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Samizdata quote of the day – you can buy a scientist as easily as a politician

But the Royal Society’s recent honours to some of the world’s most controversial scientific figures reveals the decline of institutional science into ideological blobbery.

Ben Pile. The Royal Society, the world’s oldest scientific academy, has honoured Anthony Fauci, and in doing so confirmed its role as the guardian, not of empirical discovery, but politicised institutional Science.

8 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – you can buy a scientist as easily as a politician

  • Stonyground

    The Royal Society has been fully signed up to the Climate Change idiocy for decades. Nullus In Verbum apparently doesn’t apply when listening to clowns like Micheal Mann and Phil Jones.

  • Discovered Joys

    One of the common outcomes of social existence is that you have (often) worthy workers at the sharp end, but their institutions promote workers into administration and leadership. There is no guarantee that promoting from within will provide administration or leadership skills.

    Now the other shoe drops… directly recruiting people with administration and leadership skills provides no guarantee that they will understand the mindset and skills of the workers at the sharp end, and very often they major in promoting their own careers.

    The boundary between the minions and the elite is one of the toughest to cross successfully, and over time long running organisations polarise into workers and careerists.

  • GregWA

    I review papers for RSC journals; I have for a couple of decades. This has me re-thinking my willingness to support an RSC journal.

    But Discovered Joys comment has me hesitating: the rank and file at the journals I review for are likely not as bad as the vermin at the top…then again, there have been no revolts from within (AFAIK).

  • Ah, but when you buy a scientist, you get footnotes!

  • jgh

    How do I get on this gravy train? I’ll write crap for money, certainly beats working for a living.

  • John


    Are you from an indigenous group? Are you definitely not white? Do you have to scroll down through two pages to find your gender identity? Are you educated to at least GCSE standard (or overseas equivalent)? Are you absolutely certainly definitely cross-your-heart and hope to die honestly not white?

    If you can answer yes to all of these questions a lucrative career beckons.

  • Clovis Sangrail

    Absolutely. What would you like mine to say?

  • Paul Marks

    Good post and good comments.

    Years ago I was told that the take over of the humanities by the left did not really matter as only the physical sciences really mattered – a false argument answered, for example, by Ayn Rand in “Atlas Shrugged” – which points out that the physical sciences rest on certain philosophical assumptions, that the material universe is real, that objective truth exists and can be found by human beings, that telling the truth is a morally good thing to do, and-so-on, and if philosophy is corrupted so, eventually the physical sciences will be corrupted.

    We have now reached that point. The physical sciences are dominated by political (“Woke” “Social Justice”) doctrines – and it is considered morally acceptable (indeed noble) to lie in order to advance political and cultural objectives.

    If the West is not dead – it is certainly very ill, possibly terminally ill.

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