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Ohh, Jeremy Corbyn

Remember this? “Glastonbury 2017: ‘Ohh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant sweeps festival as revellers get political”

Last year, it was the universal disdain for the Brexit vote, myself waking up to megaphones announcing David Cameron had resigned and Boris Johnson may take the PM position.

This year, though, the people of Worthy Farm have a new hero, one to bring everyone together: Jeremy Corbyn.

Barely a moment goes by without someone chanting the Labour leader’s name to the tune of ‘Seven Nation Army’.

I had forgotten the link to “Seven Nation Army”. The Glastonbury set are fine with army-themed song titles – armies that actually fight, not so much: “Jeremy Corbyn urges west to stop arming Ukraine”

Jeremy Corbyn has urged western countries to stop arming Ukraine, and claimed he was criticised over antisemitism because of his stance on Palestine, in a TV interview likely to underscore Keir Starmer’s determination not to readmit him to the Labour party.

“Pouring arms in isn’t going to bring about a solution, it’s only going to prolong and exaggerate this war,” Corbyn said. “We might be in for years and years of a war in Ukraine.”

Corbyn gave the interview on Al Mayadeen, a Beirut-based TV channel that has carried pro-Russia reporting since Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

“What I find disappointing is that hardly any of the world’s leaders use the word peace; they always use the language of more war, and more bellicose war.”

7 comments to Ohh, Jeremy Corbyn

  • Not much to add to what I said last time.

    Jeremy Corbyn does not trust the UK’s forensics and wants the nerve gas sent to Russia for their analysis. Mr Ed may be right that Corbyn’s reported statement – that “the nerve agent be sent back to Russia” – reveals his true opinion

    I am somewhat disappointed in how Boris Johnson turned out as Prime Minister but I remain very glad that Jeremy Corbyn never was.

    As Perry suggests above, Jeremy would have fitted right into the ‘People’s Movement for a People’s Peace’ of spring 1941. I can just see him telling George Orwell that WWII was “British Capitalism fighting for loot”.

    That said, I guess from the pictures and slogans that these protestors are from the US equivalent – and maybe from after June-1941, when their erstwhile communist leaders and allies very abruptly discovered that nice Mr Hitler wasn’t nice after all.

  • AlexS

    So Corbyn will talk to Iranians to stop arming Palestinian terrorists?

    Would Corbyn ask UK Government to apologise to Germany for Lend Lease to Soviet Union?

  • Paul Marks

    The people who chanted in support of Mr Jeremy Corbyn in 2019 knew what he was – that he supported tyranny and wanted to bring it to this land.

    The people chanting at Glastonbury were rich leftists – people who wanted other rich people to be robbed and murdered, but NOT themselves.

    It was not a “knowledge problem” (see above) – they knew what Mr Corbyn represented, they made a choice to support evil – knowing that it was evil.

    People do that, make a choice for evil, every day, we-all-do (we all have darkness within us) – if only in small ways. But these people were doing it in a big way. And they knew it.

    It felt good – choosing evil, giving in to the darkest feelings in the human soul. That is why people do evil, knowing that it is evil, because it is FUN.

    “Why did you cut off that person’s sexual organs with some bolt cutters?” – the honest answer is, “because it is fun to do things like that”.

    There is great darkness in human beings (in all of us) – but we can make an effort to resist it. And we can also choose NOT to resist the darkness in ourselves.

  • Hazer

    The people who chanted in support of Mr Jeremy Corbyn in 2019 knew what he was – that he supported tyranny and wanted to bring it to this land.

    😀 you’ve never been to Glastonbury, I can tell. These are a bunch of dumb fucks who don’t know much about anything. Seriously, you’ve got no idea how ignorant these people are. They chanted in support of Corbyn because other people were doing so. You think there was any joined up thinking from 99% of them? Not a chance, mate.

  • Peter

    It is of course totally irrelevant to the absolutely not racist but supporter of terrorists corbyn that the Ukrainian president is of Jewish origin.

  • Belgian Brian

    Jeremy Corbyn does not trust the UK’s forensics and wants the nerve gas sent to Russia for their analysis.

    What is the chemical formulae of Novichok ?

    It seems to be a chemical compound comprised of utterly commonplace elements, as per the link, its alleged chemical composition is published on wiki, ffs. Why would you think it incapable of manufacture outside the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation?

    Surely, with a little dedication and some care, any British A level student of chemistry could produce some?

    Or are British A levels qualifications so debased these days?