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Samizdata quote of the day – Gaza edition

“Hamas is perhaps the first regime in recorded history to fight a war designed to maximize casualties among their own population.”

Gatestone Institute.

13 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – Gaza edition

  • Kirk

    No, they are not.

    They’re not a regime, they’re an “end times” death cult. As such, they’re doing exactly what such cults do, which is get their adherents and true believers killed in job lots.

    Analyzing any of these Islamic death cults as being legitimate “nation-states” is a fundamental error in judgment. They are not “states” as we would define the term; similar cults have arisen and died on smaller scales throughout history.

    The scale of the thing is what confuses people; they expect that such a phenomenon has to be a rational nation-state, regardless of evidence, because of its size.

    They’re also unable to comprehend that the people actually running the place are essentially fraudsters, criminals, and mountebanks: You will not see the leadership of Hamas on the front line, nor will you see them suffering during their “war” with Israel, because they’re charlatan con artists who’re on to a good thing. I doubt that any of them truly believe in Allah any more than your average CoE prelate believes in God; it’s a useful tool to get the rubes to do what they like, and that’s about it. Do note the facts surrounding the life of one Yasser Arafat, who was a dissolute homosexual sybarite when he wasn’t encouraging his “people” to kill Jews. Can’t remember what it was that killed him, in the end, but if I recall, the rumors were “AIDS” and other things of that nature. Hardly the statesman-like Saladin of his people, but then… Arab. Not a nation or ethnicity known for throwing up great leaders; most of their “greats” were actually outsiders, like the Kurdish Saladin…

  • Paul Marks

    Kirk – when the Islamic armies besieged Alexandra (once, in the Hellenistic Age, the largest city in the world) their commander said to the besieged Byzantine Greeks “we will win – because we love death and you love life” – and they did win.

    Muhammed was a poor orphan boy – who made himself master of all of Arabia and exterminated all those who would not submit to him (he was a genius – a political and military leader of genius). His successors built the largest Empire the world had ever seen. Now they dominate lands from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific – and they are expanding in what is left of the West, including in the United States where they are now in Congress.

    Certainly they do not always succeed – Constantinople resisted siege after siege from the 7th century AD – but it finally fell in 1453. And it was never recovered – indeed Russian efforts to recover Constantinople were undermined by Western powers in both the 1700s and the 1800s (just as the Byzantines were defeated by treachery in their own ranks in 1071, and centuries before, and as the Visigoths had been defeated by internal treachery in 711 AD). As late as the First World War Prime Minister David Lloyd-George toyed with the idea of restoring Constantinople to Christianity (if only to please the Welsh nonconformists) – but in the end he did nothing – it was much too late.

    Centuries before the Crusaders won battle after battle, sometimes massively outnumbered, but who won the wars in the end?

    In 1519 the Ottoman Islamic Army succeeded in blowing up a section of the walls Vienna – but out of the dust stepped German mercenaries who filled the gap and started to cut the attackers in two (literally with their pole arms and Great Swords, and the slave soldiers turned on their own overseers (who were driving them forward with whips) and routed – the great Ottoman Army caught the virus of panic and fled, pausing only to mutilate and kill their civilian (mostly women and children) prisoners.

    In 1683 another great Ottoman Army about to take Vienna but was attacked in the rear by a cavalry charge of the Poles (who had travelled hard, for many days, to get there in time) the charge was led by the old King himself. Tolkien was inspired by it – it is the inspiration for King Theoden leading the charge of the Rohirrim at Minas Tirith.

    A great victory yes – but look at Vienna NOW, how long will it remain a Christian city? Who is having babies and who is not? And not just in that city.

    Who are we to sneer at methods that are working? Indeed have worked for more than 13 centuries.

    And your own army – no disrespect to those American soldiers who fought and died, but who controls Afghanistan right now?

    As for “Hamas” – it is just a name, as was made clear when the civilian population came out to celebrate the raped and mutilated bodies of the women taken on October 7th.

    Why should it be different in European, North American, or other cities?

    I am reminded of the poem by Kipling.

    “When you lay wounded on Afghan plains, and the women come out to cut up what remains, just roll on your side and blow out your brains – and go to your God like a soldier”.

