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‘End Of Quote, Repeat The Line’: Biden Reads Teleprompter Instructions Out Loud During Speech

With Joe more voicemail than man and Boris only just clinging to the wreckage, at least the Anglosphere is demonstrating that it can get by without anyone in charge. Though we have much to learn before we can challenge the true masters of the art of doing without a government.

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  • bobby b

    Poor Joe. His heart’s just not in it. It yearns to rejoin his mind, over the rainbow somewhere.

  • Lee Moore

    The Belgians got by for a year an a half without the decorative elected ephemera of government, not without an actual government.

    What Biden and the Zombie Boris government demonstrate is the close approximation our elected ephemera make to being entirely absent.

    What seems astonishing, in retrospect, is that although he was defeated time and again, Trump actually managed to effect real, if minor and temporary, changes of direction to the Ship of State even though his own attention span was about five minutes max, and 80% of his own appointees, and 100% of the apparat were against him. The Ship is still steerable, just about.

  • Paul Marks

    The government and the corporations continue to try and explain away the obvious senility of Mr Joseph Biden.

    One legal point (which I will make – before Mr Ed does) is that the this senility means that it is not possible to put Mr Biden on trial.

    Mr Biden is guilty of various crimes – for example, he has been a paid servant of the People’s Republic of China for many years. But even if the “Justice” Department suddenly became honest (sadly no chance of that happening), but one could not put Mr Biden on trial – his senility rules it out.

    “We will punish him for the rigged Presidential Election of 2020!”

    Does Mr Biden even remember that there was a Presidential election in 2020?

  • White House assistant press secretary Emelie Simons tried to pretend Biden said “Let me repeat that line”, despite what he actually said being recorded and replayable by all (Emelie’s pretence is noted in the story Natalie links to above).

    They’re getting more insolent. After Biden boasted he had

    “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation in the history of US politics”

    back in late October 2020, some ‘factcheckers’ and media outlets rushed to explain he had meant to say ‘voter protection’, not ‘voter fraud’ (while others offered different and incompatible explanations), but I don’t recall any asserting he had actually literally said ‘voter protection’ and not said ‘voter fraud’.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes Niall – the lies of the government and the corporations ate getting more and more extreme.

    The good news is that fewer and fewer people believe their lies.

    Even with massive voter fraud they can not win elections with just a few university brainwashed Twitter-heads voting for them – they need millions of ordinary people to vote for them. And they are not going get those votes.

  • Roué le Jour

    Maybe just me but when I heard it I thought he was meant to say “anti voter fraud”. Easier mistake to make than “voter protection”. More plausible too.

    I’m sure his handlers don’t discuss secret stuff in front of him for obvious reasons. He probably thinks he won fair and square.

  • Paul Marks

    Roue le Jour.

    Mr Biden has long been very corrupt – but now that time has passed, because he is not really “there” any more.