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The Climate Scam is on manoeuvres

I haven’t trusted a word the BBC says about much for several decades, but I do remember a time when at least weather reports could be taken at face value.

Now I don’t even know if they are lying about that. Turns out many of the breathless inferno weather reports from southern Europe were being drastically overstated, sometimes by as much as 10 degrees!

Make no mistake, the “nudge unit” is at work, spreading its statist bullshit far and wide.

28 comments to The Climate Scam is on manoeuvres

  • Kirk

    Do note the flim-flammery when they change the definitions on you… Most of the recent breathless “Hottest year on record!!!!” BS failed to mention that they’d changed the definition from “temperature taken 2m above surface” to “surface itself”.

    If you bother to ever read the actual reports and data, past the breathless panic-mongering headlines and lede paragraphs, you’ll find a lot less substance to their claims. If you also stop to analyze the oddity that these same sources were selling “Coming Ice Age” back fifty years ago, using the same data, and that the solution was the same, giving total control and authority to the technocratic elite, who just happen to be climate scientists…?

    Yeah. You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe any of it.

    I think there are a lot of bad things that humans are doing to the climate, things nobody is talking about. However, comma, the whole CO2 scam ain’t one of them. I’d be a hell of a lot more worried about the dearth of insect life out in the biome, which is observably lower than in my childhood. I know for a fact that something has changed, and that nobody is talking about it. Where cleaning bugs off the windshield and body of the family car was a constant chore, back in the day, today it’s hardly worth the bother. Something has gone on, and nobody talks about it; my suspicion is that there has been excessive use of insecticides out in the world, and because of that, we’re doing some serious damage that’s going to manifest in unexpected ways. Mosquitoes are a pain in the ass, but they provide food for birds and other animals that are all part of our food web…

    Ain’t nobody paying attention to any of that, from what you see in the mass media. It’s all “climate change”, when the reality is that we’re well within the boundaries of natural cyclic variation.

    Do remember that, the next time some breathless idjit writes a story about “Shrinking Alpine Glaciers!!!!”, and you actually read to the end of the bit to discover that one of the effects of said “shrinkage” is that Roman and Medieval-era mining camps are being revealed by said shrinkage, which tends to eliminate the idea that this is somehow something new and man-made.

    When the ice comes again, y’all will rue it far more than the warmth. Every warm period in human history has led to the flourishing of mankind; every cold one, the fall of civilization and immiseration for most of us. Be careful of what you ask for; the climatistas want us to return to the Little Ice Age, as though that were some halcyon period of human history.

  • Paul Marks.

    The civilian “Nudge” unit – and also the 77th Brigade, Tobias Ellwood MP (the present or former , it gets confusing, head of the Brigade) got into trouble praising the Taliban regime recently – but there we go.

    Government and corporate bodies lie endlessly – even about basic historic temperature figures. Old Tony Heller has been pointing out their lies (blatant lies) for about 14 years now.

    Only a few years ago I would not have believed that – but the world really is that bad, or (rather) they really are that bad.

    Kirk – on distortions (as opposed to down right lies) my favourite is “Phoenix is hotter than it used to be” – no mention that Phoenix has massively grown in population, modern Phoenix is a “heat island” – with temperatures much hotter than only a few miles down the road.

    It reminds me of my home town “this area did not use to flood, the culvert was plenty big enough in the 1930s, it must be Climate Change!” – no mention of the massive increase in population, the vast number of new houses.

  • Kirk

    The local reference weather station is located in a university extension facility. Back when, it was located in the midst of orchards, well out of the then-city limits. Today? It’s surrounded by developments and streets, well within the “urban heat zone”.

    Such circumstances are what they’re supposed to be accounting for with “norming the records”, and a rational person would say “Well, they ought to either raise the old temperature record, or lower the new one to account for the changes…”

    What did they do? They “normed” the old records downwards, effectively erasing all the heat records set in the 1930s during the period when the Great Plains were experiencing the Dust Bowl…

    W. T. F.

    I’ve seen the records retained and made by a local orchardist whose family has been religiously keeping their own records since the late 1800s. There’s a cyclic nature to them, and we’re currently actually in a trend towards “cooler temperatures” after one of somewhat higher ones. Nothing out of the historical norms, for the tiny slice of time we white men have lived here.

