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Intersectionality in today’s NHS

Dr Wahid Asif Shaida has worked as an NHS doctor for a practice in Harrow for more than twenty years. He is described as having a senior role at the surgery as a mentor and trainer for recently-qualified doctors.

Remember the Hizb ut-Tahrir member who led the chant for jihad the other day?

Same guy.

London jihad demo leader is NHS doctor: Islamic extremist’s double life as a suburban GP is exposed

The firebrand leader of an extremist Islamic group that called for ‘jihad’ at an anti-Israel protest works as an NHS GP under a different name, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

As head of Hizb ut-Tahrir in the UK, Abdul Wahid celebrated the barbaric Hamas terror attacks that slaughtered 1,400 Jewish men, women and children earlier this month as a ‘very welcome punch on the nose’ to Israel.

But he has also spent more than 20 years practising as a family doctor under his real name, Dr Wahid Asif Shaida.

20 comments to Intersectionality in today’s NHS

  • Doctors are supposed to make human life better. He just believes Jews aren’t human, and exterminating them will make life better.

  • Steven R

    Diversity is our strength. Never forget that.

  • TMLutas

    The article states that Hizb ut Tahrir does not recognize the validity of UK law. I can’t imagine that the UK runs its healthcare without legal contracts obligating doctors to certain mandatory standards of behavior to maintain the relationship. If that is the case, so long as he does not recognize UK law, I would say he’s not fit to hold a position in the NHS.

  • I’m sure they have such laws – but do they enforce them? Odds are, only if the doctor uses the wrong pronouns.

  • Stuart Noyes

    An eye for an eye. A punch on the nose for a punch on the nose.

    Hamas just love to slaughter Jews knowing they will just slaughter their own people. Both are worthless I guess and for what. What will Hamas have achieved?

  • bobby b

    “What will Hamas have achieved?”

    Huge worldwide demonstrations supporting it. Renewed and increased aid money. Its claims once again the subject of the world’s attentions. A newly-rebuilt internal level of social cohesion and commitment to the cause. A cementing of Hamas’s leadership as the actual leadership of Gaza.

    It’s the same set of accomplishments that Hamas achieves every time it decides to murder Israelis. Each time it decides that the world is losing interest, it does something monstrous, and each time, it is rewarded with sympathy and support. We are training them to act this way, just as we train attack dogs.

    The only way to change this pattern – aside from wiping out Gaza completely – will be to make the average Gazan hate and reject Hamas and what Hamas has done to them. Only when they recognize how badly they’ve been used will they begin to heal and have a chance at life.

  • lucklucky

    Impossible with today journalism.

  • GregWA

    bobby b, re your point, “aside from wiping out Gaza completely”, I’d say not wipe out Gaza but wipe out Hamas and all Arab threats.

    Once and for all.

    Whatever it takes.

    I’ve read analysis (online so must be true!) that says each time there’s such a confrontation with Islam, when we leave 90+% of the terrorists alive after the encounter, they view it as a success. That’s what needs to change. Kill 90+% of the jihadists. I’m sympathetic to that logic. There is then also no next generation to take on their father’s poisonous culture.


  • Kirk

    The root of the problem here is that Western technology and industry gave the tools of the 20th and 21st Century to a bunch of animals whose highest cultural achievements peaked sometime in the 9th Century.

    You can harp all you like about the “high civilization” of medieval Islam, but the raw fact of that achievement was built on what they’d looted from older, more sophisticated cultures that they eventually turned into wreckage. Where, pray tell, are the Persian poets of today? What high civilization is extant, where Islam reaches? It’s all fundamentalist superstition and petty hatred ginned up in their madrassahs.

    Islam has always been and always will be a religion of vandals. Look what they did all across the Middle East; when the Romans and Persians ran things in that region, Syria was a breadbasket and Anatolia was, as well. Richest provinces in the Roman Empire. The “Fertile Crescent” was indeed a fertile land of wonders; the Arab desert-dwelling barbarians came in, and turned all that agriculture into what they understood best: Wasteland.

