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Samizdata quote of the day – poisonous agendas

“If nothing else, we have learnt how poisonous the decolonisation agenda is.”

Daniel Hannan, Sunday Telegraph (£), 15 October.

4 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – poisonous agendas

  • lucklucky

    Much more vast than that. It starts with leftist journalists (almost all of journalists). Journalism are the priests of Political religion. Politics being the only thing people still believe in West and don’t ceases to expand to all aspect of live. Journalists are who says what is good, what is bad. When you see the news you are effectively going to a church.
    So they are the persons in a position that can defend a murderous attack against civilians. Which they do.

    Then goes to language.
    Notice how no journalist asks how many Palestinians lives Iron Dome saved?
    Notice how no journalists says that Geneva convention have been violated every time they show launch of rockets against Israeli cities?
    Notice how no journalists asks for Hamas leaders in Qatar to be detained?

  • “If nothing else, we have learnt how poisonous the decolonisation agenda is.”

    The use of “Decolonisation” by the usual suspects is a code-word for “exterminating white people”, in this case Jews.

    Adolf would be proud that his poisonous legacy still has traction amongst the useful idiots of the world.

    * – Feel free to deduct points for my deliberate Godwin.

  • Paul Marks

    John Galt – the left do not really care what skin colour someone has, they hate black “Reactionaries” just as much as white ones. Nor do black Jews in Israel get a pass. Their “anti racism” is fake – as you say. But their hatred is not just for white people.

    As for “decolonisation” as so often with words the left use – it means the opposite of what it says. For example, in Britain it means streets being renamed after foreigners, statues being raised to the murderers of British people (by Mayor Khan – who Central Office think is a wonderful person), and British writers and other historical figures either being lied about by the education system, or just removed entirely – in short “decolonisation” is really colonisation – and a very vicious form of colonisation.

  • Runcie Balspune

    Interestingly, “colonialism” is a term only directed at Western or western-leaning countries, the fact that most of the Middle East today, including the Levant, is Islamic Arab is down to invasion and colonalisation during the 8th century by the Arab Islamic empire.

    The establishment of Israel was, in effect, a decolonisation project, returning the land to its original inhabitants away from the invaders (Romans, Arabs, Ottomans, British, etc).

    I suppose you could argue this all happened a very long time ago, but where do you stop, the volume of historical and scriptural evidence acknowledges who the original people were, why does it suddenly all get reset in 1948?