    The whole thing is a huge scam, and the perpetrators belong in prison or out doing forced labor to recompensate the rest of us for their lies. I think reclamation work building all the stopped hydro projects in California would be a good start to it, and that they ought to be doing it all by hand, like the Chinese did it back before they got heavy machinery.

    All of this stems from the fact that we’ve been dramatically over-producing the “educated-yet-idiot” elite, and putting them in charge of everything. We’re now being treated to the spectacle of the same lot of assholes now hiring out-of-work loggers to go into the woods and kill Barred Owls, who have the misfortune to be rather better at being owls than the forlorn Spotted Owl, which we shut down our timber industry to accommodate. Didn’t do a lot of good, besides helping build up fuel loads in the forests, but hey… Whatever.

    I used to be an “environmentalist” myself, fully on-board with their lies and bullshit. I know better, now, and my take is that the majority of them are grifters who do more harm than anything else.

  • John

    Ever since the sordid Huw Edwards saga thankfully ran out of steam the influential, whether we like it it not, front page of the bbc news website has been dominated by climate scare stories (along with no less than six articles this morning about some ladies football competition they would like us to care about, but I digress).

    The irony is that this has coincided with a noticeable lull in what has to date been a pleasant but unexceptional summer although you certainly wouldn’t know that if relying on tv weather maps with colour palettes resembling the interior of a blast furnace.

  • Gingerdave

    I’ve been taking ski holidays in Europe for about 40 years now.

    40 years ago, good snow was expected and there would be some snow in Salzburg or Lyon.

    30 years ago the lower resorts started to get patchy. Snow cannons started to appear, but in the rich resorts and at low altitude. Mid-season, they would be buried in snow.

    20 years ago, many resorts had canons, but still at low altitude. Some places began to advertise as snowsure.

    10 years ago the cannons work every night that’s cold enough. They’re sited at higher levels.

    Now there are cannons at 2000m and they work every night.

    The season is shrinking. Many resorts used to open in early or mid December and close in late April. These days Christmas skiing is limited and nearly everywhere closes in early April.

    The place is getting warmer. How much of that is due to human activity, I don’t know. Not as much as the greens would have it, but some.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    The Ashes cricket series at Manchester today is threatened by rain.

  • JohnK


    More than threatened, it is pouring down as I speak. A typical summer’s day.


    I am sure Phoenix is a great city, but was it a good idea? Typically, cities of 4 or 5 million don’t exist in the middle of deserts for a good reason.


    A couple of miles from my house it is proposed to build 4000 houses on a peat moss. How much rain does that soak up, and where will it go? Naturally, a new road will be built through fertile farmland. If the powers that be really believed in the man made global warming scam, this would not be happening. Nor would they be letting in a million new people a year, for whom these houses are no doubt intended. Clearly, then, they do not believe the lies, so why should we?

    The best news all week was that the little people in Uxbridge gave Mayor Khan and his hated Ulez scheme a kick in the teeth. I only hope this is the beginning of the fightback.

  • Sam Duncan

    Johnathan Pearce: The British Grand Prix was rain-affected this year too. And last Saturday, the Goodwood Festival of Speed cancelled a day’s running due to bad weather for the first time ever, on its 30th Anniversary.

    The odd thing about that was that I only heard about it on some random guy’s YouTube channel; I couldn’t find anything in the mainstream media, and Goodwood itself only mentioned it on its website the next day (its own YT channel was posting stuff all day as if it were happening live). Until I saw that, I genuinely began to wonder if it was a hoax. I can only imagine the coverage it would have had if they’d closed due to it being warm.