    Same-same everywhere they have power. They wreck, they destroy, they ruin.

    And, our genius leadership decided to gift them with the full range of modern industry and weaponry. Smart move, that.

    When they’re writing about this era, if there is anyone to do so in a few hundred years, the biggest point they’re going to make is how we were so damn stupid. Islam is a mind-virus of primitivism, and it will destroy everything about modern civilization that makes it worthwhile, taking over its trappings and tools to create another long Dark Age of superstition and perversion.

    About the smartest thing we could do with the whole mess is start off by doing what the Chinese have been doing with the Uyghur. I don’t like it, I think it’s horrible, but… Either you resort to the ugliness of the re-education camp, or you get submerged in a sea of primitivism such as you’re seeing in all these major cities.

    And believe me, after they’re done with the Jews, everyone else is next. I’m not even sure conversion is going to save your asses, this time.

    It is really discouraging to observe the idiocy of our leadership that’s brought this about. Can anyone tell me why the hell they thought it was a good idea to import millions of these thuggish primitives? To encourage them to breed in our own nations? To turn over entire cities to them, because London isn’t any longer an English city, it’s a center of Islam.

    Ah, well… Looked like a good idea at the time, to Labor. Get a new electorate; the old one demands too much. Wonder how many of their leaders will survive the coming purges?

  • APL

    Back in the ’80s a regular drinking partner and, I think friend, had two names and, at least two passports ( the second he told me about was Pakistani ) and was adept at working the system to his advantage.

    I have since learned, he isn’t the only foreign national at that game.

  • Stuart Noyes

    I think you have a handle on them. I’ve vaguely been aware of things happening in the past but not taken much notice.

    I’d say a wider community needs to hate Hamas. The entire Islamic world. Yet I guess their hatred of Jews prevents the penny dropping.

  • Paul Marks

    Doctor Shaida appears to be part of the Islamic mainstream – it must be remembered that Muhammed called people who claimed to be followers of Islam, but did not support the subjugation of infidels (NOT just Jews – ALL infidels) “hypocrites” and ruled (as a matter of law) that such “hypocrites” be executed.

    What is weird is not Doctor Shaida, but, rather, the bizarre Frankfurt School (ironically founded by people from Jewish families – although now dominated by people who have no Jewish ancestry) interpretation of Marxism that holds that followers of Islam are a victim group – a “marginalised and vulnerable group” that is “exploited and oppressed” by Western “capitalist” society.

    It is also utterly mad that the Western institutions, such as the National Health Service, are influenced by any interpretation of Marxism – or any other political and cultural doctrine.

    This “intersectional” Marxist doctrine that a health service (and everything else) should be about combatting, “racism”, “sexism”, “transphobia”, “Islamophobia” and-so-on is both mad and evil – yes evil, because it distracts a health service from what should be its sole aim – healing the sick.

  • jgh

    “The Fertile Crescent”. Yes, when I read the Bible in school I was so puzzled by all those references to the Hebrews migrating to Canaan because it was a “land of milk and honey”. Yerwot???? Have you never actually *LOOKED* at the place? It’s a barren wasteland. I’ve seen the place on the TV and photos from when my great-uncle was in the Mandate Police Force, I know what the place is like. Why TF are people fighting over a post-apocolyptic wasteland?

  • NickM

    Paul, it is a little more nuanced than that. When Muslims are not in control then it is permissible to rub along with the rest as a temporary measure… Muhammed was a great strategist. Hence all that “People of the Book” stuff.

    The only way to change this pattern – aside from wiping out Gaza completely – will be to make the average Gazan hate and reject Hamas and what Hamas has done to them. Only when they recognize how badly they’ve been used will they begin to heal and have a chance at life.

    How do you propose to do that? Because I have no idea.

  • SteveD

    How many of his patients did he murder?

  • SteveD

    What will Hamas have achieved?

    What else? It’s a death cult.

  • APL


    How many of his patients did he murder?

    But but, the reforms brought in after the Dr Shipman affair, made sure none of thattm goes on.

