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The other day Jonathan was worrying about military drones. Well, you definitely want these guys on your side. Still, there are certainly peaceful applications.

For details, see the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, the GRASP lab, and Hack a day.

4 comments to Quadrotors

  • My husband loved these things. He was very enthusiastic about using them as couriers or post-robots. I can see them little mechanised versions of the owl post in Harry Potter. They could deliver to you wherever you are by homing in on your mobile phone. If they weren’t allowed to enter buildings they’d send you a text saying that a QuadExpress drone is waiting outside the office with the urgent contracts for signature. Or perhaps we will all get used to seeing them flying inside buildings. This might spur modern architects to go back to having high ceilings, which I’d like.

    They could also obviously be used for assistance in emergencies in any number of ways.

    Pity they CREEP ME OUT.

  • Alisa

    They sort of creep me out too. Although, unlike owls, they don’t leave droppings (or so I hope…).