  • Van_Patten


    I think few would dispute its getting warmer – the issue is (well there are about 100 issues but the key ones are)

    – whether humankind is to blame
    – Whether the answer is mass destruction of modern civilization
    – Whether those promoting the agenda that both humankind is to blame and mass destruction of modern civilization is the answer will practice what they preach

    I’m afraid the profoundly evil nature of many of the Greens and other people in the environmentalist movement (Almost all are extreme left wing and deeply ‘woke’) and their inability to accept counter arguments or admit error don’t fill me with a sense that they’re on ‘the side of the angels’

  • jgh

    The urban heat island effect is woefully ignored. More urban areas, more islands of higher temperatures. Guess where the measuring stations are. Add to that the measuring stations at places like Heathrow Airport – massive slabs of concrete traversed by engines powered by generating super-heated hot exhausts.

  • Kirk


    40 years of subjective weather experience ain’t even an eyeblink, in terms of climate. It seems significant, because you’ve observed change in your lifetime, but were you to go back past your own lifetime, what would you see?

    This is how they perpetrate the fraud. People didn’t buy the “Coming Ice Age” because things were trending somewhat warmer; so, they shifted their story to “Global Warming”, as if the fact that we’re still coming out of an interglacial wasn’t relevant and to be expected.

    If you go look at the local historical society’s displays around here, you’ll find copious photographic evidence that the snowpack is cyclic; at one point, during the 1920s, we had enough damn snow that they were holding the national ski jumping championships here in town… Not thirty miles further into the mountains where the ski areas are, now. They used to have to deal with so much damn snow that they’d tunnel in between buildings, and people had second doors on the second story to use in winter…

    That dwindled, but the last couple of years? Edging back up…

    Whatever is going on with the climate, I seriously doubt that it’s all anthropogenic. I’d say that the big orange ball in the sky has rather more to do with it, and the natural cycles of the planet’s orbits and other features. About all man has managed, in terms of changing the atmosphere, has been about the output of a decently-large volcanic eruption, spread over years. Could we do more to minimize our effect? Sure, but not at the expense of starving and impoverishing billions.

    There’s other stuff going on that they ought to be paying attention to, besides this nutty focus on fossil fuels and CO2, which was once in the atmosphere before ancient lifeforms did their “carbon-fixing” and it became coal and oil…

    That’s presuming that the whole current theory of where those hydrocarbons came from is correct, which I am open to discussion about. There’s this rather nutty character I know who insists that the majority of our oil isn’t fossil, at all, but the product of things going on in the deeper crust, possibly organic, possibly not. He’s pointed out a number of holes in the current theories that I’ve been forced to acknowledge, and he’s not quite a nutter; he just has questions about the current narrative regarding the issue.

    Regardless of where it comes from, being as it’s basically plant food, the carbon will soon be back in the system somewhere…

  • Paul Marks.

    Kirk – yes the statistical lies from both governmental and corporate sources are extreme.

    Ginderdave gives no numbers, just his subjective experience, so it would be wrong to say he is lying (he is telling us what he remembers).

    However, the snow coverage numbers for America (I do not know about Europe) are available – and they show an increase rather than a decrease.

  • Kirk

    @Paul Marks…

    I did not mean to accuse Gingerdave of lying, just pointing out that his personal lived experience did not make for solid data.

    None of us live long enough to get a solid feel for the cyclic nature of things. Anyone remembering the “Year without a Summer” from back in the early 1800s was long dead before the warm times started, so the perspective is lost on a.) how good we have it, and b.) what the “good old days” were really like.

    Thus, when we take our experience over our short lives, and then extrapolate outwards, assuming that “…it’s always been like this…”, we’re making a rather massive mistake.

    Recent work has just shown that Greenland has been ice-free multiple times over the last 400,000 years. For thousands of years at a time. Are we to presume that the megafauna of those days were running around in SUVs?

    It’s interesting to go back and read the panicked accounts that have survived, from those days when the glaciers were covering up all those Alpine mine workings and villages. When you compare them to the similarly panicked bleats of today, as people bewail the horrible nature of fallen man, making the glaciers disappear, it’s rather bizarre. Those glaciers weren’t there within historical record; that’s why the mine workings are being found under where they were, both Roman and Medieval.

