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Samizdata quote of the day – Bond villains know what their priorities are

So, in spite of the Russia/Ukraine war, the growing conflict in the Middle East and the Chinese military threats to Taiwan, Ursula believes the most important issue facing the world is “disinformation and misinformation” – basically what we plebs are allowed to see and hear. And she believes a key role for the elites is rebuild trust in the plans the elites have for us by protecting us against being fed information which she and other leaders consider to be potentially harmful or polarising.

David Craig

10 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – Bond villains know what their priorities are

  • Paul Marks

    Most “disinformation and misinformation” comes from governments, international organisations, and “partner” corporations.

    In short Ursula is herself part of the problem she claims to oppose.

    As for “conspiracy theories” – many of the ones of recent years are just statements of fact, admitted, indeed boasted about, by the people who support what is going on – but denounced as “conspiracy theories” when mentioned by people who oppose what is happening.

  • Paul Marks

    Covid is a good example.

    The disease was artificially enhanced in a Chinese lab part funded by American government agencies and by Peter Daszak of the Eco Health Alliance and the World Health Organisation (which is now seeking powers to impose censorship – so that its lies will not be challenged) – it then leaked or was deliberately released (remember travel inside China was restricted – but international travel to Wuhan was, for a time, maintained), generally effective Early Treatments (which could have saved many lives) were unjustly smeared, insane “lockdowns”, that did NOT “save lives” indeed will cost many lives – via the societal harm they have inflicted, were imposed, useless cloth masks were made compulsory, and, last but not least, toxic injections (so called “vaccines”) were imposed – which have injured or killed many people.

    This truth is what Ursula would call “disinformation and misinformation”.

    One could also examine such entities as the American government with its fake (sorry “adjusted”) temperature records, fake (sorry “under estimated”) inflation index, fake election results (cue for Ursula to start frothing at the mouth denouncing the very idea that millions of unchecked mail-in-ballots could possibly be a problem), and-so-on.

    Such things as replacing the American population with illegal immigrants and pushing the “Trans” cult (including chemical and surgical sexual mutilation) on children, are now so obvious that even the establishment can not really deny them.


    Would Ursula like to take a polygraph test on the question “was the mass immigration, and then natural increase, of followers of Islam into European countries a good thing for the existing populations of the countries concerned?”

    Just a question – I have not stated an opinion on the matter.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes “Dear Klaus” loves censorship – as does Ursula and all the Western governments – including the United Kingdom (the tin pot totalitarians who make up “Ofcom”) and the American government – which gets its Corporate “partners” to enforce censorship. Remember dissent is “Hate Speech” and “Conspiracy Theory”.

    I would say the international establishment are evil, Snorri would say they are insane – but either way they must be destroyed.

  • Fraser Orr

    @Ursala said:

    T…And this makes the theme of this year’s Davos meeting even more relevant. ‘Rebuilding trust’ – this is not a time for conflicts or polarisation. This is the time to build trust.

    I think the key thing she is missing here is that to build trust you need to be trustworthy. Governments all over the world aren’t losing trust because of leaky information, they are losing trust because they keep telling us porky pies, of the most outrageous and obvious kinds. Blasting us with obviously false propaganda in the hope that repetition will make it true.

    They could start to rebuild trust by apologizing for all the lies they have already told us. That would be a good start. Here is me, holding my breath…

  • bobby b

    They don’t want to rebuild trust, they want to rebuild allegiance. But they’re cargo-cultists, and don’t realize that allegiance comes from trust.

  • Kirk

    bobby b said:

    They don’t want to rebuild trust, they want to rebuild allegiance. But they’re cargo-cultists, and don’t realize that allegiance comes from trust.

    I’d phrase that differently. I don’t think the problem is that they want to “rebuild allegiance” so much as it is that they fail to comprehend that they’ve pissed away their credibility on trivialities, along with the fact that they really, truly do not understand how all of this actually works. They think they do, but the sad reality is, they do not.

    They’re used to a situation wherein they’re not questioned, because “anointed expert”. They think that’s the natural state of things, because that’s the way those things have always been (or, so they think…) and by God, now that they’re in charge, their word alone is what creates reality.

    In truth, they don’t grasp the fact that their predecessor’s credibility didn’t come from where they think it did; it came because their predecessors were, more-or-less, right about a lot of things. They were somewhat better grounded in reality; today’s “elite leadership class” has drifted off into the aether, and is entirely untethered to any form of reality. This disconnection is reflected in their credibility loss, but they don’t see it like that. At. All.

    Most of this class of people we’ve raised up and put in charge of everything is reality-challenged to a degree that is quite stunning when you recognize it. Their insistence on the primacy and accuracy of their ideas in the face of utter failure out in reality-world is truly incredible. You can see it in a lot of things they do.

