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Samizdata quote of the day – Britain’s new far right

Though this new far right will present as liberal progressive Islam, their ideology is closer to that of Reinhard Heydrich than Caroline Lucas. But white liberals are too blindsided by their hatred of the white working class to recognise the Nazism in their own ranks. They see the brown faces around them and applaud themselves for being inclusive and diverse, even if that means embracing Hamas supporters and cheering on rapists. Evil no longer shows up in black uniforms with skull insignia. It wears liberal institutions as a skinsuit and adopts their language


Unlike white far right groups, the new Islamic fascist movement is highly organised, motivated, funded (by you) and unopposed politically. They’re competent and quite ruthless in ways white far right never could be. Our zombie political class doesn’t realise what’s happening, and wouldn’t act even if they did. The Labour party is only too happy to turn a blind eye to it when it suits them. As such, the Labour party are collaborators in what is a far right takeover of our cities.

Pete North

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21 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – Britain’s new far right

  • Kevin Jaeger

    I confess I have mixed feelings about the Islamic influence we are just beginning to feel in western countries. In many ways I think the influence is positive and has the potential to combat some of the worst trends happening in most western countries.

    In short, most western countries have all but abandoned traditional Christian values and descended down a very slippery slope of moral degeneracy which has resulted in a society awash in porn, drug addiction, extremely low fertility rates, broken families, illegitimate births and various other signs of social decay that largely didn’t exist or were at least much less prevalent back when we were practicing Christian societies. It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t worry about our kids being exposed to drag queens or gay porn in schools, never mind actively grooming them for sex change operations. No responsible adult would have exposed children to that stuff and of course the parents would never have tolerated it. Today we look to our Muslim friends to lead the charge against that filth as they are one of the few communities that have retained their faith and self confidence to stand up against it with the righteous anger that is appropriate.

    They also continue to lead lives of faith and even in western countries have much healthier marriage and fertility rates, less drug addiction and seem largely immune to many of the ills that are so widespread in the rest of western societies.

    There are, of course, the negative effects as well. We’re all acutely aware of just how widespread Hamas and Hezbollah support is in our midst. We’ve seen the violence against Jews and all the rest outlined in that video.

    I guess an optimist would say that maybe we will settle on importing the positives of a society like Dubai, while somehow rejecting the effects of Hezbollah and Hamas. Yeah, maybe it will eventually work out like that. One can hope, I guess.

  • bobby b

    If we’re going to look fondly at one of the many opiates of the masses – the spiritual influences that keep us within the rules – let’s choose the ones that don’t behead us when we piss them off.

  • NickM

    Islam is evil. It is the deranged rantings of a vile Dark-Age goat-fucking peadophile. A true kiddie-fiddler. Yeah, I said it. So ban me. Islam is in no way the vaccine for a “sick” society. It is injecting oneself with HIV to combat a cold.

    And, no, “Christian America” isn’t the answer either.

    I’m not saying, “Nuke Mecca Now!”. I’d wait till the Hajj… (Which is soon).

    I’ve said it. Ban me and I’ll only say it elsewhere.

  • Snorri Godhi

    I don’t know when people started using the expression “far-right”, but in my lifetime it has had two distinct meanings.
    In the last century, it meant ‘fascist’.
    In this century, it means ‘people whom the Brussels-London-NY-DC establishment(s) see as a threat’.

    While the older definition could arguably include Islamists, the newer definition cannot.
    For now.

  • NickM

    “Far Right” and “Far Left” both mean statist. They may differ on details but they still mean controlby “The Man” or “The Trans-Woman”. It’s a choice between cancer or sepsis.

    Islamists (Muslims who really follow the Qu’ran) are statists with Allah on their side. They are the enemy as much as the Green, the Red or The Whatever. They all have one thing in common. They want to control everything for everybody forever for a greater good.

  • bobby b


    The US Libertarian Party just had their nominating meetup. The right-wing Libertarians lost out to the left-wing Libertarians.

    So I think that our continuums of right v left and statist v libs have become a bit muddled.

    (Of course, American Libertarians remain “NORML with MBA’s”, and are muddled themselves. Heck, the Mises-crowd candidate for the righty side got too high on THC gummies at the convention to actually give his vote-for-me speech. Like a Babylon Bee headline.)

  • Martin

    From afar I haven’t got a massive issue with Islam. If they want to follow it in North Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, Indonesia and so on, I’m fine with that. I have no major desire to be in those places and pushing westernisation/modernisation on many of these places hasn’t worked out very well. I just don’t want Islam in Britain much. If the Islamic population in Britain was more like the Islamic population of Japan (like about 10,000 people total), it wouldn’t be a major issue. The fact that it’s several million is a disaster. I resent the mainly secularists who invited these people in in the first place the most though.

    The US Libertarian Party just had their nominating meetup

    I only became aware of this due to the Trump speech. Trump was probably the most ‘statist’ person at the event. And yet he seemed to be the only person there who didn’t behave like a complete loser. There’s an irony that for people who supposedly love productive enterprise, libertarians (at least the types in the LP) sure love wasting lots of resources on inefficient, ineffective and unproductive political campaigns.

  • Roué le Jour

    Western populations are very malleable but if government pushes far enough it will eventually meet resistance. It is this perfectly natural resistance which is declared “far right”. It follows that Muslims must also be “far right” as they have not the slightest intention of being pushed at all.

  • James Strong

    The third comment on this thread, by NickM on May 27th at 9.02pm, beginning ‘Islam is evil.’ is as good as any comment I’ve read.

    Islam is evil and vile and violent.

