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Gaza is in cultural crisis

19 comments to Gaza is in cultural crisis

  • The Gazan’s have always had this problem, which is why they tie the gays to the back of motorcycles and drag them through the streets.

    It’s a bad death.

    …or were you trying to make some sort of joke about it?

  • bobby b

    Perhaps merely pointing out the existing joke, found in most every anti-Israel rally, of placards saying “cross-dressing pedos for Palestine!”

  • Ofnir

    Added this one to my collection of things to be sent to my performatively homosexual Marxist brother who feel passionately about Palestine and “every other part of Africa” 😀

  • Paul Marks

    An “open air prison” according to Neil Oliver. Where the “innocent” population celebrate, wildly celebrate, gang rape and mutilation – for those who dispute this, the film of the crowds celebrating the abused bodies of the Jewish women (alive or dead) being taken back to Gaza, should be instructive (would Neil Oliver like to watch?).

    The first marches, in Britain and elsewhere, to celebrate the mass murder and gang rapes and mutilations of October 7th occurred BEFORE the IDF went into Gaza – but according to Neil Oliver these marches (by both the forces of Islam and their secular, indeed sometimes atheist, socialist allies – an odd alliance indeed) are NOT Hate Marches – they are about “the open air prison”.

    An odd prison where the supposedly evil Jews would be delighted if the “prisoners” left – but their Islamic brothers in Egypt, and the rest of the Islamic world – which stretches from the North African countries on the coast of the Atlantic – to Indonesia on the frontier of the Pacific, will not let them enter. Even though Chairman Arafat (who, with the help of the KGB, founded the “Palestinian Liberation Organisation” in the early 1960s – i.e. BEFORE the six-day-war) was born and raised in Egypt.

    The “prison guards” (the supposedly evil Jews) would be delighted if you left – but your “brothers” (who have so many countries – hundreds of times bigger than Israel) do not want you.

    But, to be fair, it is most certainly NOT just the forces of Islam.

    YEARS ago I (and other people) suggested in comments to Economist magazine articles (people were allowed to comment back then – without buying the magazine) that the civilian Islamic population be evacuated from the Gaza Salient war-zone (which is what it is), to go to Egypt or other Islamic countries, to save-their-lives.

    The comments were deleted and I was threatened with no longer being allowed to make comments – on any subject.

    It was NOT Muslims who deleted the comments or made the threats.

    This is the core of the matter – the “international community” do NOT want to save the lives of the Islamic civilians – they want them to be right there, in a war-zone, to be used as human shields (and to blackmail Israel into some sort of suicidal “peace deal”).

    I know that sounds impossible – but it really is the situation. The international “liberal” elite want these Muslim civilians to be in a war-zone, knowing that (inevitably) many of these civilians will be killed in the battles, as they are used as both human shields and cannon fodder.

    And does Neil Oliver really want the Islamic “prisoners” to be allowed to leave the “open air prison” to go to Egypt or any of the vast number of Islamic countries?

    I doubt it.

    As for the rest of the media – as I have pointed out before, France 24 news can have whole programmes on attacks on Jews in France and never once mention the words “Islam” or “Muslim”.

    Perhaps the attacks are being made by Klingons? Or perhaps the French media are running scared of the changing demographics of France, and other Western countries, and think they can gain the favour of the increasing population (such a tactic will NOT work – Christians and atheists are just as much infidels as Jews are).

    Much of the British media use the term “Palestinian” – a term that was rarely used before the 1960s. How people from (for example) Pakistan (and so on) marching to demand the deaths of Jews and other infidels, in British cities are “Palestinians” is not explained. The marches and attacks are only partly Muslim – there are many socialists as well (including atheist socialists), but it is hard to see why these people are called “Palestinians”.

  • Ferox

    It’s telling that while the walls between Gaza and Israel are frequently shown and universally despised by the international media, the barriers between Gaza and Egypt, which dwarf the Israeli defenses, are rarely shown and never criticized at all.

    If you want to see what an effective border wall looks like, when its builders are not hobbled by the fear of being called racist or anti-VirtuousBrownPeople, take a look at the Egypt-Gaza border. Trump ought to take notes.

  • Ed Snider

    The worst people on earth demand a state of their own so that they can be even more horrible on a grander scale with an official army to back them up. If Hamas had declared war on anyone but the Jews, the whole world would be calling for them to be pushed into the sea.

  • Paul Marks

    Ferox – correct.

    Ed Snider – I suspect you are mistaken.

    After all there has been a lot of violence in Britain, France and other Western countries that is NOT directed against Jews. But if anyone talks about who is engaging in this violence and what their religious and political objectives are – that person risks punishment.

    So when some Jews think “the Christians and atheists do not care what happens to us – but they would act strongly if the forces of Islam targeted them” those Jews are mistaken.

