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Samizdata quote of the day – only Israel

It seems that the usual rules don’t apply when it comes to Israel. The atrocity that happened last October was a reasonable justification for turning Gaza into glass, frankly. Rooting out and killing Hamas, crushing it completely would have been a proportionate response, yet before Israel had responded, there were calls for a ceasefire and accusations of genocide (a grossly misused word and certainly not applicable here). What would any other country have done?


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  • DiscoveredJoys

    The Diplomats have forgotten the lessons of the schoolyard. If you are a nerdy type you refrain from fighting and do not respond to taunts. Bullies then decide to bully you because they think you are an easy target. You turn around and give them a good pasting. The bullies are hurt (literally and emotionally) and complain that they were ‘only joking’ and that your response was disproportionate. But they don’t bother you again.

  • Mr Ed

    It seems to me that the ‘peak’ Romans had a brutally effective understanding of human psychology, making a desert and calling it peace etc.

    They knew what worked in dealing with enemies.

    Although someone on Sky News asked Lord Cameron recently what the UK would do if one of our consulates were bombed, and he muttered something about strong retaliation. Of course, the questioner did not say that the consulate was like the German Consulate in Ireland during the Emergency hosting some Luftwaffe Generals at the height of the Blitz.

    And the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961) seems to say that the receiving State shall regard a diplomatic premises as inviolable, but it says nothing about a third party State being so bound.

  • NickM

    It seems that the usual rules don’t apply when it comes to Israel.

    Whilst true it is not just Israel is it?

  • “It seems to me that the ‘peak’ Romans had a brutally effective understanding of human psychology, making a desert and calling it peace etc.”

    Thanks for reminding me about my favourite episode of ‘The West Wing’, Mr Ed.


  • Bruce

    You mean the Romans; Emperor Hadrian; he of “Wall” fame) who renamed Judea, (home of the Jews”And being a literate chap with a VERY dark sense of humour, Hadrian named the place after the “Peleshet”, a well remembered, but long-gone bunch of pirates who infested the Eastern Mediterranean centuries before. Can everyone say, “Calculated Insult”?

    There were NO actual “Palestinians”, apart from the beleaguered Jewish “natives”. (Hence “Judea”). Even the Pythons got that right.

    Arab “latecomers” are NOT the “real” palestinians; the Jews / Israelis are.

    I am about as Kosher as a pork chop, but I get it.

  • Paul Marks

    Sadly we have people like Colonel Douglas Macgregor pushing lies about the Jews killing Islamic civilians on purpose and “starving” them – as IDF soldiers die because of the policy of trying to KEEP DOWN Islamic civilian deaths, and Israel sends in truck-upon-truck of food for its enemies (for people who want to exterminate millions of Jews).

    Any protest is met by the defense that Colonel Macgregor had a fine combat record – which he did, just as Benedict Arnold (from the American Revolutionary War) and Marine General Butler (a lying stooge of the Communist Party in the 1930s) had a fine combat record and risked their lives many times. Americans who have heard of Benedict Arnold as a name of infamy are sometimes shocked to discover how brave a man he was – and that his complaints about the unfair way he was treated by the American army, passed over for promotion, not given the credit for his victories, and-so-on, had a lot of truth in them – but led him on a dark path.

    Conan Doyle (the inventor of Sherlock Holmes) understood the type – it is Colonel Moran, the character who started off as perhaps the bravest man in the British army, who ends up being a servant of the Professor.

    People who think that history does not matter should be remined that Neil Oliver of GB News was quoting, with approval, General Butler (a man with a chest full of medals for bravery – who ended up a lying stooge of the Communist Party) – long before he brought Colonel Macgregor on to his show.

  • Kirk

    RE: Colonel Macgregor…

    Spent my adult life in the service that produced that moron, and I know the type well. They’re the empty-chested dolts with the bookshelves full of the books they’ll never read completely, but who will sprinkle scintillating quotes like raisins in a pudding through all their voluminous bloviating.

    Yet, when they’re needed for actual, y’know… Performance? They’re sadly lacking.

    Did the good Colonel ever once question the premise of Afghanistan, wherein we paid the Pakistanis to pay Taliban to go into Afghanistan and kill Americans and Afghanis? Did he go to Congress, fall on his retirement check, and tell the unpleasant truths, as was his duty?

    Did he, at any point, question the manifest and intrinsic stupidities by which we sought to “pacify” Iraq? Did he, perchance, go to Congress and say “Yeah, hey… This Obama Admin idea of releasing the prisoners we took at Camp Bucca is a bad idea…”?

    This sorry POS has zero integrity, and as a modern American officer? That’s what the Congress has been selecting for, by way of who they promoted, for decades. They’re all venal, lying bastards tied to their retirement checks and their sinecure jobs in the military-industrial complex.

    They’ll tell you whatever their current masters want them to tell you. There’s not a single one of them above about the grade of major that’s worth a damn as a real soldier, and if there has been a mistake made in promoting them to that grade, they’ll soon be found out and sidelined or removed. Remember what happened to General Ham, when he spun up the European reaction force to go to Benghazi? They all saw that, they all did nothing. In a real army run by real men, that act would have resulted in mass resignations by every officer above Lieutenant Colonel.

    Do note that it did not. They all piously mouthed the words that the ideologues put into their mouths, kissed ass, saluted, and went about turning the Army into a DEI pisshole. Just as they were told to…

  • John

    No of course it’s not “Only Israel”. Just ask any bbc journalist.

    Any moment now they’ll be reporting about the United Nations motion condemning Iran’s attack.

    All together now “Don’t look back in anger”.

  • pete

    Why hasn’t there been an outcry about the 100% child casualty rate of Iran’s attack on Israel?

  • Why hasn’t there been an outcry about the 100% child casualty rate of Iran’s attack on Israel?

    No Jews, no news

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