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Corporatist social credit includes kin punishment, naturally

“Relatives of Nigel Farage have also been refused bank accounts, former Ukip leader reveals”, reports Gordon Rayner at the Telegraph.

Relatives and associates of Nigel Farage have been refused bank accounts after being designated as politically exposed persons, or PEPs, the former Ukip leader has disclosed.

Mr Farage said someone close to him had been the subject of a “very nasty” account closure in the past fortnight and that others had been told they could not open accounts.

He said Coutts’s decision to close his personal and business accounts had left him “screwed” because he has been turned down as a customer by 10 other banks after having to tick a box saying he has been refused an account elsewhere.

Mr Farage has also dismissed as “a fable” claims by Coutts’s parent company NatWest that he was offered personal and business accounts with NatWest after being “exited” by the private bank.

After being told his accounts were being closed and convinced the decision was politically motivated, Mr Farage submitted subject access requests to Coutts and two companies which send them press cuttings and other information on customers, Lexis Nexus and Refinitiv.

As a result of their responses, Mr Farage discovered that a number of family members and associates, thought to be more than 10, were designated by the bank as PEPs, some of whom have now found it difficult to obtain banking facilities.

None of this would be a problem if there were anything like a free market in banks. Given the public anger on this issue, it would be a great opportunity for a proudly non-woke new bank to establish itself. Unfortunately, as Johnathan Pearce pointed out in this post, “And we wonder why normal people avoid going into front-line politics”, there is nothing like a free market in banks.

Update: If you want to read the 40-page dossier that Coutts compiled on Farage that he obtained via a Subject Access Request, Guido Fawkes has it up on his site without a paywall: READ IN FULL: THE 40-PAGE COUTTS DOSSIER DEFENDING DE-BANKING “RACIST” FARAGE

Another update: Nigel Farage receives apology from Coutts after bank account row. That report from Sky News does not impress. It says, ‘Mr Farage claimed to have a 40-page document that proved Coutts “exited” him because he was regarded as “xenophobic and racist” and a former “fascist”‘ as if there were some doubt as to the document’s existence. Then it says, ‘the chief executive of the Natwest Group, Alison Rose, has apologised for “deeply inappropriate comments” made about him in documents prepared for the company’s wealth committee’, seemingly unaware that the documents prepared for the company’s wealth committee formed part of the same aforementioned 40-page dossier. When NatWest’s own chief executive has acknowledged that the document is genuine, you would think that Sky News could accept it too.

10 comments to Corporatist social credit includes kin punishment, naturally

  • Paul Marks.

    Yes indeed – of course it does.

    Let us say someone is very brave – that they would rather die than betray their beliefs.

    The way to break these people is to go after their families – that is an old FBI trick, but every oppressive regime does this.

    “No matter what you do to me – I defy you!”

    That is very interesting Mr Redneck – but what about your son, what if he was sent to prison (for some “process crime”) – terrible things are done in prisons, young people are raped, or it might be decided that he is really “Trans” and is suppressing it – so his sexual organs will have to be cut off and he (sorry she) will have to be filled with drugs – for-their-own-good.

    “Very well – what do you want me to say and do?”

    I knew you would be reasonable and cooperate – now you are to say that Donald Trump…..

    The Corporations are the other part of the international Corporate State – part State part Corporate, and the Corporations are more subtle in their methods.

    “I will never go along with you – I would rather live on the streets, begging for food!”.

    How brave of you – but how long would your young daughter last begging on the streets? We can arrange it so that she does not get a job and can not run a business of her own. Terrible things happen to young women who have to live begging on the streets – it is so sad…..

  • Paul Marks.

    None of this happened over night – it has been a long road, over many years, to get to this nightmare position.

    Will we turn back? Will Corporations (banks and non banks) be forbidden to discriminate against people on the basis of the peaceful expression of their beliefs – and will such laws be enforced against the Corporations?

    And will such things as “process crimes” in the United States (which lead to over a 90% conviction rate in the obscene farce that is the Federal “Justice” system) be abolished – and Police State forces such as the FBI also be abolished?

    I hope so – but we shall have to see.

  • Paul Marks.

    “This would not be a problem if there was a free market in banks”.

    It is not just banks – it is the vast Corporations generally.

    And there can not be a free market in banking – not in Credit Bubble banking.

    A “banking license” is a license to engage in legalised fraud – there can not be vast numbers of “banks” all creating “money” from nothing and lending it out. Such “free trade in swindling” (19th century saying) would collapse even more quickly than the present Banking Cartel (banker Credit Bubbles inevitably collapse – and then they “have to be” supported by government, either openly or in hidden ways, modern banking depends on the state – it is the capstone of the international Corporate State).

    Remember – banking is NOT, mainly, the lending out of Real Savings of cash money (the actual sacrifice of consumption) – that is not what modern banks mostly do.

    And Credit Money leads to the concentration of the international economy into a few hands (these days Corporate hands such as BlackRock) – the Cantillon Effect, but on a scale Richard Cantillon could not have imagined.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    I can’t help chuckling over the idea of excluding someone because he doesn’t align with their inclusive beliefs!

  • Clovis Sangrail

    I am trying very hard to see this as a good thing. Not in the woke sense, but rather because this sort of thing is no longer under the radar.
    It’s that or apoplexy.

  • Paul Marks.

    Clovis Sangraill.

    In a way – it is a good thing, it was happening quietly anyway now it is out-in-the-open.

    We do not need to think to ourselves “am I going paranoid?” – it is open and obvious now.

    Yes “Capitalist” Big Business is pushing far left politics – censorship and persecution.

    We are not insane – it really is happening.

    So now it is about fighting these swine.

  • Steven R

    How do we fight this? Vote harder? The courts aren’t going to save us. Politicians are definitely not going to stop it. The bureaucrats aren’t pushing back against the politicians (imagine what the world would be today if the bureaucrat class simply told Hitler “no” back in 1934 instead of shrugging their shoulders and simply doing what they were told). The media isn’t going to back us or even give us a public forum to discuss our views on with anything close to evenhandedness. And we can’t stop multinational corporations and banks that have their fingers in every single facet of modern life.

    Even if enough public pressure is put on the powers that be to stop this now, they’ll just do it anyway under the guise of something else.

    The only way I see of stopping this is to make a list and check it twice and start breaking out high order violence and nobody wants to do that and even if they do, nobody wants to be first.

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    Today my bank, Lloyds, emailed me with a request that I give them “my honest opinion” in a customer survey. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered, but this time I took the opportunity to say that while I was reasonably satisfied with their service, if they started debanking people for their politics in the way that Coutts did to Farage I would dump them immediately.

  • bobby b

    At least he got his money out. When Canada debanked me, it took a month of badgering to get mine back.

  • Snorri Godhi


    We do not need to think to ourselves “am I going paranoid?” – it is open and obvious now.
    We are not insane – it really is happening.

    Well, now you know the way i think.

    The reason i insist on the brain-damaging effects of the modern diet, is that it is the only way i can reassure myself that i am not going insane: other people (mostly but not only English-speaking) are.