  • Paul Marks

    As for civilian casualties in Gaza – it is impossible to know what they are, as it is act of virtue for the Islamic forces (such as the “Gaza Health Ministry”) to lie IF (only if) by lying they serve the Islamic cause (lying is NOT acceptable if it is only for private gain).

    And believers who are killed by infidels go to paradise. So Hamas, and all the other groups, have no reason to worry about civilian casualties among their own people. Indeed, yes, as civilian casualties turn gullible Westerners to their side – they have an incentive to maximize their own civilian casualties by putting their civilians in harms way – by using them as human shields, getting them to charge enemy forces, and-so-on.

    The Jews are taking great pains to try and keep civilian casualties down – but the “Woke” Marxists in the West still chant “Genocide” – and the various Islamic groups laugh at the stupidity both of the Jews and of the “Woke” (or “Critical Theory”) Marxists in the West, as “genocide” is precisely what these groups are planning.

    Today, next year, ten years time, whenever – they do not have to rush, as long as they achieve their objective – and most certainly not just “from the river and the sea” (a mere seven million dead Jews).

    The world has always been the objective (and logically so) – “from the river to the sea” is just for now.

    One has to admire their logical consistency and their strong efforts to achieve their goal – their objective.

    And it is clear than nothing is going to be done in the West – other than to punish people for “Islamophobia” – and it is NOT Muslims who do the punishing, it is the Western establishment who punishes people for “Islamophobia”.

    And it is clear that “the West” includes Russia – where Mr Putin echoes the speeches of George Walker Bush, “religion of peace” and all.

    It is hard to see what the purpose is of discussing this further.

    As the French say – “demography is destiny” and the demographic future of the West (or what remains of it) is fairly clear.

    Being hysterical is not going to change anything.

  • staghounds

    “lying is NOT acceptable if it is only for private gain”

    Haven’t done a lot of business among the Palestinian community have you?

  • NickM

    I have to agree with the OP 100% and Kirk partly. Yes, Kirk, they are an apocalyptic deathcult but they are also the nearest thing Gaza has to a government. They are in charge of this entire clusterfuck. Anybody who thinks aid to Gaza goes via any means other than Hamas is a few verses short of sura. Of course they’ll take the food aid because they’re the “government” and they have the guns. They’ll feed their “heroic Warriors for Allah” first and dole out the rest to show the general populace who’s boss. Many will starve but nobody will blame Hamas. It’s all the fault of the incredibly usefully vague entity “The West”.

    It is all Hamas’s faul. When you launch terror attacks from primary schools and maternity hospitals it is your fault what happens next. The failure by many in the “West” to grasp this is astonishing. I mean “Queers For Palestine”. Or women chanting “From The River to The Sea…” That means supporting the figurative and literal support of rape from the River to the Sea.

    From Rochdale to Rafah. It’s all the same.

  • lucklucky

    Corollary: Journalism is a death cult because Hamas strategy is all based on how journalism works.

  • Roué le Jour


    Hear hear.

    What Would Caesar Do?

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    Kirk writes: They’re not a regime, they’re an “end times” death cult.

    Hamas is both. It was the duly elected government of Gaza in 2006, under the rules of the game. That means it was, at the time anyway, a “regime”, at least for the purposes of the discussion. Of course, it is also a death cult, a nest of anti-semitic, Islamist maniacs. Thanks to the courage and determination of the IDF, it has been degraded, but it remains in pockets of Gaza, can still cause problems, and still has funding and support from Iran, and has been diverting funds and resources sent to Gaza from the deluded sentimentalists in Western countries.

    I look forward to when Hamas, along with other offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood, are discussed in the past tense.

  • Paul Marks

    Staghounds – I was laying out the position under Islamic Law, yes indeed some people do lie for private gain, but they are NOT (under Islamic Law) supposed to do that – not even in business dealings with infidels (although they are forbidden to take infidels for friends – friends-in-the-formal-sense, casual friendship is allowed, and are expected to be paid the tax by infidels).

    Rour le Jour – we both know what Caesar would do, but do you see a Caesar in the Western world? I do NOT.

