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“Despite police not revealing the suspected knifeman’s identity or motive”

“Violence in Dublin after five hurt in knife attack” reports the BBC:

There are violent scenes in Dublin after an earlier knife attack in the city centre in which five people were injured
It is not clear exactly what caused the disturbances – involving clashes, and reports of a number of vehicles set on fire

The BBC’s line about it not being clear exactly what caused the disturbances is disingenuous. It is entirely clear what they are rioting about. From the Telegraph:

Violent anti-immigration protesters descended on Dublin city centre on Thursday night after five people were injured in a knife attack outside a school. At least three small children were injured in the attack in the Irish capital, as well as a man and a woman. A five-year-old girl sustained “serious injuries” and was receiving emergency treatment, police said. Despite police not revealing the suspected knifeman’s identity or motive, far-Right thugs emboldened by “misinformation” descended on the streets of the capital, setting fire to a police car, a tram and a double-decker bus, among other vehicles, and throwing fireworks at officers.

The only thing that is not entirely clear is whether the rioters are correct in thinking that the man who stabbed the children and adults is an Algerian migrant, as believed by those replying to this tweet by Micheál Martin, the Tánaiste (the deputy head of the Irish government).

It does not excuse the riots in the least if the rioters are correct to think that the would-be child murderer is any or all of a migrant, legal or illegal, or a Muslim, or from an ethnic minority. But the obfuscation from the Irish authorities and media on this point is making the situation worse.

The usual flashpoint for riots throughout history has been a rumour of crimes committed by a member of Group A against Group B. The riots in the Lozells district of Birmingham in 2005 have been almost forgotten because whites were not involved, but they were a typical example of the type, having been sparked by a completely unsubstantiated story that a black girl had been gang-raped by a group of South Asian men.

Sometimes the rumour is true, sometimes it is not.

If, as in that case, the inciting rumour is not true, the best tool for squelching the false claim and quelling the violence is a trusted press, taking the term “press” in a wider sense than just newspapers. If the rumour is true, the best tool for quelling the violence is still a trusted press. It can do things like publicising condemnations of the crime from leaders of the group to which the perpetrator belongs. What a pity that Ireland, like much of the Western World, no longer has a trusted press because it no longer has a trustworthy press.

It’s not “Despite police not revealing the suspected knifeman’s identity or motive, far-Right thugs emboldened by “misinformation” descended on the streets of the capital”, it’s a damn sight closer to “Because of police not revealing the suspected knifeman’s identity or motive, far-Right thugs emboldened by “misinformation” descended on the streets of the capital”. If the official sources of information won’t do their jobs, don’t be surprised when people turn to unofficial sources instead.


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33 comments to “Despite police not revealing the suspected knifeman’s identity or motive”

  • Steven R

    Diversity is our strength.

  • Kirk

    Have a look at what they’re looting and burning, and then ask yourself if this is an Astroturf riot, or genuine “groundswell” of sentiment…

    I have my doubts, from what I’ve seen so far.

    If I was sitting at my desk, still doing intel threat analysis? My first question would be “Why are they seemingly leaving the likely targets alone… And, going after these others?”

    Now, consider just how much of the dislocation and “refugee” problem in Europe stems from Russian/Iranian action in Syria, Ukraine, and Africa.

    I’d have questions and taskings for the intel collectors, were I doing the analysis on this one.

  • bobby b

    “It does not excuse the riots in the least if the rioters are correct . . .”


    Why should the other side get all the rioting fun? I’m becoming convinced that we will always lose if we’re constantly concerned over proprieties but the other sides have no such concern, especially when our civil authorities agree with them and let them – nay, encourage them to – riot.

    If our pols are going to let the Hamas-scum riot, then I’m sure as hell going to riot right back.

    Done being polite and proper. Done “keeping peace.” Now into winning.

  • Colli

    Why should the other side get all the rioting fun?

    These guys are the other side though. They do not value the lives or property of others. They surely are not libertarians.

    Done being polite and proper. Done “keeping peace.” Now into winning.

    The people whose buildings you are burning are unlikely to become sympathetic to your cause.

  • Roué le Jour

    The people whose buildings you are burning are unlikely to become sympathetic to your cause.