    What the “Christian” (they are not really Christian, but that is another matter) and atheist authorities actually do is oppose “Islamophobia” NOT Islam.

    Even in the United States if you are accused of “Islamophobia” you can kiss an academic post (or just about any other position) goodbye. And almost the first thing President Bush did after 9/11 was to denounce Islamophobia – the problem, supposedly, was a few nasty “extremists” and “dictators” – hence wars (costing very many lives and vast amounts of treasure) to, supposedly, free the vast majority of true Muslims from these (supposedly) handful of people who had “distorted” and “misinterpreted” Islam.

    President Bush spent very many human lives and vast amounts of treasure on the basis of this theory.

    There are more followers of Islam in the United States now than there were on 9/11 and some of them have been elected to Congress.

    The opinions of these Members of Congress, and the people who elected them, are much the same as the opinions of their coreligionists in European countries and elsewhere.

    Even chants of “gas the Jews” got no real response in Sydney Australia – and if it had been “gas the Christians” there still would have been no real response.

  • John

    I was unaware of Neil Oliver’s position. A great shame as he is correct on so much else.

  • Paul Marks

    I was mistaken – there was a response in both Sydney Australia and London.

    People OPPOSING the Hate Events were arrested – counter protestors were arrested.

    So this is not a matter of libertarian authorities being “free speech absolutists”.

    If people chant (or wave signs) AGAINST Islam (rather than chant “Gas the Jews” in Sydney, or “From The River To The Sea”, or “Jihad” – Muhammed having commanded the spreading of Islam over the Earth, he had no great interest in a piece of land between the river Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea) – they are soon arrested (and dealt with other ways, perhaps they have written something wrong on a mortgage application – off-to-prison you go).

    It is the Western authorities (the Western establishment – including the Churches), NOT the Muslims, who deserve to be despised.

    Despised for their cowardice – and for their dishonesty and treachery.

    Again the Western authorities (the Western establishment) NOT the Muslims.

  • It is the Western authorities (the Western establishment – including the Churches), NOT the Muslims, who deserve to be despised. Despised for their cowardice – and for their dishonesty and treachery.

    Yes, this has been increasingly the case for the last twenty years & I do wonder if we approach a criticality.

  • Paul Marks

    John – it is a great shame as Neil Oliver has indeed done a lot of good work on many matters, but there were signs of it long before the Jewish Question (or Israel Question – it-is-the-same-thing as a central tenet of Judaism is that the Holy Land, a small place a little bigger than Wales, must be the land, country, of the Jews – although that does NOT mean that other people can not live there) became important in his work.

    For example, his position on Ukraine – a series of ways of trying to avoid the fact that Mr Putin’s invasion was-and-is unjust.

    His (Neil Oliver’s) support for the Glasgow rent strike during the First World War (yes he talked about it on his programme) – supposedly if the government had printed more money, rather than borrowed money from the bankers, rents and other prices would not have gone up. In reality rents and other prices would have gone up MORE if Neil Oliver’s policy had been followed – the more money created (from nothing) the more (not the less) the inflation – and “rent strikes” are utterly insane (and the war was forced on Britain by Berlin – as even the German Ambassador admitted). Many people (including myself) when hearing Neil Oliver denouncing the Credit Bubble bankers (and YES they deserve to be denounced) assumed he supported commodity money – gold or silver.

    We were mistaken – we (including me) assumed too much.

    Then there was the citing, with approval, the U.S. Marine General Butler – YES a brave warrior, but also, later in life, a stooge of the Communist Party, who became a serial liar.

    Again all this was before the Jewish Question (or Israel Question) became important in Neil Oliver’s work and before Mr George Galloway appeared on his show – as an honoured guest, who was asked soft-ball questions.

  • Paul Marks

    By the way, Imperial Germany did finance the First World War with more printing of money than Britain did – this did not turn out well in the end.

    Oddly the preparations for this were made by the German government and Central Bank before the war started.

    Britain, like France and Russia, was caught by surprise in 1914 – but Berlin was NOT caught by surprise. Their preparations for war, both military preparations and financial meetings, were all done before the war started.

    One would have hoped that a professional historian would be interested by this.

    And by such facts as the German Declaration of War upon France in 1914 being a series of blatant lies.

  • Paul Marks

    Perry – I think we may indeed be approaching a criticality.

    Over time many cultures have risen and fallen – and often the fall has been more due to internal decay than external invasion.

    Imagine what, for example, a Christian of strong faith, such as the statesman John Bright in the 19th century, would make of Archbishop Welby, or Pope Francis, or the rest of the Western establishment.

    And most of the atheists in the Western establishment are no better than the “Christians”.

    An atheist such as Charles Bradlaugh (MP for Northampton in the 19th century) was a man of real courage – and rather blunt language.

