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Samizdata quote of the day – the totalitarian takeover

Of course, if we stop burning fossil fuels society will collapse. Yet this is what our leaders are determined to do. Their radical stupidity tends toward totalitarian measures, leading to total destruction. Such is the nature of today’s ruling elites (who believe in cutting back fossil fuel use). Andrew Lobaczewski, who described the psychologically abnormal profile of the totalitarian politician, warned that many people spend their lives under the influence of abnormal personalities. Lobaczewski wrote, “When I explained … that they had been under the influence of a psychologically abnormal person for years, accepting her delusional world as real and participating (with perceived honor) in her vindictiveness … the shock temporarily stifled their indignation.”

J.R. Nyquist

8 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – the totalitarian takeover

  • Stonyground

    Greta Thunberg? Or, if not who is he referring to?

  • Bruce

    When does the “Triple “S” rule start applying?

  • Greta Thunberg? Or, if not who is he referring to?

    No one famous. Source article referred to is here.

  • APL

    “Of course, if we stop burning fossil fuels society will collapse.”

    I blame Thatcher, she attacked (‘reformed’) the legal system giving us little shits like Phillip Shiner, and ignored the Marxists in the educational system – which were apparent when I went through the certificate mill, my personal experience of a middle class twerp straight out of teacher training college, trying to agitate among the working class.

    Consequently, almost nobody leaves the State education system with a basic grasp of thermodynamics. Leading to the stupidity of green energy and swallowing Greta Thunberg’s bilge whole.

  • NickM

    I’m entirely state educated and I was very good at thermodynamics and bloody brilliant at statistical mechanics which is much the same only somewhat more mathematically abstract.

    Green energy isn’t stupid because of a lack of a grasp of thermodynamics. I mean, partly it is but it is really stupid because it is driven not by economics or energy but by ideology.

  • APL

    NickM: “I’m entirely state educated and I was very good at thermodynamics and bloody brilliant at statistical mechanics …. ”

    Perhaps your individual experience might be leavened by a natural aptitude that others don’t have.

    Citing the linked article, we’ve one of the most costly public education systems in the world, yet by GCSE level, only one fifth are functionally numerate.

    I don’t think your individual case refutes my proposed general case. Yet.

  • Kirk

    I think we can safely say that education across the entire West has been dangerously dumbed-down and made “ideologically pure” more than anything else.

    The average person leaves a four-year college with only a smattering of basic science information and math having been imparted to them. Most are innumerate; nearly all are ignorant of basic scientific facts or processes, but they’ve been inculcated with a reverence for the Science that’s well past the boundaries of rational thought and well into outright superstition. They’ve been conditioned to believe anything pronounced by the white lab-coated types, no matter how ridiculous. It’s a state religion, at this point.

    The media doesn’t help, either, parroting everything they’ve been told by those same lab-coated prophets. Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos ought to serve as a marker; she convinced society’s elite of things that a first-year lab tech working in your local hospital would have looked at and gone “Ain’t no damn way that works…”

    The real problem is that the average education sucks, across the board. The people doing the teaching don’t like being questioned, so they support and maintain a system of unquestioned and unquestionable belief.

    It extends out past just the science, as well: Look at the latest and greatest scandal, that of Russell Brand. Note how he’s being tried in the court of public opinion, never mind the facts. Same as Kevin Spacey; the process is for the flock of nattering halfwits to mark out the victim in the flock, and then every chicken piles on to abuse it until it dies. And, then they pick another one…

    No brief for either Brand or Spacey, but the observed pattern to the way they’ve been gone after is both obvious and disturbing. Where’s the evidence? Did anyone ever think that either Brand or Spacey was anything other than an alpha-male slut that got away with sexual excess because they were “cool”? Why the sudden shift in reaction? When Brand was on top and “with the crowd”, everyone watched what he was doing and just laughed “Oh, that Russell Brand… What a guy!!! How does he get away with it?”

    Looking around, I’m amazed we ever got out of the trees. Bunch of freakin’ monkeys flinging poo at the universe, we are.

  • Paul Marks.

    Let us imagine for a moment (for the sake of argument) that this international movement was really about C02 emissions.

    If that were the case local manufacturing would be prized – as importing stuff from China increases world C02 emissions.

    And many new nuclear power stations would be built in the United States, Germany and so on – again to reduce C02 emissions.

    Instead – the international elite, including the Corporate elite (look who the Corporations support in California and elsewhere), has undermined Western manufacturing with taxes and regulations – in order to move production to China and other Asian countries (which increases C02 emissions),

    And they have worked to CLOSE DOWN nuclear power stations – which, increases, C02 emissions.

    This international movement, at least at the top (elite) level, is not about reducing C02 emissions.