    The aim of rioting is to pressure the government, not make friends.

  • Is it only “disinformation” until the motive is revealed? Then what?

    What if being Algerian had nothing to do with this? and the townsfolk are angry with the culprit having done this to appease his islamic overseers?

    and of course, Palestine. That seems to be in the news of late.

  • Mr Ed

    The police have arrested a suspect, but have an open mind as to his motive and no one seems to know his identity, but they have given away that he is a man.

    The rioters are still active and at a point when they have not been arrested, the police have already discerned their motives.

    Of course, the rioters damage property of bystanders and do not go for any specific target, it seems.

  • DiscoveredJoys

    Being coy about the ethnicity or motivation of a killer or rampager.
    Car fire reports not mentioning if the source of the fire was an EV car.
    Advertisers showing many more mixed race couples than are present in the population.
    Ethnically enriched casts in historical plays, or TV.
    Social Justice concerns driving scientific research and reporting.

    It’s not just any media, it’s Woke Approved Media(tm).

  • At the risk of sounding evil, it would amuse me greatly if the IRA and the Ulster Defense Force decided to make common cause against the Jihadis. Nothing better calculated to bring peace and amity between two foes like a common enemy they decide that they hate even more. 😄

  • John

    Yesterday a considerable amount of anger greeted the release of the UK’s net immigration figures for 2022 (where the initial estimate understated the total by a truly astounding amount) and 2023 with the latter year indicating a “reduced”figure still equal to slightly over 1% of the population.

    By comparison during the 12 months to April 2023 the Irish population increased by 97,600 or 1.85% of population. There were 112,000 immigrants, not including returning Irish citizens, which equates to 2.12% of population. That’s a damned fast rate of replacement.

    However it seems the Irish are rather less tolerant that us when their children get attacked by, allegedly, foreigners in their own country.

    To quote The Specials “People getting Angry”.

    Meanwhile the Irish and world media, along with the shameful Garda following the example of the Met, gaslight us with “the real story” which is of course those evil white far-righters.

  • Colli

    The aim of rioting is to pressure the government, not make friends.

    I do not really think that most of the rioters went out with the purpose of pressuring the government. I do not know this, of course, but it seems to me like looting your local Foot Locker would be a rather ineffective way to do that. To me, it just seems like plain opportunism.

    I would say the same about the BLM rioters. Some of them might have been trying to achieve some political goal, but a the reason most of them rioted was because they could.

  • JohnM

    Similarly in France. A group of youths had a party in a village; along come a gang from a nearby town and are refused entry. The come back shouting, Kill the whites”.

    Result; one village boy killed and several injured. The gendarmes find and arrest the gang, but refuse to give their prenoms (which would give an idea of their nationality).

    It is believed that they are North African – some with French citizenship.

  • Martin

    There’s a pattern in the modern west.

    When the suspect of a crime is white or Christian or suspected to be politically on the right (however one defines that), the identity and believed motive will be publicised ASAP.

    So when the cops are keeping such details closer to heart, we can guess the suspect is non-white, possibly Islamic, probably leftist.

  • lucklucky

    Strange how journalists did not called it an “Activist Protests” like they do for violent riots by the Left.

    This is one more data point evidence that journalists are engineering the use of the “extremist” tag only for the right and “activist” tag is the privilege for the left.

  • John

    We are getting close to the stage where the word knife is considered racist.

    Before long the media will merely refer to “weapons”.

  • DiscoveredJoys


    They will say ‘ISD’ meaning Improvised Stabbing Device to try and remove the immediacy of the violence. On behalf of the right thinking people, of course.

  • Colli

    According to this study of reporting of knife crimes from 2011 to 2021 (table 3), newspapers do not generally publish the race of the perpetrator of knife crimes. When they did, about 40% of the time they published the race as white. According to table 11 in these datasets, which gives the race of the perpetrators of knife crimes from 2012 to 2022, around 63% of “homicides with sharp instruments” were committed by whites.

    So, it does not seem like newspapers disproportionately publish the race of the perpetrator of knife crimes when the when the perpetrator is white, unless white people commit homicides with knives proportionally more than other kinds of knife crimes. They may publish it later though.

