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Samizdata, derived from Samizdat /n. - a system of clandestine publication of banned literature in the USSR [Russ.,= self-publishing house]


verb. To record (usually spoken narrative) audio files (usually in MP3 format) and make them available on-line so that they can be downloaded and listened to rather like an ‘on-demand’ radio show.

Although podcasts can be listened to on any suitable hardware (i.e. a computer or MP3 player), the term ‘podcast’ derives its name from the iPod, a very popular portable MP3 player made by Apple.


1. verb. Short for presidential blogging (as in the president or CXO of a company) which bypasses the entire PR apparatus, as well as the traditionally blah forms of published speech by CXOs. Think of it as “Do It Yourself PR” for the people best positioned to make hay with it.

(Coined by Doc Searls)

Usage:Schwartz and Cuban are playing the plogging game”

2. verb. Project blogging (qv Plog).


1. noun & verb. A project blog. A blog set up to chronicle a particular (business) project.

2. noun. On-line bookseller Amazon.com has experimented with offering its customers ‘personalised weblogs’ that they call ‘plogs’. Although they have trademarked the name, it is already in use with other meanings and the Amazon usage is unlikely to gain lasting traction.


noun. Pornographic blogs (obviously!)


1. noun. A ping is a system administrator tool that is an automated packet of information (64 bytes) sent through a network to another to establish the status of a target system.

2. verb. To ping another site is to send a small automated packet of data to actuate some expected function, such as a Trackback (qv).

PING is an acronym for ‘Packet INternet Grouper’


noun. A ‘Progressive Weblog’. A blog expressing various left wing political views.

(coined by Madeleine Begun)


1. noun. A link to a specific article in the archives of a blog, which will remain valid after the article is no longer listed on the blog’s front page (i.e after it has archived).

2. noun. [Deprecated] A link in a blogroll (qv, sense 1).


verb. To destroy facts in a ‘John Pilger’ fashion, to ‘pillage’ the truth, poor or no fact checking, wild accusations, conspiracy theories etc..

(coined by Auberon Waugh)

Pundit blog

noun. A blog (qv) focused on news punditry. The bulk of a pundit blogs’ content will be dissection of, or pointers to, stories currently running in the established media. Pundit blogs are largely the same thing as News blogs. Also: Punditblog.

Pundit blogs form one of the three primary distinct (and largely separate) cultural groups within the blogging world, the other two being Journal blogs and Tech blogs.

The archetypal pundit blog is Instapundit.com