    Case in point: The current crisis in recruiting for the US military. Any NCO could have told them that their silly-ass policies were going to drive off the very recruits they rely on, particularly for combat arms, but they went ahead with them anyway… And, now we’re presented with a recruiting shortfall of some 20,000 men this year who simply aren’t showing up. And, who won’t: Even if they bring back the draft, those guys are not going to serve, and if they do? LOL… Can you say “White Mutiny” and “Malicious Compliance”?

    But, the people in charge are sooooo smart, soooooo superior to everyone else… It can’t be a failure of theirs; it’s got to be the rest of us who’re wrong.

    We’ve spent multiple generations training this mob of ass-clowns up, and then elevating them to positions of high power. They’re the absolute wrong people to have put in charge: They’re incapable of learning, and they are unable to recognize that the constructs of their own minds do not automatically self-eventuate out in the real world. Most of these idiots can’t even identify when something they do isn’t working, let alone apply correctives to their actions.

    I really think a lot of this goes back to the imposition of the idea of a technocratic meritocracy around the time of Wilson. The problem with that idea, as implemented, is that they didn’t build in feedback loops to ensure that what they were testing for was actually, y’know… Working. The world made manifest around us shows that it ain’t.

    If anyone reading this is familiar with military history, consider the class of people I’m talking about here as being the same sort of glib over-educated and falsely “intellectual” people as Robert Strange McNamara, a man whose middle name could not possibly be more apropos. Nowhere in that man’s entire working life did he leave a legacy of “things that just worked”; it was all overreach and ill-judgment, disasters he got into through sheer intellectual misadventures. He never learned a single lesson from anything, mostly because he never recognized his own failures as failures.

    Sound familiar?

    Swear to God, the epitaph for our civilization is going to be something along the lines of “…but… But, he did so well on all the tests…

  • DiscoveredJoys

    “And she believes a key role for the elites is rebuild trust in the plans the elites have for us by protecting us against being fed information which she and other leaders consider to be potentially harmful or polarising.”

    But there are two things going on which make ‘this time’ different.

    Firstly: all the serfs looking through the windows of the ballroom at the antics of the courtiers dancing before the Emperor have a much clearer (digital) view of what is going on. The fawning and patronage is on display all the time.

    Secondly: the courtiers and Emperors have had a long run in power, globally, and any long running organisation is corrupted by the career aspirations of the self-interested in positions of power.

    The problem is not misinformation or trust. The problem is that the Elite have been rumbled, and I suspect that there is no way back for them. They have fallen too far.

  • Kirk

    I think there’s a somewhat stronger component of “the elite” just being a hell of a lot less competent than in the past. People have been elevated to positions of power who have no business being in charge of anything at all, and yet here we are with them making decisions about things like shutting down agriculture in Europe.

    In the past, the people in charge would have been far less stupid about issues like that. Questions would have occurred to them, like “Is this globull warmening real…? Do my constituents believe it is…? Can we do this, and still feed people?”, and if the answers to those questions didn’t indicate that proceeding on those lines was politically survivable, they’d have then simply not followed through on them.

    Today’s educated-yet-idiot dolts think they’re saving the world by shutting down agriculture, and proceed accordingly. Never mind the farmers that they’re ruining, or the fact that they won’t be able to feed everyone…

    These are not the elites of the past. They’ve crawled far further up their own asses, and don’t realize that fact. They’ve gotten away with this mostly because of institutional inertia, and on the “stored credit” of past elites, who weren’t quite so incompetent. Once they’ve run through that inertia and credibility, the whole thing is going to blow up in their faces.

    Results of said explosion are yet to be seen. I see the election of Trump in 2016 as a “shot across the bow” of the current elite running things here in the US. What they did in 2020 was essentially the painting over of the pressure gauge and tying the safety valve down, with the expected long-term effects. What the idiots do in 2024 ought to be entertaining, if not actually educational for them.

  • Paul Marks


    The only world leader who seems to have any real independence of mind is the President of Argentina.

    The rest, as you say, just repeat the slogans they are given to repeat. And carry out the policies they are told to carry out.

    Tell them to say “Build Back Better” and to follow Collectivist policies – and they will, and do.

  • Paul Marks

    This does not mean they are lazy Kirk.

    They are like a private soldier who obeys every order and works hard.

    Fair enough, but “not Corporal material – does not think for himself, just blindly does what he is told”.

    Sadly our system has developed in such a way that such people become Presidents and Prime Ministers. They never even speak a thought they are not supposed to speak – they would have been “cancelled” if they thought for themselves and spoke their mind.

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