  • Roué le Jour

    It really doesn’t matter what you do, set fire to a police car, steal a tv, raid a Micky D’s, the point is to breach the peace and make the government take notice that you are seriously pissed off.

    My view is that Western governments are locked into a kind of “Ideological Runaway” and won’t stop untill they are made to. Electing colourful right wingers won’t achieve much unless they happen to have a large gang with the same taste in shirts to back them up.

  • APL

    No doubt, this is a ‘glowie’ event. Sponsored by the Democratic ‘deep state’, AKA CIA, in much the same way as the Insulate Britain demonstrations are, or the London Bridge murderous rampage of Usman Khan was – another guy ‘known to the security services’, who just sat on their arses. And just like the January 6th ‘insurrection’, aka Democratic ‘deep state’ ( in this case FBI ) sponsored coup d’etat, which we now know was too.

  • AFT

    @bobby b

    I’m Irish and I live in Dublin. The people doing the rioting and looting last night were not much different to people who riot and loot everywhere – a small group of ‘activists’ and a much larger group of hangers-on who just came along for an opportunity to grab a few pairs of branded sneakers. Importantly, they were also precisely the type of people that I have learned to be wary of when I find myself in parts of the city: what we call ‘skangers’ or the English call ‘chavs’. There seems to be a niche in pretty much every Western society for a particular type of feral, predatory young male. In Ireland, that niche has traditionally been filled by whites because traditionally we didn’t really have anyone else to fill it. And whites are still the overwhelming majority of those occupying that niche. So you should disabuse yourself of any notion that this was some sort of righteous uprising by decent people who’d been heretofore peaceful and restrained.

    There will be a lot of questions being asked in the coming days and a lot of people wondering how it all got out of hand like this but if there’s one organisation that should be worried, it’s Sinn Féin. They’ve grown their support base in recent years, sure, but the core demographic that they’re building on is the ‘hard man’, frequently welfare-dependent (ex-)working class. And on immigration they’re completely out of step with that demographic. A poll I saw a few months ago showed that anti-immigration sentiment correlated more strongly with support for Sinn Féin than with support for any other party that actually has any seats in the parliament.

  • Paul Marks

    Criminals have taken advantage of the situation to riot and loot.

    In spite of the anti mass immigration political parties (such as the Irish Freedom Party) condemning the rioting and looting, the media and the police (yes the Irish police get the same far left Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, training that the British police do) are busy smearing these “far right” parties as being responsible for the rioting and looting.

    The establishment pretend to be shocked by the rioting and looting, but are really gloating about it – as it gives them the perfect opportunity to smear the anti mass immigration political parties before the elections next year.

    Short version – these events are bad news.

  • Mr Ed

    AFT very interesting, thank you.

    Sinn Fein‘ means ‘ourselves’ (implicitly ‘alone’), but of course, the party has moved with the times, and it no longer seems to be in a Garbo-esque frame of mind.

    So is there a gap in the Irish political market? It’s about time to leave the Civil War behind.

  • bobby b

    November 24, 2023 at 2:29 am

    “The people whose buildings you are burning are unlikely to become sympathetic to your cause.”

    I can only judge by what I’ve seen. I watched as BLM and its cohorts rioted across Minneapolis when Floyd died. They burned down businesses, homes, and one complete police precinct station. Lives were lost. The city was shut down for a week. Businesses are still fleeing the area.

    And, in response, the voters of Minneapolis, and the State of Minnesota, have been falling over themselves to give the rioters exactly what they wanted. New programs, more money, and the city councils of Minneapolis and its sister city St. Paul just went from progressive to pure socialist in the election a few weeks ago. (This is the land of US Rep Ilhan Omar, remember.

    So, my conclusion is, rioting and destruction and violence WORK. The rioters were making no one happy at the time – but shortly thereafter, the rioters got everything they demanded, and more. Perhaps it’s more important to be feared than to be loved?

    What’s happening in Ireland looks awful. I bet no one is “happy” with the rioters. And I’ll also bet that immigration policy starts to change after this, with fewer people let in. Coincidence.

