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Griefometric correction

I’m appalled. Yesterday morning (and my excuse is that it must have been very early in the morning) I read a posting on Freedom and Whisky and then later that morning I here accused David Farrer of responding to the whole griefometer thing very tastefully and seriously, to make some portentous point about, you know, how terrible communism was. But in the paragraph just before the ones I re-posted here, he did do all the cuteness, Dando, Diana calculations that I accused him of neglecting, just as if he were a Samizdata writer.

Nobody told me this. There were comments on what I put, but none that noted this elementary blunder. I found it out when I looked at F&W again just now. That’s when huge cock-ups are really humiliating. When no-one notices them.

As soon as you have read the above either burn or eat it and speak of it to no one. Perry: kill the comments.

One thing I have learned from this horror: that when those big bad mainstream media get things totally rectum over mammary, as they do, a lot, I am now even readier than I was to believe that it’s incompetence rather than malevolence. (This paragraph reflects the American influence on us Samizdatista. What we in the UK call a cock-up is called in America a “learning experience”.)

The party last night was excellent. I did lots of pleasure and also some major blog-related business, which I’ll tell you about when it’s ready to tell about which it isn’t yet.

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