    It is proud of its policy of oppression of its own women and of all non-Muslims; it is proud of its ‘prophet’, a war-monger, murderer and child molester.

    I have said before, on this site and others, that if the ideas of Islam were put forward by middle-age white men it would be banned.

    But because most of its adherents are brown skinned its evils are overlooked.

    Everytime anyone is accused of the made up offence of ‘Islamophobia’ they should begin and pursue a discussion of the true teachings of Islam.

    The truth needs to be told, needs to be shouted.

  • Marius

    I confess I have mixed feelings about the Islamic influence we are just beginning to feel in western countries. In many ways I think the influence is positive and has the potential to combat some of the worst trends happening in most western countries.

    My feelings about Islam in the West are entirely unmixed and are shared with NickM and James Strong. It is ideological poison, religious fascism and Europe is going to continue to be poisoned unless Muslim immigration can be reversed. Every single nation around the world with a significant Muslim minority is troubled by that minority. Almost every Muslim nation is an utter dump. These things are not a coincidence.

    The hope that Islam will be some sort of barrier to the worst of progressivism is misguided. It won’t be, until it has control and then liberalism as well as progressivism will suffer. It’s as foolish as thinking that commie kleptocrat Putin is a defender of Christianity and Western values.

  • John

    Perhaps those mixed feelings will crystallise, alas too late, when the soft initial targets have been eliminated and the voracious islamic hordes turn their attention to everyone else.

    It’s rather depressing to still be encountering people who find comfort in the hope that the crocodile will eat them last.

  • Kevin Jaeger

    It’s good to see the enthusiasm of the Keyboard Crusaders here. Very brave. Once upon a time we were a Christian society that defended the gates of Vienna and raised an army for the Crusades.

    You don’t live in a society like that any more. Your authorities are more likely to hunt you down and drag you in for questioning about your online comments than to have any concerns about Hezbollah flag wavers. The bizarre alliance of LGBTQ-WTF and diversity worshippers are the ones in charge at the moment. You can maybe debate which part of this this alliance is actually worse but at the moment you have no one who would conceivably implement any anti-Islam policies. It’s people like Lauren Southern who are banned for life from the UK, not Hezbollah supporters.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Islam supports pedophilia, and marrying off women against their will, and husbands being able to lend one of their wives to other men. Also, only muslims have rights in muslim countries- the rest are dhimmis, whom the rulers can tax.
    Christianity tries to live by the Golden rule, treating others as you would like to be treated.
    I know which society I prefer to live in.

  • It’s good to see the enthusiasm of the Keyboard Crusaders here. Very brave.

    This is a website on which things get discussed, so goodbye Kevin.

  • Steven R

    Kevin seems to make a valid point though. At some point, we, as in the entire West, are going to be forced to go from discussion to action or face a Camp of the Saints situation. Voting has clearly not worked since the people we keep sending to our respective legislatures do nothing to fix the immigration problems, and we’re watching our rights to free speech being eroded in front of us when we can’t say something like “a man is not a woman no matter how he feels or what he does to mutilate his body” or “Immigrants out! Germany for the Germans!” without facing prison time and none of us are doing any thing about it.

    I see two outcomes, neither of which are appealing:
    1) Do nothing and become South Africa or Rhodesia with possibly a sectarian component on top.
    2) WASPs start purging their countries to the point even Hitler and friends would be shocked.

    Then what?

  • WindyPants

    Then what?

    The Balkans

  • Snorri Godhi

    In my current location in Southern Italy, i am informed that extra-EU immigrants do not cause much trouble over here, except for occasionally stabbing each other.

    I do not know whether this is reliable information, given that it comes from upper-middle class friends. But i am inclined to think that it is true, and that this is the result of the Italian police and Carabinieri having nothing woke about them.

    Keep immigrants on the straight and narrow, and they’ll (hopefully) end up making positive contribution to your country. Pander to them, and you’ll end up like Britain, New York, and California.

    (I do not know how many of the local immigrants are Muslims, though.)

  • Martin

    I do not know whether this is reliable information, given that it comes from upper-middle class friends

    I admit this is a broad generalisation, but this is to be expected from the upper middle class. These people often get benefits from mass immigration (cheap labour for gardeners,cleaners etc, ‘diverse’ restaurants etc) without having to live with the negatives.

    The working and lower middle classes on the other hand are the ones who get next to zero benefit from mass immigration.

  • Paul Marks

    Muhammed himself was noted as a pale man – indeed that was how he was picked out in a crowd. And Muslims can be of any skin colour (although Muhammed said horrible things about black people) – so the belief of the left that Muslims are all “brown” is bizarre, although not as bizarre as the leftist belief that having darker skin makes someone morally noble (as absurd as the idea that being pale makes someone morally noble).

    As for the ignorance of the left about the doctrines of Islam – some leftists truly are ignorant, but some know the doctrines of Islam very well but choose to ignore the doctrines – on the grounds that the leftists believe they can “use” Islam, against the “capitalist west”.

    It is all very unfortunate.

  • Paul Marks

    “Ordinary people will fight back” – how?

    Ordinary people in Britain are unarmed – and even verbal dissent (“saying something Islamophobic or racist or…”) can result in total ruin.

    The principle of Freedom of Speech was breached as long ago as 1965, and many Acts since then have made the position worse and worse.

    Also there is intense indoctrination, by both the education system and the media, people are trained to have the “correct” thoughts – and to be ashamed of any “bad” thoughts they have.

    And it all about to get worse – much worse, much more intense indoctrination, and punishment of dissent.

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