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I wish this Quote of the Day were less appropriate to the year just gone

“I stayed up last night… Not so much to welcome the new year, but to make sure the old one leaves…”

Ben David, in the comments to the previous post.

Still, hope springs eternal in the human breast. 2024, here we come.

11 comments to I wish this Quote of the Day were less appropriate to the year just gone

  • Bad year, good quote. I have a coffee mug of similar opinion, though not focused on a particular date: It’s been one of those days for three years now. There hasn’t been such a spate of well-said cynicism since H. L. Mencken.

  • Snorri Godhi

    It’s been one of those days for three years now.

    Make it 4 years. And counting.

  • Stuart Noyes

    Will the British people be given their single day of power over our nation state this year? If so, will they return to their own vomit like dogs?

  • Deep Lurker

    “Should auld acquaintance be forgot
    And never brought to mind
    And may the new year suck much less
    Than the last three years combined.”

  • Paul Marks

    As bad as 2023 was – 2024 will be worse.

  • bobby b

    Strangely enough, I find that, during times when I am internet-use-heavy, I become pessimistic and resigned – not so much because of what I am experiencing personally, but because I make myself aware of things I would normally never notice.

    During times when I’m less net-connected, and I can only judge life through what I see myself, I’m much happier and more hopeful for the future.

    You’d think I’d take the hint, but, no, here I remain . . .

  • Roué le Jour

    The only new year I have ever paid attention to was 1970. I mourned the end of the sixties, it’s all been down hill since then.

    As the old Soviet joke goes, this year will be worse than last year, but better than next year, so pretty average.

    Here’s wishing all an oasis of order in a desert of entropy.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    This year will be great! There will be an Australian as Queen of Denmark! If even an Australian can reach that high, us other Australians know there is hope yet!

  • Paul Marks

    bobby b – not all of us live with a couple of hours drive of South Dakota, you got to see a place that said NO to the Covid lockdown, and to much else.

    But I get your point -there is still good in the world, everywhere. One must not just see the evil in the world.

  • Steven R

    “You can have all the same problems you have right down and be face down in a ditch to boot.”
    -My dad

  • BenDavid

    Dear Ruthie:
    A blog I frequent has featured a meme I posted there. But I got the meme from somewhere else. Do I still have to send a thank-you note?
    Confused in Palestine

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