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Samizdata quote of the day

“German Galushchenko, the minister of energy, told the YES conference that Ukraine could potentially supply two gigawatts of power to the EU right now, but was being prevented from doing so by bureaucratic obstacles on the European side”

Niall Ferguson (not that one, the other one).

9 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Steven R

    So do it anyway. What’s the EU going to do about it?

  • andyinsdca

    Or, they could light off a nuke plant or 2 that might already exist in the EU.

  • andyinsdca

    Ok, put on your tinfoil hat: If the EU starts to get power from Ukraine, and the Russians continue to attack Ukrainian power plants, then maybe the EU now has causus belli? https://bigserge.substack.com/p/special-military-operation-season?

  • Mark

    Toytown Austria-Hungary seems determined to get its hands on the Ukraine (and North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Moldova and perhaps Turkey). Whether it is right to do so is a very complex question, but given its fundamental structure, it will only have one result.

    “We are the EU. Lower your democratic protections and surrender your country. We will add your institutions and corrupt distinctiveness to our own. Your corruption will adapt to service us”.

    If it succeeds, the consequences for the current imprisoned population will be profound. Just imagine what Ukraine could consume in the way of farm subsidies alone! And I’m sure the rest of this veritable star chamber of political probity and democratic openness – oh how that will serve the arrogant kleptocracy – won’t be far behind.

  • Steven R

    “I am Locutus of Brussels.”

  • Marcus R.

    andyinsdca, Big Serge’s analysis is factually wrong on several points.

    The Russian frontline defenses in the region were manned by allied donbas militia and national guardsmen. It seems there was a lone Battalion Tactical Group (BTG) in Izyum, but little else.

    Where the Ukrainians struck was indeed manned by worn down LDR troops, but far from 1 BTG being in the area, a 10,000+ strong force of 1st Guard Tank Army was in Izium! 1GTA is quite literally the cream of the Russian army.

    Secondly, more ominously for Ukraine, the low quality units left behind for screening purposes were able to put up good resistance against the Ukrainians – the Rosgvardiya men in Balakliya held out tenaciously for several days before evacuating through a corridor.

    Nope, that’s pure copium. The LDR & Rosgvardiya in Balakliya “held out tenaciously for several days” because the Ukrainians isolated and then bypassed them, going deep for Kupyansk and leaving the pocketed forces for the follow up echalons to deal with. And evidence is the defenders of Balakliya were most if not all killed or captured a few days later rather than escaping. The ones who did escape were from Izium, who literally bugged out to avoid being enveloped, and that was the 1st Guard Tank Army assets in Izium to the south of the main attack, not a single BTG as he claims. They escaped by abandoning their heavy equipment and at least two intact supply depots (according to Oryx, 101 tanks were captured, so hardly a single BTG FFS!). 1GTA fled because once the Ukrainian offensive reached the rail junction at Kupyansk, they could not longer be readily supplied.

  • Paul Marks

    The corrupt European Union is like a Toytown version of the evil Federal Government in Washington D.C.

    The vicious thugs of the FBI (and a legion, legion of Devils, of other agencies and bureaus) turn up at the door of those the elite wish to destroy – dressed in black armour, and waving automatic rifles, they then drag away dissenters to be abused in prison, before being paraded before the corrupt courts of the Federal “Justice” system.

    But, as Steven R. points out, the European Union is not really like that – at least not yet.

    They are not going to send armed men to your door.

    Their orders should be ignored.

  • How many tank divisions has the EU got to enforce it’s diktat?

  • Paul Marks

    John Galt – exactly, which is why the orders of the E.U. can (as well as should) be ignored.

    But that takes political leaders with the will, and the power, to rip up decades of “international treaties and agreements”.