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Samizdata, derived from Samizdat /n. - a system of clandestine publication of banned literature in the USSR [Russ.,= self-publishing house]


noun. A very long blog article

Usage: “Paul Marks has done another Blogapotamus on Samizdata.net”


acronym/trademark. An acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

A ‘Captcha’ is form of a Turing Test (qv) used to differentiate humans from computers programs. Their primary blog related use is to defend a blog’s comment sections from automated spam (qv). The term ‘Captcha’ a trademark of Carnegie Mellon University.


noun. Spam blog. A blog created purely as a payload target for spam. The spam itself is delivered via trackbacks, comment spamming or e-mail and the ‘splog’ is where you end up if you click the spam link (which is something you will not do, of course)

The view that genuine bloggers have of splogs is best summed up with the phrase “people who create splogs should die in an unpleasant manner and soon”.


noun. See ‘Barking Moonbat’.


noun. Software or websites that has options checked default-yes when you sign up that, if you are not paying close attention, will do things you have ‘consented’ to that you probably would rather not be done (for example, giving them permission to give your e-mail address to spammers).

As landmineware relies on the fact that in the real world, people do not watch their every step and so do not read lengthy terms and conditions, privacy statements and disclaimers. They achieve their objective by preying on people’s unwary but typical behaviour.

(also landmine-ware)

(Coined by Perry de Havilland)


verb. To record (usually spoken narrative) audio files (usually in MP3 format) and make them available on-line so that they can be downloaded and listened to rather like an ‘on-demand’ radio show.

Although podcasts can be listened to on any suitable hardware (i.e. a computer or MP3 player), the term ‘podcast’ derives its name from the iPod, a very popular portable MP3 player made by Apple.


acronym. Mainstream media


noun. The ‘birthday’ of the establishment of a blog.


1. verb. Short for presidential blogging (as in the president or CXO of a company) which bypasses the entire PR apparatus, as well as the traditionally blah forms of published speech by CXOs. Think of it as “Do It Yourself PR” for the people best positioned to make hay with it.

(Coined by Doc Searls)

Usage:Schwartz and Cuban are playing the plogging game”

2. verb. Project blogging (qv Plog).


1. noun & verb. A project blog. A blog set up to chronicle a particular (business) project.

2. noun. On-line bookseller Amazon.com has experimented with offering its customers ‘personalised weblogs’ that they call ‘plogs’. Although they have trademarked the name, it is already in use with other meanings and the Amazon usage is unlikely to gain lasting traction.

Radio Userland

proprietary. A blog publishing software package. Radio Userland is more popular with tech bloggers. radio.userland.com

Expression Engine

proprietary. A blog publishing software package. Expression Engine is a powerful content management system and is particularly suitable for ‘high end’ group blogs that are full featured and expect heavy traffic. www.expressionengine.com