    Frankly, I’d rather live during the warm than the cold. The periods of cold have been truly miserable, coinciding and probably causing the fall of several civilizations, not the least of which was Rome. The nasty things that went on in Europe when the last cold cycle reigned are well worth revisiting, when people complain about the heat; would you and yours really rather starve in the cold?

    Perspective helps. You have to actually do some research to have any…

  • Paul Marks.

    Kirk – no you did not accuse Gingerdave of lying, I apologise to you if you got the impression that I was saying that you did that.

    I agree with you that “personal lived experience” is unreliable – one need only think of the boxer named after the famous anti slavery fighter Cassius Clay (who later changed his name to Muhammed – under the mistaken impression that Muhammed was black, in reality Muhammed was known as a pale man even by the standards of the Arabs of his time) – as an older man the boxer told stories of how he had been denied service in various shores in Louisville Kentucky in his youth, but the boxer told no such stories as a younger man and research showed that these stores had not behaved in this manner at that time – the memories of the boxer had changed to fit the doctrines he had been taught over decades.

    As for snow – Tony Heller (and others) have shown mainstream media interviews of people in the American West, standing in snow, saying there is less snow every year – and then shown the numbers for how snow coverage has increased (rather than reduced) over the years. The people interviewed by the “mainstream media” are not lying – but their minds have been saturated with conditioning (what is sometimes called “brain washing”) for 35 years – so they can stand in snow and, quite honestly, say there is less snow (or no snow at all).

    Not all of the “81 million votes” of Mr Joseph Biden were fake (although many were) – some of these votes came from real people, totally (if I may use the vulgar word) “brainwashed” people – they believe us to be demons (“Fascists”, “Nazis”, “Deniers” and so on) and honestly believe that we should be censored, persecuted, and, if necessary, terminated.

    If you Kirk, had your front door smashed down by the FBI and were dragged off to prison, some people would applaud (not “81 million” people – but millions of those votes were real, again they were not all fake) – after all people like you, and me, are “racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, Transphobic, Denier, Conspiracy Theorist, Fascist, Nazis” (the education system and the media say so – endlessly) and it would be good if people like you, and me, were removed from this world – that is what the public are being taught, and some of them sincerely (honestly) believe it.

    My own family had experience of how it is possible, by a vast campaign of lies, to make many ordinary people sincerely (honestly) believe that a group of other people (who, in reality, have done them no harm) are monsters, demons, and must be killed – for the sake of Social Justice.

  • Mark

    Where does the BBC get its “facts”?


    The don’t even pretend to pretend anymore. Looking at their “methodologies”, at the end, the following gems.

    “Occasionally, there are methodological challenges which means that quantitative results can not be provided in the findings of a WWA study. These challenges include the availability of reliable observations of the weather and the suitability of models to replicate the event being studied”.

    “If a study does not have a conclusive result because of these challenges, that does not necessarily mean that climate change played no role in the weather event”.

    This is what passes for “science” these days!

  • Gingerdave

    Van Petten

    – whether humankind is to blame
    – Whether the answer is mass destruction of modern civilization
    – Whether those promoting the agenda that both humankind is to blame and mass destruction of modern civilization is the answer will practice what they preach

    Agreed, and I would say:
    – Partly.
    – No, but some adjustment can be done.
    – No.

    I think it’s a combination, and by sheer coincidence the planet is naturally warming at the same time as human activity warms it up as well.

    Some changes in what we do is possible. For example, for our last ski trip we took the train instead of flying. Yes, it took longer, but the sleeper train was very pleasant, the whole trip was more relaxing and we got more time in the resort. It cost about the same as flying.

    If the greens were serious they would pour all their income into fusion research, but then what would they do?

    This is their problem, their income is from complaining, so if they succeed they have nothing to complain about!

    @Kirk, certainly my experience is limited, and the old saying “the plural of anecdote is not data” is applicable.
    Do you have any links for those recently revealed mining camps? I looked but didn’t find anything.