    Johnathan Pearce.

    Hamas is just a name.

    The general population is committed to the cause, as they showed when they came out to celebrate the raped and mutilated bodies.

    They may not support a particular group – but they, generally, support the cause.

    Does Israel have the will to expel the general population of the Gaza Salient? My judgement is that they do NOT.

    Of course, I may be totally mistaken – both about Israel and about other Western nations, but there we are.

    Remember “Islamophobia” (NOT Islam) is considered the threat – both by Western governments and by the corporations. By the Western establishment generally.

    I see no chance of this changing.

    Some Eastern European governments may have a different attitude – but remember what was done to the government of Poland.

    My guess is that a similar plan of destruction (by Western government agencies and the “partner” Corporations) will be used against Hungary and so on.

    The international Progressive Western establishment is fanatical (they are the true “maniacs”) – they will not allow any Western nation to survive. All Western nation-states, all national cultures, must-be-destroyed – this is the will of the Progressive international establishment.

    Look at their power as far away as Japan – where they have got the Japanese government to endorse mass immigration (into Japan) rather than stop baby killing and so on.

  • jgh

    Japan’s declining population isn’t due to baby killing, it’s due to a near-absense of baby making. Japan has few abotions due to having few pregnancies, and is falling, having *halved* in the last 20 years.

  • Alex

    jgh, I was already aware of Japan’s demographic collapse but as someone perhaps more knowledgeable about it do you have any thoughts as to why the young Japanese are not having children?

  • Paul Marks

    jgh – thank you for your correction.

  • Kirk

    Not jgh, but I had a conversation with a Japanese acquaintance about this issue that might be pertinent:

    Japan’s declining population isn’t due to baby killing, it’s due to a near-absense of baby making. Japan has few abotions due to having few pregnancies, and is falling, having *halved* in the last 20 years.

    Her take on it all was that it was the result of deep cultural flaws within modern Japan, an unholy concatenation of trends that while disparate on the surface, actually join in once you go deeper down.

    She herself wasn’t having kids in Japan because she’d married an American that went there to teach English. She did not “marry Japanese” because she did not like the traditional male Japanese attitude, and was unwilling to undertake the one-woman job a family would turn into for her. Her take was that the entire surrounding cultural matrix had gone into dysfunction about the time she was a little girl; her mother hated her life as an “ideal Japanese wife/mother”, and passed that on to her daughter. The problem was that women were either “career girls” or they were housewives; you could not have a job and be a mom. Then, the perfectionism of it all was murderously competitive within the community of mothers; if you didn’t send a perfect little child off to school every morning, you were a bad person and ostracized. Along with that, the Japanese work situation was insane; the men are expected to stay at work all hours, and then go socialize with their bosses or clients, such that they barely saw their wives and kids at all. Absentee fatherhood, basically…

    The way she described it, it wasn’t any one thing, but a mass of little petty things that just made it too damn hard and dissatisfying to have kids or raise them. If you get her talking about the differences in raising kids here in the US and Japan, you’d get an earful going both ways. She’s raising their kids in sort of a hybrid mode, and is a lot happier with life than she’d have ever been in Japan.

    It’s a lot like everywhere else in the West: It’s not necessarily that people don’t want the kids, although that plays in. The reasons that they don’t have them are multitudinous and generally things that go unthought of, like “How the hell do I fit more than two car seats in this dinky little economy car I can afford…?”

    One of the major things I think has gone off the rails is that we’re living our lives as though the fundamentals have utterly changed… And, they really haven’t.

    Case in point: Young women being encouraged to start “careers” in the workplace, and then have kids in later life, when they’re established. OK, great… Brilliant, that: Just how do you square the circle of fertility and health, though? You really ought, for the health of the mother and the kids, be having those kids in your early 20s, the years when we are telling women they need to be in the workforce… Which then leads to problems when they do decide to have kids in their late thirties and early forties, due to needing massive intervention to even get pregnant. Not to mention, the issues with endometriosis and having taken birth control for 20-odd years…

    You want to fix the fertility crisis, you need to fix a whole lot of little things that don’t look at all as if they’re related. That’s true in Japan, and it is true everywhere.

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