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Samizdata quote of the day – the toppling of the woke authoritarians

Wokeism. Climate extremism. Kindly authoritarianism. This is now the operating system of Western, ‘centrist’ politics. Take Joe Biden, America’s somnambulant president. At the 2020 election, even anti-woke liberals insisted this scion of the old Democratic establishment – a man so old he can’t even be slurred as a Boomer (he’s actually Silent Generation) – was the man to return America to normality, before the BLM riots and MAGA mania. ‘If you hate wokeness, you should vote for Joe Biden’, declared a piece in the Atlantic, arguing that Trump is to the culture war what kerosene is to a dumpster fire, fueling the woke extremes. That take has aged like milk. On his first day in office, Biden signed sweeping Executive Orders on ‘racial equity’ and gender ideology. He later tried to apportion Covid relief on the basis of race. He’s a Net Zero zealot. He has allowed the justice system to be weaponised against his opponents. He invited Dylan Mulvaney to the White House, FFS. Biden’s return to ‘normalcy’ has been so successful millions of Americans are starting to wonder if Donald Trump might actually be the saner choice.

Tom Slater

12 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – the toppling of the woke authoritarians

  • Steven R

    It doesn’t matter if George Washington was running. The DNC has figured out how to stuff the ballot boxes in the short term via mail in ballots and ballot harvesting and how to ensure they have the sheer numbers in the long term by opening the borders and saying “come on on and suckle from the American teat!” Meanwhile the GOP is content to pretend to be the opposition party when their whole purpose at this point is to keep getting rubes to write campaign contribution checks so they can keep putting up the good fight (that they always lose…unless Ma and Pa Kettle jeep writing those campaign checks). Woke and a one party system are here to stay.

  • Barbarus

    If you tune out the screeching and consider the actual results, it is hard to argue that Trump is not the saner choice.

  • Martin

    was the man to return America to normality, before the BLM riots and MAGA mania. ‘If you hate wokeness, you should vote for Joe Biden’, declared a piece in the Atlantic

    The people who genuinely believed this are the worst of the lot. Give me a leftist wacko over deluded ‘centrists’.

  • Discovered Joys

    Western ‘centrist’ politics could also (more tellingly) be called Interventionism. Both ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ are always aware that ‘something must be done‘. Some activist calls for swinging climate change rules – something must be done. Some minority claims oppression and hurt feelings – something must be done. Someone might eat, drink, or smoke more than is considered safe by experts – something must be done. A Coronavirus makes the rounds – something huge must be done.

    In each case the State is the body that must do something, must intervene in everybody’s lives for the sake of a few loons. It might be more sensible to ‘do nothing’ as the most appropriate response – but ‘doing something’ grows the State.

  • jgh

    ensure they have the sheer numbers in the long term by opening the borders

    Can foreigners vote in America? Surely you have to be a citizen to vote in a country’s elections, that’s the whole point of citizenship.

    Though Britain has shown the way, anybody can walk off an aeroplane from more than half the countries in the world and straight into a voter registration office.

  • Kirk

    End of the day, the root problem is that too many believe the lies of the politicians. They utterly fail to look at what those creatures actually do, what the performance is, and go strictly on whatever they say.

    Which goes to suggest that the average voter is a gullible fool.

    I personally believe that politicians and the political urge are a blight upon humanity. One that we ought to be actively discouraging… Were it I, I do believe I’d set things up such that anyone with the desire to “go into politics” would instead be led off into an abattoir where they’d be administered a nice, gentle prefrontal lobotomy, and then be institutionalized for the remainder of their lives, encouraged to take up life-shortening vices. Like, juggling chainsaws.

    I’ve never seen anything positive come out of a career politician. Why do we have them?

    Because we’re too stupid to live, collectively, and they’re thus able to fleece us.

    Anyone disagreeing with me? I challenge you to go back down the trail of tears, historically, and find me an example of any professional politician that’s actually done any good for “their people”. I’ll wait; take your time, think carefully. And, don’t just look at the effects of said career politician’s acts during his/her lifetime: Look at the results for the next generation or two.

    Politicians and politics are a blight upon the human race. I say we eliminate the entire sub-species. Humanely, of course…

  • The Wobbly Guy


    Singapore had a good run of politicians since our independence.

    Lee Kuan Yew and his old guard certainly made most of the right moves. A few mis-steps here and there, but even those could be explained with some benefit of hindsight. After all, who could predict the future with certainty? You take your chances.

    But these pioneers set such a high bar that our current crop of politicians is finding it difficult to gain the same level of credibility.

  • Paul Marks

    “The Atlantic” lies endlessly – about most things (although not everything).

    In this case it reversed the truth – as the Frankfurt School “Woke” left started the “Culture War” their effort to destroy traditional culture and society.

    As for Mr Biden – even before his senility his voting record in the Senate showed he was a person controlled by the left, the “moderate Joe” stuff was always a myth.

  • John

    Controlled and more importantly paid for.

  • Paul Marks

    John – his theology (yes theology – or rather Mr Biden’s misunderstanding of theology) left Mr Biden open to the idea that taking bribes was acceptable as long as he used government to “help the poor” – the doctrine that more government spending and regulations “helped the poor”, with bribes being a sort of commission that a politician took – justified by the “good” the politician had done by helping expand the state.

    These days bribes are no longer necessary, as Mr Biden no longer has any real idea what he is doing – and just does-what-he-is-told.

  • bobby b

    “Controlled and more importantly paid for.”

    This. Biden has always been for sale to the highest bidder, and sometimes the bidder was on the left, and sometimes on the right.

    Remember “the Senator from MBNA”? Biden spent a long (well-paid) time doing the bidding of the Maryland Bank National Association. Not exactly a revolutionary-leftist position.

    Biden seldom does things that don’t boost his personal well-being, which is partially why his efforts for Ukraine get a jaundiced eye from some.

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