  • Bogdan the Aussie

    Dear Gingerdave, the opposite is happening here in EUNUCHALIA. The last summer was relatively mild, however, earlier summers, 2021, 2020, 2019 were the coldest since I moved to Melbourne some twenty-six years ago. In fact, those summers were so cold that there was, practically, no difference between summer and winter.
    I’ve also noticed that the TV weather forecasts projects temperatures 1.0 – 1,5 degrees higher than those real showed the next day.
    There was a period here in Australia where we would have heat waves 40 – 44 degrees once in a fortnight lasting three or four days and much warmer winters, however, those years are long gone and practically forgotten.
    During the first decade of this Century when Alber Gore concocted hysteria reached its peak and the level of oceans was supposed to keep raising almost half meter a year I, NEVER believing in that crap, used to take personally measurement of the water level at the small jetty at the Port Phillip Bay at whose shores I also used to live. I was doing it for six years and during that period water level hasn’t moved even one centimeter. It has already passed twenty-two years since I started taking those measurements and the water level remains exactly the same.
    Two years ago, I watched a video made by some “moderate environmentalist” who tried to convince us that we shouldn’t worry because the water level rises only by two and half centimeters per year, which is also a false assessment because, in that case the water would raise by 55 centimeters since I started taking those measurements and the entire beach would be under the water. Even a casual glance at the beach will tell us that there is not any movement of the water level at all.
    Just only recently, I’ve learned that the Institute of Hydrology in Sydney has a water gauge submerged in the Sydney Harbour for the last hundred and twenty years and that gauge shows no changes in the water level either.
    The warmer weather in the Norther hemisphere and the much colder in the Southern is just a result of the disturbed distribution of the heat around the globe.
    Regards – Bogdan Jodkowski

  • Stonyground

    See this story from the BBC back in February if you feel like a hollow laugh.


    “Experts” predicting a draught. The hugely misleading stock photograph of Nidderdale Reservoir taken at the end of a previous dry summer, note the leaves on the trees definitely not February.

  • Kirk

    What is oddly concerning is that I can’t find the original articles and sites that had the pieces, now. Almost like they’ve been edited out… Here are some remaining bits from the bibliographies that I can still find.



  • Blackwing1

    Just for fun, try taking my 3-part Global Warming quiz. I’ll put the answers in a separate comment below; no cheating please.

    1. What gas is responsible for 95% of the “greenhouse effect” on Planet Earth?

    2. Is the Earth’s climate right now the warmest it’s been in the last 2,000 years?

    3. Is the United States a net (A) producer of, or (B) absorber of carbon dioxide?
    3-I Bonus question: Does the United States have more or less forested area now than it did in pre-Columbian times?

  • Paul Marks.


    1. – Water vaper.

    2. – No.

    3. – B.

    3-I – more forested area.

  • Blackwing1

    Here are the answers…I’ve got extensive citations for each of them, but I’m not gonna bother to list ’em…nobody ever looks as them anyway.

    1. According to the US NOAA, water vapor is responsible for about 95% of the “greenhouse effect” on Earth. When you look at charts of “comparative greenhouse effect” of different gasses, it USED to be that they always put in a note that read something like, “Water vapor excepted”. That’s because if you include water vapor’s effect, you basically can’t see the difference between everything else because their effects are so small, so it became routine to eliminate it so you could compare effects on a decent scale on the graph. But now that this is completely political instead of scientific, they’ve eliminated that requirement. If you look at a typical graph now, if water vapor is included, CO2 is basically a non-factor since its contribution is so small.

    2. Right now we’re emerging from a cold period, so global temperatures are increasing slightly. But we’ve had MUCH warmer temperatures in the relatively recent past. The Medieval Warm Period (it used to be called the “Medieval Climate Optimum”, but that’s factually correct and therefore politically incorrect) started sometime in the 900 AD’s and lasted until the middle 1300’s. This was the era when the Norse colonized Iceland and Greenland. On Greenland they were raising crops of oats and planting oak trees. Not a lot of trees on Greenland today. Then came what (used to be called) the Little Ice Age, which allowed the Dutch to skate on their frozen canals up until the middle 1700’s. Now we’re emerging from that period.

