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noun. Spam blog. A blog created purely as a payload target for spam. The spam itself is delivered via trackbacks, comment spamming or e-mail and the ‘splog’ is where you end up if you click the spam link (which is something you will not do, of course)

The view that genuine bloggers have of splogs is best summed up with the phrase “people who create splogs should die in an unpleasant manner and soon”.


noun. A spambot is online code which automatically generates larg numbers of unwanted messages and directs them at members of the public. Within the context of blogging, it is code which enters unsolicited comment spam.

A spambot can enter dozens or even hundreds of unwanted spams in a matter of minutes into the comments of an unprotected blog


noun. A cartoon/comic related weblog, either pertaining to cartoons/comics or featuring graphics of that nature.

Sidebar links

noun. See blogroll.


noun. One or more columns along one or both sides of most blogs main page, usually used for blogroll (qv) links, contact information etc.


tr. verb. To have your blog mentioned on Slashdot.org.

Also see: Instapundited

Usage: “Omfug! Our hosting server has just used up the whole month’s bandwidth in the last 12 hours! We must have been slashdotted!”