    Imagine what Charles Bradlaugh would have said about rape gangs being called “grooming gangs” – or the desperation of the authorities to deny any connection to a certain religion, and to PUNISH anyone who suggested that there might be.

    Someone like Mark Steyn would have seemed normal as recently as the mid 20th century – his very blunt language on political and moral matters (both when he is right and when he is mistaken) being what was expected of a man. And fighting on till his heart breaks (literally) being also simply what was expected of a man.

    Today he appears totally out of place – out of his time.

    I suspect that he knows this.

    The modern West despises men with a backbone – which means the modern West is dying.

  • Kirk

    Paul, I wish you would stop conflating our current “intellectual elite class” with the entirety of the “Modern West”. I’ve got news for you… It’s not just the chattering classes that are out there. You live in their bubble, you might think it is. The rest of us are out here, observing these boobs, and going “WTF?”

    There’s a fairly solid core of common sense out there, in the “unwashed masses”. Some of us are even fairly conversant in the intellectual game, ourselves, and not at all keen on the current “conventional wisdom”. Yeah, the dumbasses in charge are deluded beyond all common sense, but… The votes of “the rest of us” have yet to be counted.

    I think we all look at history and tend to template that which was on that which is, forgetting that there’s a whole bunch of things that have changed beyond recognition.

    Case in point… Back in the day, you had a situation wherein a few people at the right places could move entire societies. Think “William Randolph Hearst”, with his monopolistic control over newspapers and other media. Today, his form of media is dying and/or dead… I’m reading first-hand reports from Ukraine right now, seeing what is going on in virtual real time. That’s a hell of a difference between now and then; Duranty would have a much harder time telling his lies, these days. The news has been disintermediated, and there’s a bunch of other things going on that are also doing the exact same thing to the so-called “intelligentsia” running everything. Fifty years ago, a guy in rural-ish America would have been hard-pressed to keep abreast of what the hell his congresscreature was doing, what they were voting on… Today? If he bothers to look, he can see exactly what’s going on. That’s a huge change.

    I believe that what we are witnessing is the dying gasp of an older, obsolete order: They think they control us, but the sad reality is that they are only making the strings readily apparent to the majority, which is a huge, epic mistake. If you’re a con artist, you never, ever want your mark to see you laughing at them or the strings you’re pulling. These idiots? They’re so transparent that it’s undeniable, and they’re grasping at straws.

    I expect that the whole thing is going to blow up, within what’s left of my lifetime. What’s left, after? No idea, but the problem is that the current paradigm isn’t working, and something is going to have to take its place. The lies can’t continue, nor can the frauds. People are starting to notice, and when you’re hearing in idle conversation speculation on just how corrupt the Biden family really is, you have to wonder. Especially when its in a Democrat-sympathetic area. The sheep are starting to look up, and notice that the flock’s guardians are more wolf than sheepdog…

  • Nicholas (Locals, Rule!) Gray

    hey, Paul Marks, nobody said ‘GaS THE jews.’. Some people claimed that they heard that expression, but when it was investigated, those words were never uttered. So stop repeating falsehoods, or nobody will believe anything you say.

  • Paul Marks

    Nicholas Gray – I have heard the recording, you are mistaken Sir. “Gas the Jews” was chanted. And the only person arrested was a counter demonstrator – a man who had done nothing wrong.

    By the way – I do NOT believe that people should be arrested for chanting “gas the Jews”, but what do you think would happen to you if you chanted “gas the Muslims”? I suspect the “investigation” would find that it had not been a “falsehood” that you had chanted “gas the Muslims”.

    And this was Sydney – Melbourne is a lot worse, as was made clear during Covid.

    Kirk – if the people are as you say, why do they do nothing?

    Still we will soon see – we will see if the people allow the 2024 election to be rigged as the 2020 election was.

    So there is no point in us arguing about it – when we will soon know.

  • Mr Ed

    I looked at the stats when this war was started, and the population density of the entire Gaza Strip came out at around 2,375,259/141 square miles or around 16,846 people per square mile, in 2022. Greater London’s population in 2021 estimated at 8,899,375 / 607 square miles = 14,661 people per square mile, so compared to Greater London, the population density of Gaza was 16,846/14,661 = 14.91% higher. Compared to the core of Paris, with (2023) 2,102,650 people in 40.7 square miles or 51,662 people per square mile, it’s not even one-third of the population density of Paris.

  • DP

    Dear Mr Marks @ March 20, 2024 at 7:48 am

    You refer to Neil Oliver: could you please include a link when referencing comments made by third parties. It is not always easy to find the source to which someone refers just by conducting a search.

    If you already know the source, would it not be considerate to include the relevant URL?

    Many thanks in anticipation.


  • Jussi

    I didn’t know this about Neil Oliver, he now joins a long list of people that have had their mask slip.

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