  • Paul Marks

    NickM – correct, quite so. Muhammed was a political and military leader of genius – he would not have supported a violent Muslim rising when Muslims are a small minority and facing a strong society, but a weak society filled with self doubt (and with corrupted institutions) can indeed by “nudged” into making concessions to the forces of Islam – till the numbers of followers of Islam are sufficient for a full take over.

    As for the modern “Critical Theory” (“Woke”) interpretation of Marxism that holds that Muslims are a victim group, a “marginalised and vulnerable” group who one should be forbidden to criticise – as such opposition to Islam would “harm” these “marginalised and vulnerable” people – well the Marxists may live to regret this, as Islam will not just vanish when the last remnants of “capitalist society” are destroyed. Islam is an ancient and powerful civilisation – Marxism is clown show, yet the Marxists assume that once the “Capitalist West” is destroyed the future will be Marxism, they have no good reasons for that assumption. So their de facto alliance with the forces of Islam may not turn out to be the “Woke” Marxists using the followers of Islam, but rather the followers of Islam using the “Woke” Marxists.

    Lastly we have the endless Westerners who try and explain away everything as a “perversion” or “misinterpretation” of Islam – supposedly invented by the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood or some other person.

    Well it is NOT just leftists who do this – many conservatives do the same thing. It is utter nonsense – it is not a “perversion” or “misinterpretation” of Islam, it is what Muhammed taught and what he personally did, and what his followers continued to do over the centuries.

    But the nonsense that the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (or some other person) created a “perversion” or “misinterpretation” of Islam, and that what we see in the world (for example in Israel on October 7th) is this “perversion” or “misinterpretation” of Islam, is comforting nonsense – so this idea is incredibly powerful nonsense.

    “You evil bigot – you are trying to create religious war!” is the response one is likely to get just by pointing what Muhammed taught, and what he personally did, and what his followers (logically enough) have continued to do over the centuries. It is so much nicer to pretend to one’s self that any attack is a “perversion” or “misinterpretation” of Islam.

    Sadly any effort to tell people the truth results, in the United Kingdom and many other Western countries, in the PUNISHMENT of the person trying to tell the truth – not punishment by Muslims, but rather punishment by Westerners (including many conservatives) who are totally committed to explaining away everything as a “perversion” or “misinterpretation” of Islam.

    Hence the misguided Afghan and Iraq wars (which were based on the assumption that the general population were just like Westerners – but were being oppressed by small groups who had “perverted” or “misinterpreted” their “peaceful religion”) – and the whole fantasy that the problem is “small groups of extremists”. Such people also think that the current problem is just “Hamas” – and that getting rid of this group would mean peace.

    Islam is a powerful system of thought that has been in existence for some 14 centuries – it is a great civilisation. It is NOT just the West with different rituals – it is a different (and opposed) set of principles. And “I know lots of…. and they are very nice” totally misses the point.

  • Penseivat

    Islam is a religion of hatred. Their ideology is, if, or when, they rid the world of one section of society, they will start on the next, and so on, until there are only Muslims, apart from the castrated male slaves, and female sex slaves they have allowed to live. Then they will turn on each other. Sharia, against Sunni, against Shiite, until there in only one branch of Islam. At some point they will realise their civilisation depends on the progress of others and they will slowly die out.

  • Paul Marks


    After 14 centuries there are more followers of Islam than there have ever been, and they are a higher percentage of the population of the world than they have ever been.

    Marxism is a clown show – yes it has killed more than a hundred million people, but it is based on absurd “contradictions” (to use a word Marxists love to use about their enemies) that will eventually destroy it – even the People’s Republic of China with its private farming and private industry – that is in direct violation of Marxist doctrine, you can NOT (for ever) praise Mao (even have pictures of him on Chinese money) and violate his most basic Marxist doctrines – the contradictions in the PRC grow ever wider.

    But Islam is NOT a clown show – there is nothing in the teachings or life of Muhammed that does not “work” in a practical way.

    It may be very brutal – but 14 centuries shows that it works.