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Samizdata quote of the day – COVID: All Australian governments failed completely

In summary, Covid-19 posed very little risk to people of good health. The use of the tri-nutrient repurposed medicines approach can significantly reduce the incidence and severity of infections, the requirement for hospitalisation and, if commenced early, will prevent admission to ICU in severely ill patients. Covid patients should be managed initially by trained, qualified and experienced medical practitioners, nurse practitioners and scientists utilising nutritional immunology. The entire population should be educated as to the value of these nutrients and it should not be a difficult task. We could be pandemic free in six to to eight weeks if these approaches were adopted. Furthermore, other serious issues that have arisen from the poor management of the pandemic are the coercion to force vaccinate, the lack of informed consent provided to patients, the attacks on doctors and healthcare workers who spoke out about their concerns regarding the toxicity of the vaccines and lost their jobs, the very high levels of vaccination injuries and deaths and in particular the vaccine-induced deaths of Australian children, and the government’s refusal to withdraw the vaccines. All powerful reasons for a broad-based Royal Commission.

I speak on behalf of all the medical practitioners and health care workers who are trained in nutritional therapeutics, who understand the power of the above mentioned approaches and who know they work from the available science and experience, but, are too afraid of speaking out.

Professor Ian Brighthope. This applies to the majority of governments, not just Australia, but I heartly recommend reading the whole thing for the very valuable health advice.

3 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – COVID: All Australian governments failed completely

  • Paul Marks

    The idea behind keeping people out of Australia and New Zealand was to, largely, keep out Covid till a vaccine was developed – however the Covid injections (by the traditional definition they are NOT vaccines) were not very “effective” and were certainly not “safe” (as excess deaths show).

    A better policy would have been Early Treatment of people with Covid (especially vulnerable people), but the international establishment pretended there were no generally effective Early Treatments and doctors who told the truth were punished.

  • Mr Ed

    Failed in what exactly? It looks to me like they succeeded in governing without restraint.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Ed – good point, “failed” implies that the intention of the policy was good but, unintentionally, had bad results.

    An interesting Australian example is the former Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, was once very strong in his opposition to “Net Zero” – but then something happened to him and he started to give pro Net Zero speeches.

    The “something” was clearly NOT an intellectual conversion – as in his pro Net Zero speeches he has the style of speaking and facial expression normally associated with “hostage videos”.

    Indeed the former Prime Minister openly stated that certain interests (read BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard – plus the international Credit Bubble banks) would harm the Australian economy unless he did what they told him to do.

    The present situation is an international “capitalist” elite determined to destroy “capitalism” and create a tyranny of international bodies such as the World Health Organisation (“Climate is a health emergency” as is “racism” – “whiteness” is a disease) – Henri Saint-Simon would be delighted.

    Credit Money is at the heart of the power of these forces.

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