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Most mainstream journalists cannot be relied upon to critically uncover and impartially convey the facts surrounding a complex and unfolding crisis. If you watched RTE, BBC during the unfolding pandemic, you were fed naively one-sided stories laced with fear-mongering, misleading use of statistics, etc. PCR results, for example, were reported uncritically as though they corresponded to serious cases of disease, when we knew that many PCR positives did not actually correspond to active infections or connoted very mild cases that would not even require medical attention.

David Thunder

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  • decnine

    Well, the Beeb had a lot of practice before Covid in their ‘reporting’ on climate matters. The Truth is not in them.

  • many PCR positives did not actually correspond to active infections or connoted very mild cases that would not even require medical attention.

    Similarly, death figures were inflated by having no distinction between those who died “of COVID” and those who died “with COVID”.

    At one point it is stupid, like the motorcycle accident victim who tests positive for COVID while in a coma in hospital and then subsequently dies of his accident injuries is not a COVID death.

    Arguably, neither is some old biddy who is already in hospital or a hospice with some other terminal disease and tests positive for COVID before dying.

    Finally, the Chinese numbers problem.

    I keep hearing in the press that China’s deaths from COVID has been almost static since relatively early in the pandemic (or was until some recent reports since 21st November 2022) and yet this is barely mentioned in the mainstream press, just the usual blather about due to repressive Zero COVID measures Chinese COVID deaths remain low or some such shit. They only “Remain Low” because they’re lying. Even an idiot can understand that concept.

    Officially, the People’s Republic of China has suffered 4,876 deaths from Covid-19 in a country with roughly 1.4 billion people. The Economist calculates that since the start of the pandemic, anywhere from 550,000 to 2 million more Chinese people have died than would be expected under the normal pre-pandemic death rate. This means the likely death toll is roughly 12,000 percent higher than the official figure. (All figures are current as of April 29.)


  • Paul Marks

    It is strange to think of journalists as too trusting – but they have proved themselves to be so.

    A government website tells them that temperatures in America are going up – and the journalists never seem to check the old records (which still exist) to see if the computer website is telling the truth or not, they just ASSUME that it is (when it is not).

    The same is true of Covid – a government “health” bureaucrat tells them that Early Treatment does not work, and they assume it does not work. The same bureaucrat tells them that lockdowns work – and they (the journalists) assume that lockdowns work. Government and Corporate bureaucrats tell the journalists that the injections are “safe and effective” – and the journalists assume this as well.

    I know there are real journalists – but most of the tribe seem to have become the “Pom-Pom Girls” that Mark Steyn so mocks – Cheer Leaders.

    They never check, and they never seek contrary opinions from people who at least as well qualified, indeed often vastly better qualified.

    Perhaps the fault is the education system – which teaches “Critical Theory” rather than Critical Thinking.

    Modern education, both at school and university level, seems to be about absorbing certain things (opinions and so on) and repeating them back – never questioning them.

    When someone leaves education, to become a Corporate manager or a journalist, they seem to this attitude of mind with them.

    If an official tells them something – it must be true. Just like the endless nonsense that their teachers and academics taught them – must be true.

    Given this attitude of mind – what is the point of having journalists at all?

    Why not just have the Civil Service and Corporate managers read out statements?

    The “journalists” are mostly just repeating government and corporate press statements anyway – so why not get rid of the middleman?

  • Bruce

    And a passing understanding of what a “PCR” test actually is and does, (and does NOT do), is rather handy.

    Polymerase Chain Reaction is essentially a statistical analysis tool that uses “oversampling”.

    The bloke who invented the method was quite clear on that point. It IS NOT a classical clinical “diagnostic” technique..

    And now, the enemy class is hyping “antivirals” as the latest “saviour”. Of course, these are made by some of the SAME pharma clowns who cooked up AND hyped the “vaccines” that have slaughtered hundreds of thousands.

    Then, there is: