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Samizdata quote of the day – policy based evidence making

The COVID enquiry has been policy based evidence making

– Gawain Towler

9 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – policy based evidence making

  • Mark

    What isn’t these days?

  • John

    In truth they only had to follow the hugely effective blueprint used by the global warming/climate change/settled science behemoth.

  • decnine

    Just been listening to two of the prime offenders on Today. The self-justification is strong with them.

  • john in cheshire

    We are living in a time of perpetual lies. About everything both important and petty.
    And who is the father of lies?
    Know the liar, know who he follows.

  • JJM

    When politicians yammer on about evidence-based policy, they generally neglect to add that they always start with policy-based evidence.

  • Paul Marks

    The “enquiry” is not interested in the truth – other than in covering up, and diverting attention from, the truth.

    The cloth masks were of little use.

    Early Treatments, which could have saved many of the people who died, were systematically smeared – think about that, it is an outrage – many people died who could have been saved by Early Treatments.

    The “lockdowns” did NOT “save lives” – the international “lockdown” policy has done terrible harm.

    The Covid “vaccines” were not very effective – and were certainly not safe.

    The “enquiry” will not tell people any of the above. The “enquiry” is a farce.

  • Kirk

    I honestly can’t think of any “early treatment” that they did. It was all “You’ve got COVID; go home, recover or die…” where I was.

    Even now, the only thing out there is the test, whose accuracy I have to question.

    So, what the hell does “COVID treatment” consist of? Is there anything, besides the usual nostrums for colds and flu? I’ve yet to see it…

    And, to be honest, I think the ventilator strategy they were all up in arms about was a bad idea, something that would drive the virus deeper into the lungs than it would normally get.

  • And, to be honest, I think the ventilator strategy they were all up in arms about was a bad idea…

    Ventilators proved to be disastrous. As for early treatment: there were several ivermectin based early treatment regimens for ‘at risk’ people (the only people who actually needed early treatment as most folk weren’t seriously at risk if they caught Wuhan corona virus). When Trump gave that the thumbs up, naturally it was depreciated by all right thinking people as mere ‘horse medicine’ 😛

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