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Concern for the victim?

Yesterday I wrote about how I simply do not believe that the true motivation of some who speak out against intervening militarily in Iraq, or elsewhere, is quite what it claims to be. Now that does not mean I question the honour of all who counsel against war, though in some cases that is indeed what I do.

But when some, like Jacob Hornberger, claim that their opposition to war comes in any way out of concern for the well being of the people who live under ghastly regimes like that of Saddam Hussain or Stalin, then I do start to question whether ‘whiteman speaks with forked tongue’. I do not know if Hornberger honestly believes that (he is after all a politician) but even if he does, I wonder how he would react to the discovery reported today in The Times of London (sorry no link) of yet another mass grave in Russia dating from Stalinist times, containing 30,000 people. That is the equivalent of 10 World Trade Centers worth of innocent victims murdered by the NKVD between 1936 and 1939.

So please, if the exclusive reason Ron Paul and Jacob Hornberger at al want to avoid military conflict with far off tyrants is that they do not want members of the volunteer US military to get killed whilst earning their pay, well fine, I don’t agree but I can respect that. Just spare me the crap about worrying about ‘innocent Iraqis/Russians/Czechs/Slovaks/Koreans/Tibetans etc.’ who are or were living under the rule of mass murdering tyrants because it is complete bullshit.

3 comments to Concern for the victim?

  • Horus of Hierakonopolis

    Amen to that, Bro! Sic semper tyrannis!

  • Gonk

    That’s the damn truth that is! Hornburger is an arrogent prick if he thinks my folks in Hungary felt their best interests were being looked after by the West when they just watched while people were crushed by the commies in 1956, making them escape the country for the USA.

    These guys call themselves libertarians but that means fuck all if they find the sight of tyranny acceptable anywhere. Maybe these guys did not notice but the world is getting mighty small these days. Iraq is next door now and so was Hungary and Czechoslovakia when the Ruskies ran them down with tanks.

  • Auguste

    This is completely true! The internal dishonesty of such intelletuals is without the limit for those that do not lie to the public lie to themselves.