  • tfourier

    Given how hard the Irish media are trying to suppress the story it looks like the perp is an Algerian national who had a Deportation Order in 2003, successfully challenged in the High Court so given residency by 2008. The “has Irish Passport” angle is the straight 5 year residency scam. He was recently arrested for illegal possession of knife with intent but the courts did nothing.

    As for the riots it was pretty minor by French or BLM standards. Or Irish Republican riots both sides of the Border. The people doing the initial burning/ smashing of windows mostly looked like casseurs / Black Bloc types. And as these people have been deliberately provoking violence at recent peaceful “Immigration Control” demos and nothing violent happened until nightfall, many hours after the stabbing, its 100% certain the escalation was deliberately done by left wing agent provocateurs. They have form in Dublin. As they do in the US. The Portland and Berkeley ones have been pulling these stunts since the 1990’s.

  • Colli

    And, in response, the voters of Minneapolis, and the State of Minnesota, have been falling over themselves to give the rioters exactly what they wanted.

    You have said the the city and state officials supported the riots. It makes sense that they would want what the rioters supposedly wanted, because that is why they supported the rioters. Assuming the city and state officials are representative of the voters, it make sense that the voters would vote these things in too.

    Where the city and state officials do not support the riots (i.e. where it is an actual protest against some government policy), the outcome may be different. The result may be that they do what they should do: crack down on the rioters. In fact, they may go even further and crack down on the perceived group of people doing the rioting. I read that the PM of Ireland is now going to introduce hate speech laws. This is what I mean.

  • bobby b

    Colli, I understand what you’re saying, and I agree with you intellectually, but I doubt that it’s deniable that violent rioting has been a very profitable tactic for the left – in spite of the rational reasons why it shouldn’t be.

    Plus, I’m pissed off. Derek Chauvin just got knifed in prison, and I’m thinking that, if he dies, we ought to just burn down the other side of Minneapolis.

  • Bruce

    “…a trusted press…”

    Well, there’s yer problem, right there!

  • Colli

    Plus, I’m pissed off. Derek Chauvin just got knifed in prison, and I’m thinking that, if he dies, we ought to just burn down the other side of Minneapolis.

    I think this also relates to the topic of “prison justice” which was discussed recently. The law should be impartial and consistent. It should rule based on what actions have been committed, and dole out punishments accordingly. There is a reason that scales are a symbol of justice: they are objective.
    We have juries which review evidence, and determine their verdict. Yet what do we have in “prison justice”? Effectively, a second jury, who does not review evidence, and is composed of the lowest members of society. We sentence people, and throw them in, like to piranhas.

    I do not think anyone could have thought that a cop put in with a bunch of criminals was going to come out alive, or at least not severely injured. I am surprised it took this long.

    This is especially outrageous because, as stated in the coroner’s report (which was available in 2020, before he ever went to jail), George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose. He could not breathe because his lungs were filling with fluid.

    I understand the urge to riot, but I feel it will not help anything. It will just destroy the lives of innocent people and cause the government to attack those who may sympathize with the cause of the rioters.

    Of course, what would happen if Derek Chauvin was freed? There would be riots. Not because he was unjustly held in prison and attacked with a knife, but because he is believed to have done something wrong, which he did not do. There would be little government opposition to these riots though, because the government supports them.

    It is certainly a sad situation.

  • Martin

    “…a trusted press…”

    As Auron MacIntyre says ‘You don’t have journalists enough. You think you do but you don’t’.

  • Kirk

    Rioting is the same thing as terrorism; if you resort to that, it should automatically discredit your sainted “cause”. Giving in to rioters or terrorists is exactly identical to “giving in” to your toddler when they throw a tantrum wanting whatever trivial thing it is they’re whinging over.

    In a sane world, you’d take the criminal prisoners out of jail that the hostage-takers demand freedom for, and execute them in cold blood right in front of the cameras, while saying “So? This is how we respond to blackmail…” while simultaneously informing the rest of your prison population that all they will get if someone takes a hostage to free them is a bullet in the back of the skull.

    Nasty? Unpleasant? Inhumane? All of those. But, if you want that behavior to cease, if you want to see an end to terrorism, that’s how you respond to this crap.

