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Climate change story told by ice cores…

A short but important presentation by Jørgen Peder Steffensen …

What do ice cores tell us about the history of climate change and the present trend? This video explains one perspective – arguably the most accurate one. And if you skip to 2:25, you will see the huge error we have made and the assumptions and extrapolations based on that error.

12 comments to Climate change story told by ice cores…

  • Paul Marks.

    Michael Mann and co deny the medieval warm period – just as they deny previous warm periods (when Stonehenge was built there may well have been no ice at the North Pole – and the tree line in what is now Russia was at least a hundred miles north of where it now is).

    Such things as this video are fairly well known in political circles – but any politician who cited them publicly would be shouted down, including by their own party (and the people who, privately, agreed with them – would also shout them down, and demand their punishment, in public).

    The C02 is evil movement started in the 1980s, and from the 1990s it started to appear in “legally nonbinding” international agendas, such as Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030) and is part of international “Sustainable Development Goals” – just about every Western government treats international “legally nonbinding” as “legally binding” (the officials make this transformation – and politicians obey by giving these “international agreements” the force of local law).

    Russia rejects this form of international governance – in the Russian Constitution it says that Russian law takes precedence over “international law” (even the United States Constitution does not say that – indeed a treaty confirmed by two thirds of the Senate is binding in the United States, and even if it is NOT confirmed by the Senate the American bureaucracy treats international stuff as binding) – but no one wants to be condemned as a “agent of Putin”.

    The People’s Republic of China signs up to all these international agendas and treaties – and then ignores them, or makes sure that there is a clause that says (in effect) “this does not apply to China”.

    So manufacturing continues to grow in China relative to the dying West – and fools (such as the “Green” Economist magazine) whistle in the dark about “Peak China” and how the Green West will soon crush the hydrocarbon (oil, gas and COAL) based Chinese economy, crush them with wind turbines and solar cells (both made in China – and neither working very well).

    In short….

    Again most people in public life (in politics) know the information contained in this film – but any Member of Parliament or local Councillor who said such things in public debate would be shouted down (including by other politicians who also know the information in this film) and then PUNISHED.

    You see the anti C02 agenda is POLICY – just as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Frankfurt School “Critical Theory” or “Woke” Marxism – stuff that Karl Marx and Frederick Engels would be baffled by) is POLICY, it is in various local policy resolutions and national Acts of Parliament.

    “But POLICY is insane” – yes we know that, but it is still POLICY, now just carry on walking slowly towards the enemy machine guns in nice straight lines.

  • Paul Marks.

    In the United States the government systematically rigs temperature records – this enables them to say that X day or month is the hottest ever (and unless people look at the old records, which have not yet been destroyed, they will not know that American government agencies are lying).

    But then they also rig inflation numbers and unemployment numbers (pretending that inflation is much lower than it is, and pretending that there are not vast numbers of people out of work and depending on government benefits) and they (various levels of government and the corporate bureaucracy) rig election returns, and just about everything else.

    The real question is – is the West dying, or already dead?

  • FrankS

    Gosh. A calm, data-strong climate presentation by a young scientist. Very risky for his career, because the grant-givers seem obsessed with supporting the political construct known as the climate crisis. A crisis which is mere conjecture, and highly implausible conjecture it is too. But what a lever it has provided for those intent on destroying Western civilisation. Such a pity if they succeed since it is a pretty good one.

  • Paul Marks.


    Agreed on all points Sir.

  • mongoose

    And when you have looked at the Greenland ice cores – and drawn these v sensible conclusions – look for the Vostok ice cores. What do they show?

  • Bell Curve

    What do they show?

    There’s a “link” button in the comment box so you can make it clear what that means.

  • Kirk

    Paul Marks said:

    In the United States the government systematically rigs temperature records – this enables them to say that X day or month is the hottest ever (and unless people look at the old records, which have not yet been destroyed, they will not know that American government agencies are lying).

    Locally to me, the primary weather reporting station has been co-located with one of the ag research sites for one of the state universities.

    That site hasn’t moved since the early 1900s. When it was in place, it was in with a bunch of orchards; countryside, really. Today? The site is surrounded by houses and pavement; the city has grown.

    When NOAA did the norming for that site, common sense would say that if there was norming to be done, then there should be norming done while accounting for the urban heat island effect. Implications of that would mean that older and colder temperatures should be raised, in order to account for the changes in environment that the measurements were taken.

    That is not what happened. Instead, they normed the older datasets down even further, to make it look like the heat waves and droughts of the 1930s didn’t happen.

    If you have access to the local orchardists personal records, which they did keep due to self-interest, the chicanery is quite clear.

    You can’t trust the published data. They’ve been lying their asses off for a very, very long time.

  • Paul Marks.

    Yes Kirk – they lie and cheat, and about everything (not “just” temperatures).

  • FrankS

    Re Vostok ice cores, what do they show?

    WUWT is a good starting point for investigation of climate topics. Here’s an extract from one of their pieces on the Vostok ice cores:

    ‘General CO2-lag in ice-core records and the lack of warming over the last 8000 years of extraordinary increase in CO2 show that the hypothesis of significant warming of the atmosphere by CO2 over the last century is absurd. Attribution of derivative effects (i.e. “climate change”) to CO2 is, therefore, ridiculous. These fictions, the dire prophecies that attend them and the disparagement of those that question them, however, are vigorously promoted and widely accepted. They seem to be as important socially as they are false scientifically.

    While recent snow at Vostok adds to the falsification of the hypothesis of “dangerous man-made climate change by carbon-dioxide, a powerful heat-trapping greenhouse-gas”, such falsification was evident in the ice-core data published in 1999 and has always been logically obvious to anyone with an understanding of the carbon cycle at the surface of the earth.’


    There really is no reason to suppose we face a ‘climate emergency’, nor a ‘climate crisis’. Such alarming notions are merely political ploys. Very successful ones, unfortunately.

  • bobby b

    Vostok roughly = “CO2 follows temp.”

  • Paul Marks.

    bobby b – yes, as water gets warmer so it can hold less C02 and the CO2 is released.

    So there is a relationship between C02 and the temperature of the water – but it is the other way round from the relationship presented by the media, and the water temperature is largely dependent on solar activity (the sun).

  • Y. Knott

    Vostok roughly = “CO2 follows temp.”

    – It gets better. Everybody has snorkelled in tropic waters? Gorgeous – coral reefs, brightly-coloured little fishes – and you can see them a long way away. Tropic water is much clearer than cold northern waters, because warm water cannot absorb as much oxygen as cold water, which is counter-intuitive; but that is why tropic water is so much clearer; it’s a marine desert. Well, guess what? – this applies to CO2 as well as oxygen. There’s an enormous store of CO2 in the cold deep ocean, and as the deep ocean warms it releases CO2.

    This is why CO2 follows temperature – but it takes a really long time for the deep ocean to warm up, so CO2 follows temperature by 800 years (scroll down to “Searching for the control knob”). This invalidates CAGW’s main talking point with a stroke of the pen.