    3. The US is a net absorber of CO2, since it has huge areas of both forest and cropland.
    3-I. The US now has more forested area, since places that used to be burned off routinely by the original inhabitants (Indians is a forbidden term…how about “autochthones”, or may be “indigenous peoples” in PC-speak). Further, most towns and smaller cities are extensively forested where they used to be open fields before. Even formerly urban areas like Detroit are starting to grow back their trees now that the collectivist, statist, authoritarian policies leading to utter and complete lack of rule of law has driven the citizens out.

    All of the glueball wormening cult would have replied, 1) Carbon dioxide!, 2) It’s NEVER been this warm before!!, and 3) Of course it produces more than it absorbs!!!

    The fact that those are all incorrect bothers them not at all.

  • bobby b

    “According to the US NOAA, water vapor is responsible for about 95% of the “greenhouse effect” on Earth.”

    Good Lord, keep that quiet. They’ll be banning water next.

  • Paul Marks.

    Yes Blackwing1 – I already gave the answers to your quiz questions. But thank you for putting together the quiz and explaining the answers. I just gave the answers without “showing my working” as it were.

  • Blackwing1

    Bobby B:
    You can always join the movement to ban dihydrogen monoxide. Why, it’s the major component of global warming! If you breathe too much of it in liquid form it will kill you! It’s the primary carrier of pollutants in water! You probably didn’t know that your body is already thoroughly contaminated with it! It’s a major component of acid rain, causes automobile brakes to lose efficiency, and in its vapor phase can cause severe burns! It’s even been found in the tumors of cancer patients!

    (Note: They’ve actually done this on college campuses, and an alarmingly huge number of innumerate and illiterate “students” willingly sign a petition to ban this deadly stuff.)

    Yes, I saw, but your comment came up while I was posting the answers to the quiz…sorry about “cross-commenting”.

  • lucklucky

    The place is getting warmer. How much of that is due to human activity, I don’t know. Not as much as the greens would have it, but some.

    There is no way to know our impact into climate, maybe we are heating Australia by 0.2ºC making a big patch in Atlantic Ocean colder by 0.123456 Cº. It is not only geographic it is temporal, if heat is induced in certain place maybe it can induce cold later. Climate is also cumulative and to what extent we don’t know and seems no one wants to know.

    We have no way to know our impact, the extent of it in a meaningful way.

    As i get old i start to realise the emotional need for people to give meaning to their lives by feeling they control everything, another aspect of that is the need to feel safe. Ironically SUV’s exist in big part because of that need to feel safe.

  • Paul Marks.

    Blackwing1 – no problem at all.

  • Kirk

    lucklucky said:

    Ironically SUV’s exist in big part because of that need to feel safe.

    Yeah. No.

    SUV’s exist precisely because the EPA and Congress legislated the large sedan and station wagon market out of existence. The United States ain’t Europe; there exists a tremendous amount of non-urban area that people live in, which mandates that those people have to transport stuff and people for long distances. You can’t do that with economical little “city cars”; you’ve got to have size and range. They couldn’t build suitable products within the CAFE standards, soooo… They went outside them. That was purely market-driven.

    Had the EPA and Congress stayed out of the whole thing? I think that the SUV market would not exist as we know it. Niche vehicles would certainly still have existed, but they’d have never taken over the way they did absent the “unintended consequences” of the EPA and Congress working together.

    Beware of what you ask for; you might get it. You likely won’t like what you actually get as second- and third-order effects.

    Do note, too, that these things happened precisely because of the “educated-yet-idiot” class we put in charge of everything. They couldn’t work out the “why” of people buying bigger cars here in the US, they just knew that it was bad and needed to be stopped. Only thing is, they failed to think things through and actually made the situation a lot worse… Same with the electric car industry. Oh, yeah… We’re burning less hydrocarbons in cars, sure… But, where are we burning them, now? Oh, out in mining, power production, and a whole host of other areas nobody thought through.

    Central planning and management never works out, because humans ain’t God; we’re not all-knowing, all-seeing, and omnipotent. You squeeze the balloon here; it pops out over there… Unavoidable fact of life.