    I’m pretty sure that Vlad Tepes would have placed the prisoners demanded by the barbarians on skewers, and filmed the ensuing results for broadcast.

    And, that it would have worked.

    You don’t answer barbarism with “civilized conduct” if you want the barbarism to end. Sad truth, that… If you want the horror to end, you have to be more horrible. Law of the jungle, and all the rest.

    Nothing else will get through to the assholes. I’m of the opinion that if the Israelis really, truly wanted peace? Then, they’d be ritually and horrifically torturing those prisoners they’re releasing to death, in front of cameras, while saying “Yeah? You want these killers back? The ones we tried in a court of law, with fair trials, and who you celebrated for killing innocents..? Sure, you can have them back… In pieces.”

    This whole “civilized” affair ain’t going to end well. At. All.

    I venture to predict defeat for the Israelis, long-term. All their “civilized” and “decent” behavior will net them is more barbarism, more dead innocents.

    At least, until someone worse than Netanyahu, with more balls and less inhibitions winds up in charge. Then, you’ll see some true horror lined up and brought into existence, likely including actual genocide.

    I fear the Gazan Arabs aren’t going to let it stop, short of that. Idiots.

  • John

    3 days have now passed.

    Stabbing? What stabbing?

    Now let’s talk about those right-wing extremists.

  • GregWA

    Didn’t we all make a deal a few millennia ago: you forego stealing from or killing me and I’ll do the same. Then we hired folks to enforce this and make a few more agreements on our behalf.

    It seems to me that for some time now, the other side, government, has broken this deal, so my God given rights give me full leave to steal, kill, do anything I want to whoever I want. Right?

    And bobby b, if Chauvin dies, I’ll bring the gasoline! Actually, I’m a chemist, so we can do better than gasoline!

  • Kirk

    The idiot-powers-that-be think they can successfully obfuscate the truth, for as long as they want. I don’t think they realize that their credibility is like a bank account, and they’ve already gone into an overdraft situation.

    There will come a point, an incident, one that inflames everyone conceivable, about something they actually care about enough to make them join in on mob action. At that point, the whole calculation set they’ve been making will no longer be valid, because they’ve no credibility to draw on. At that point, regardless of what the actual truth of the event might be, the whole thing will blow up past the point of suppression or recovery, and it’ll be “Timisoara, USA”.

    Their arrogance and certainty will be what kills all of us, in this regard. It’s been so long since the US has had to deal with genuine civil unrest that the governing idiots have grown complacent and very over-confident about their ability to cope with it all. They think (and, you can tell this by how they conceive of the NRA and other actual grass-roots citizen movements…) that everything is Astroturf, all the time, and that there are no such things as real public groundswells or people doing things absent some agitator stirring them up.

    January 6th was a put-up job by the people who run things behind the scenes. The problem is, they think everything is just like that, and all they have to do is gain control of the “movement”. The problem comes when the actual movement is diffuse, and has no organizing head as they conceive.

    It’s a lot like the US and its constant search for the supposed headquarters for the VC, COSVN. The US presupposed that it was some big deal like the US MACV headquarters, but the reality was that no such thing really existed as they conceived of it. God alone knows how many bombs were dropped on the empty jungles trying to take the damn thing out, but there you go. You template your enemy off what you know, and if you’ve got a huge headquarters element, then they must have one, too…

    Classic error, that. And, it’s one that the regime has fallen into. They’re worried about some competitive element such as they represent, and the actual reality is that their real opponents are a few hundred thousand people who’re watching what is going on, are becoming disgusted, and who will likely react very poorly when things go really kinetic.

    What is going on here is analogous to how the American Revolution came about in the first place; you had tons of good will on the sides of the Loyalists, but the Crown handled things with extraordinary ineptitude, and drove most if not all of the “lazy middle” into the arms of the extremists. Had someone in the British government bothered to pay attention to the grievances, and actually looked at conditions on the ground? Then, made some justifiable concessions? The US would never have happened, and we’d likely still have the British Empire’s successor (or, whatever actually ensued…) running the vast majority of North America today.

    The so-called “elite” here in the US seems hell-bent on recreating those same circumstances, and I can’t see it ending well.