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Idiotwoman makes grovelling apology…

…whilst keeping a stiff upper lip at all times.

[photo of Sarah Lawrence]

Sarah Lawrence: distinctly red-faced

Dear Friends,

I regret to announce that my little comment yesterday was not aimed in entirely the right direction. Specifically, the writer whose conspiracy theory I was discussing was not the George Smith I found so delightful at the Youth 4 Liberty Summer Camp, but another George Smith (Just how many George Smiths are there anyway?). The writer I quoted was in fact, George F. Smith, and not in fact, “my” George Smith, who is in fact, George H. Smith.

Deepest apologies George F. Smith and particularly George H. Smith! I am so embarrassed! What a complete idiot!(1)

George H. Smith has been very gracious in his response to my gaffe, and has not even drawn to my attention the fact that I, with my almost-as-common name, should jolly well know better. It is mortifying to find that I have done to George H. Smith what so irks me myself that I occasionally think that no reasonable jury would convict if I were to take some small action – with a Colt M4A1 with M203 grenade launcher.

Well at least this clears up the otherwise quite inexplicable mystery of why my Y4L speech appeared to have made such little impact on the writer of the piece I quoted!

Sarah NO, NOT THE COLLEGE Lawrence

(1) I stress that the word “idiot” refers to myself and not to the friend who drew my attention to “our” George Smith’s alleged article. I may not be able ever to face appearing in public without a paper bag over my head or ever again, but I am, as one would expect from an English woman such as I, keeping a stiff upper lip and taking responsibility for my own actions (and those of my friend, whom I’ll never trust again… I’m sure he did it on purpose to make me look silly… not that I hold with paranoid conspiracies or anything).

4 comments to Idiotwoman makes grovelling apology…

  • MommaBear has been forced to say: OOPS – Sorry on many an occasion. Do not fret; if those who carp are spotless clean, then feel embarassed, otherwise, just nod one’s head and keep on truckin’ !!

  • Dale Amon

    If you’ve still got the burqah that should solve the public appearance showing of face problem handily.

  • You’re gonna hate this. I’ve had you mixed up with Ruth Lawrence for the last year. You know, the one who went to Oxford at the age of 12.

    It’s sort of a compliment if you think about it.

  • He’s also probably not George O. Smith who wrote the Venus Equilateral stories and therefore might reasonably be on the mind of someone who was just at Worldcon.