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Samizdata quote of the day – wilfully misrepresenting minorities

The identitarian left’s nightmarish image of Britain is utterly divorced from reality. It also flies in the face of ethnic minorities’ own view of the UK, wilfully misrepresenting their experiences. Many groups are very content with life in Britain and are optimistic about the future. Yes, they believe that more needs to be done to strengthen equality of opportunity. They no doubt still experience challenges. But ethnic minorities generally view Britain as a place in which people have a chance to thrive.

Rakib Ehsan

4 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – wilfully misrepresenting minorities

  • Paul Marks.

    The West has moved from a Freedom of Speech culture where it was considered wrong to persecute people for expressing their political and cultural opinions – to a Herbert Marcuse culture where Freedom of Speech is considered “Repressive Tolerance” or “Hate Speech” which “harms disadvantaged and marginalised groups”.

    So people are driven from their jobs and-so-on. I think the key transition date was 2009 – when the American bureaucracy (for example in relation to universities) started to push the censorship agenda – under the “protect vulnerable groups” cover.

    The Frankfurt School, Herbert Marcuse, Marxists – the DEI (American) or EDI (British) crowd, could not care less about black people or other “ethnic minorities” – they just USE them as “victim groups” to undermine “capitalist” society.

    So talking about “life in Britain” is not relevant – as (news flash) black people are not persecuted in (far left) Minneapolis either – Mr Floyd died of the drugs he had chosen to consume (perhaps if he had not lost his job due to the Minnesota Covid lockdown he would NOT have returned to drugs). If you want to know who is being persecuted in an area then check who is moving OUT – check who has been moving out of Minneapolis and other American cities in recent years (clue – it is not black people) and also check the figures (if you are allowed to do so) on interracial killings – to see who is really killing who.

    It does not matter if you look at interracial killings last year – or at any year over the last 60 years, you are going to get much the same conclusion (but be careful before saying out loud what that conclusion is).

    The whole “we are not like America” tap dance is a waste of time (indeed much worse than a waste of time) – as the Frankfurt School “Critical Theory” Marxists could not give a damn about black people (or any other group) in the United States – they are just USING them. And it is the same (not different – the same) here.

    As for why “Big Business”, the “capitalist corporations”, are backing Marxist Critical Theory – well that is what these Corporate Executives choose to do, perhaps because they believe that if they did NOT they would be replaced (in the Corporate bureaucracy – which is much the same as Government bureaucracy) by people who would push the agenda.

    “But Britain….”

    Britain has had restrictions on Freedom of Speech on racial matters since 1965, and the Home Office (the government department in charge of such things) has had Marxist academic advisers since at least the 1970s. Marxist advisers dedicated to USING race (and sex – and sexuality) as weapons to undermine society.

    So do not give me any nonsense about “But Britain…..”

  • Paul Marks.

    Short version.

    Trying to throw America under the bus (talking about “American concepts” – as if the international Marxist agenda was just in America) to try and save Britain – will-not-work.

    The people who lie about Britain also lie about America – their campaign is a tissue of lies in relation to Britain, but it is also a tissue of lies in relation to America.

  • jgh

    If Britain is such a hell-hole for ethnic minorities, why are a million of them fighting to get in every year?

  • Paul Marks.


    The same could be said of the United States or other Western nations.

    I repeat – the effort to throw America under the bus, by calling Marxist terms “American” will not work.

    What are lies about Britain and also lies about America. Freedom of Speech on racial and other matters has been under attack in the United Kingdom for almost 60 years – and the Home Office (the lead government department on police and legal matters) has had Marxist academic advisers since at least the 1970s.

    “It is about America – Britain is different”.

    Pull the other one – it has got bells on.