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Climate: the Movie – now shadow banned by YouTube, so…

… here it is on BitChute, just in case they take the final step and delete it 😉

15 comments to Climate: the Movie – now shadow banned by YouTube, so…

  • Paul Marks

    We are dealing with a cult – but one that has taken over science.

    It took over science the same way that Keynesianism took over economics – as W.H. Hutt said when asked how the Keynesians had won the debate “there was no debate, they did not allow any debate, they just took over the appointment of academic staff and the setting and marking of examinations – and that was that”.

    The “Critical Theory” (“Woke”) Marxists took over the humanities in the same way.

    We were assured that the physical sciences would be different but they have not proved to be so – the same approach, take over the appointment of staff and the setting and marking of examinations, works with them to.

    We witnessed with Covid – Early Treatment, which saved lives in those countries where it was allowed, was systematically smeared – and Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann (the “Climate Scientist”) is soon to bring out a book carrying on the smears. What does Michael Mann know about medicine? Basically nothing – but he is an establishment leftist, so that makes him a sacred authority (witness Washington area juries and other LYING SCUM).

    The injections that caused so much harm are still being presented as “unequivocally” safe. And “Net Zero” is sill the policy objective of almost every Western Nation (whilst the People’s Republic of China Communist Party regime laughs).

    It is all connected – remember both “Racism” and “Climate” are “Public Health Emergencies” according to various officials in the United States, supposedly justifying everything they do – from censorship to rigging elections.

  • Runcie Balspune

    An anecdote: my company has drank sumptuously from the net zero fountain, as such a number of IT seminars have started to consider the impact on computers on carbon emissions, generally, the more computer power, the more energy, the more emissions, therefore “studies” have been done, to point where it is proposed even changing computer code can contribute towards net zero.

    One of the biggest consumers of internet traffic is video streaming, both in the computational power needed to compress and decompress the stream, to encrypt and decrypt it, and the intervening network to pass the large amount of data between machines.

    Yet when I pointed this out on an online presentation which was mainly driven by a slide show, it wasn’t considered because of the “enjoyment” of seeing someone’s smug carbon emitting face when you are actually looking at a graph on a slide.

    The growth in video chat is exponential, and the computational power involved must be astronomical compared to overall power used, yet in the office I see constant multi video streams everywhere.

    I suppose they are enjoying themselves.

    But they aren’t achieving “net zero” by any means.

    My last video conference involved a senior manager joining us from the US at an AI conference, not only having layed a blanket of CO2 flying there, now continues to emit even more as his cheery carbon washed face smiles and berates us about doing more.

    For some reason as well, my company seems rather eager to engage in Blockchain and AI, both involving vast amounts of computational resource, with nary a mention of the impact on their pious net zero policy.

    I somehow think they don’t actually believe what they are saying.

  • Runcie Balspune

    Anecdote 2: having been donated a number of ducks from a shoot, rather than use them for more authentic gundog training, my missus decided to have go at cooking them.

    A friend is married to a Hongkonger so an attempt at some Chinese cuisine involving said ducks was decided upon and a quick visit to the local Chinese retail outlet was in order.

    Rambling down the isles I picked up some sweets made with mochi, although mainly a Japanese delicacy the product was Chinese made, and also some almond biscuits, at home I made an unusual discovery.

    Each sweet and biscuit was individually wrapped in thick plastic, they were in a plastic tray, covered by a thick plastic film, all on a cardboard box.

    No concern for “excessive packaging” here.

    Even more surprizing when you consider that the authoritarian CCP have recently clamped down on “excessive packaging”.

    Then you think of the “No More Oil” brigade and that plastic is made from oil and don’t actually emit any more carbon than any other material, in fact you could argue that wood, being made from a carbon emitting dead tree, is actually more “damaging”.

    Of course, the CCP aren’t buying this “bad fossil fuel” nonsense.

  • FrankS

    Excellent movie. Please watch it if you are at all puzzled that some people resist the widespread hysteria over climate variation and our very modest impact on it.

  • bobby b

    Just for a devil’s advocate type of comment: This post on JoNova has some excellent critiquing commentary about the movie. Go down until you see TdeF’s comments.


    (tl:dr version: the movie cedes far too much concerning CO2.)

  • Ferox

    Fun observation: if you put in “Climate” on IMDB you will be given, among the list of results for the partial search, a pro-alarmism movie from 2019 with Greta Thunberg called “Climate Change: The Facts”, but nothing about this film.

    You have to type “Climate the movie” in order to see this film in the list. When you visit its page, you find that there is no rating and no way to give one.

    And that’s what a shadowban looks like.

  • Andy

    @Runcie Balspune- that is fairly typical of Asian foods, freshness is number one. They even put little packets of desiccant (like you find in shoes and suitcases) in with some foods, a habit I found somewhat unnervAndying.

  • Ferox

    I have asked IMDB about this. As far as I can tell its the only film on the site with no rating and no way to leave one.

    I am curious to see what their reason is.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    So I guess ‘Banned in Boston’ is no longer the ultimate endorsement!

  • FrankS

    Summary: CO2 is a very minor player in the climate system, and is most definitely not a ‘control knob’, or even ‘the control knob’. CO2 is important, however for the well-being of plants, and since ambient CO2 levels have been very low compared to historical levels, it is no bad thing to see the levels increasing in our time. BUT, despite these realities, climate alarmism has taken hold in a widespread way because it suits the ambitions of those willing and eager to destroy our successes in production (of food, low cost energy, and material goods) and to deny them to others around the world.

  • Barracoder

    You can leave ratings now. It’s still not rated of course but if enough of us rate it, who knows.

  • Mr Ed

    Here is the estimable Oxford University law graduate Senator John Kennedy (R) Louisiana asking an expert witness questions about CO2 and climate priorities.

    It is, however, unavoidably, not a fair fight.

  • Paul Marks

    Should anything be censored or shadow banned?

    An interesting test case was the monologue of Neil Oliver just broadcast on GB News, many of the common tropes of Nazi (National Socialist) propaganda were in it – for example, supposedly greedy Jews (such as the son-in-law of Donald Trump – please note this man is NOT an Israeli, he is just a Jew) are out to steal the land of “the poor”, and are using genocidal violence to remove “the poor” from their “open air prison” (of course there is a contradiction between the supposedly evil Jews keeping “the poor” in a “prison” and the supposedly evil Jews wanting to remove “the poor” from the area – but Nazi propaganda was always full of internal contradictions), it is all “just business” – as all the Jews supposedly care about is money.

    The monologue was clearly Nazi propaganda – but should it be censored or shadow banned? My answer is NO it should not be.

    Either we believe in Freedom of Speech or we do not. We do not have to listen to this stuff, indeed I turned it off and I will not be listening to Neil Oliver again, but we must allow such people to broadcast their poison.

  • Fred Z

    Paul Marks:

    Why refuse to listen?

    Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

    You need to watch him constantly so you can try to counter any idiocy and lies he spouts.

    By the way, was it the vid below? I skimmed it, listened to the obvious innumerate nonsense about 40 trillion dead Gaza children, or some such similar loony number, and quit. But I’ve thought Oliver was a well spoken dolt.


  • FrankS

    I left out a key bit in my hasty summary. Here it is. There is no sign anywhere of a climate emergency, nor is there reason to expect one to develop.

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