì ÈÚÖåÇ ãÝíÏÉ¡ ãËá ÇäÓíÇÞ ÇáäÎÈÉ ÇáÇãíÑßíÉ ÓæÇÁ Ýí ÇáÍßã Çæ Ýí ÇáÇÚáÇã ãÚ ÇÓÑÇÆíá æÇáÇÚÌÇÈ ÈÏíãæÞÑÇØíÊåÇ æÞÏÑÉ ÇáãäÙãÇÊ ÇáíåæÏíÉ æÇááæÈí ÇáÇÓÑÇÆíáí Úáì ÊÚÈÆÉ ÇáÑÁí ÇáÚÇã æÇáÊÁËíÑ Úáì ÕÇäÚí ÇáÞÑÇÑ æßÐáß äÝæÐ ÇáÕäÇÚÇÊ ÇáÚÓßÑíÉ ÇáÇãíÑßíÉ áíÓ Ýí ÇíÕÇá ããËáíä áåÇ Çáì ãæÇÞÚ ÇÓÇÓíÉ Ýí ÇáÇÏÇÑÇÊ ÝÍÓÈ Èá Ýí ãÇ ÊÖÎå ãä ÇãæÇá Ýí ÇáÍãáÇÊ ÇáÇäÊÎÇÈí

    åá ÊÍÞÞ ÇáÇãä áÇÓÑÇÆíá¿

    æáßä ßíÝ íäÚßÓ åÐÇ Úáì ÖãÇä Çãä ÇÓÑÇÆíá æÓáÇãÊåÇ¡ Èá ßíÝ íäÚßÓ Úáì ÌåæÏ ÇáÓáÇã Ýí ÇáãäØÞÉ¿

    ÍÞÞÊ ÇãíÑßÇ ÇáÊÝæÞ ÇáäæÚí æÇáÚÓßÑí áÇÓÑÇÆíá ÇáÊí áåÇ Çáíæã ÇÍÏ ÇÞæì ÇáÌíæÔ Ýí ÇáÚÇáã æÊãáß ÇÓáÍÉ ãÊØæÑÉ áÇ íãáßåÇ ÇáÚÑÈ æÊãáß ÇáÓáÇÍ Çáäææí æíÈáÛ ÇäÝÇÞåÇ ÇáÚÓßÑí ÇáÓäæí ÇßËÑ ãä ËáÇËÉ ÇÖÚÇÝ ÇäÝÇÞ ÇáÏæá ÇáÚÑÈíÉ ÇáÊí ÎÇÖÊ ÍÑæÈÇ ãÚåÇ. áÇ ãÌÇá ááãÞÇÑäÉ. æßá åÐÇ ÍÕá ÈÏÚæì ÍãÇíÉ ÇÓÑÇÆíá ãä ÇáÚÑÈ ÌíÑÇäåÇ. áßäå áã íÊÛíÑ ÞØ ÈÚÏ ÈÏÁ ÚãáíÉ ÇáÓáÇã Èá ÕÇÑ ÇáÇÝÊÑÇÖ ÇáÌÏíÏ Çä ÇáÓáÇã ÓíÌÚá ÇÓÑÇÆíá ÇÞá ÇãäÇ æíÊØáÈ ÊÇáíÇ ÊÚÒíÒ ÞÏÑÇÊåÇ ÇáÚÓßÑíÉ. æáã íßä ÇáÎØÑ Úáì ÇÓÑÇÆíá ãä ÇáÏæá ÇáãÌÇæÑÉ áåÇ Èá ÊãÇãÇ ãä ÍíË áÇ ÊÑíÏ ÇãíÑßÇ æáÇ ÇÓÑÇÆíá ÇáÇÚÊÑÇÝ Èå æÇáÚãá Úáì ÇÒÇáÉ ÇÓÈÇÈå: ÇÍÊáÇáåÇ ÇáÇÑÇÖí ÇáÝáÓØ&iac

  • Chris Josephson

    Never forget. Our freedom is not cheap, it costs blood and money to keep our various countries free. We enjoy our freedoms because someone else gave his/her life to keep our countries free.

    Whatever the cost might be in money to crush the Islamists is worth it. I don’t want my children to have to deal with these monsters. They want all who aren’t exactly like them, fellow Muslims included, to either convert or be killed.

    I enjoy living under non-Sahria law. It’s not perfect, but I prefer it to what I see in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families & victims, world wide, of the brutal Islamists.