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What is the fundamental difference between church indulgences and emission allowances? Primarily it is that critics of allowances are not burned at the stake. Presumably because it would cause too many emissions. Otherwise, however, it is the same idea.

Luboš Zálom

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  • Stonyground

    Often the Church’s rules were pointless and only there so that the Church could profit from you breaking them. However there were also sins that had real world bad consequences so the practice did have at least a little merit. The notion that CO2 emissions have negative consequences has pretty much been disproven, mainly by the non occurrence of any of the consequences that were predicted to happen if it did.

  • Mr Ed

    The difference is that with selling indulgences you could price out ‘fun’ in your life, but with carbon credits you price out your very existence in a modern world.

    And with the church, you could always take the risk of not buying and carry on blithely.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Is there any evidence that any critic of church indulgences was actually burned at the stake?

  • Rudolph Hucker

    Can anyone with Topic Creation rights please start a new topic on the serious situation in the Netherlands right now?

    The comparison with what happened in Canada is obvious. What’s not so obvious is the non-existant coverage by the MSM.

    Best I can find is:

  • Paul Marks

    Snorri – Jan Huss, but it was a more general heresy in his case (indulgences was only part of it). It was similar with the Lollards in England – their denial of indulges was part of the more general heresy of salvation-by-faith-alone (not by faith-and-works). Someone who said “I accept the importance of works – but not the buying of indulgences” would, most likely, not be burnt.

    We know from the Netherlands that this campaign is NOT about “saving the environment”.

    When asked about his campaign against Dutch farmers the Prime Minister of the Netherlands said it was necessary to reduce “nitrogen emissions” – yes he said “nitrogen” not carbon dioxide (the man is that ignorant – or he thinks that “nitrogen” is a “Green House gas” – perhaps he meant nitrous oxide not that this helps his “argument” much).

    Of course having food and manufactured goods created hundreds of miles away and then sent to the Netherlands would NOT reduce world CO2 emissions any way, in fact it would increase them (transport costs).

    The average Green may really want to reduce world Carbon Dioxide – but the “Davos” types (the political and corporate leaders) do NOT, otherwise they would be campaigning against CHINA (and they are not).

    Whatever their motives are – the motive is NOT reducing C02 emissions (not globally) – they are destroying farming and manufacturing for some other reason or reasons.

    All this makes them rather worse than the religious persecutors of the past – Catholic or Protestant.

    The religious persecutors often really did believe they were saving souls from eternal torment – they could not heretics alone, because they heretics were not just damning themselves to Hell, they they were leading OTHER PEOPLE to Hell (this is what the persecutors often sincerely believed).

    The Davos types (political and corporate) do NOT believe in their own “religion” – that is clear by their non action against China (the leading C92 emitter) – their motivation is something else.

  • bobby b

    Rudolph Hucker
    July 6, 2022 at 10:27 pm

    “Can anyone with Topic Creation rights please start a new topic on the serious situation in the Netherlands right now?”

    Tough call. With my rudimentary knowledge of chemistry, I would agree that there is a problem with nitrogen compounds – algae blooms, ammonia vapors – throughout the area. It is bad. Higher than what most would call acceptable. There are widespread health effects to such problems, and their numbers consistently reach unacceptable levels.

    But the heavy-handed WEF-guided response has been awful. If this had been a bunch of measures aimed at people other than farmers, the capital would have been torched. As it is, it still might be, and I would have sympathy for all.

    (ETA: except for the staffers who decided they could simply screw the farmers for This New Thing without notice. They should burn.)

  • GregWA

    bobby b and Rudolph Hucker, “…they should burn…” But will they? Doubtful.

    Are Dutch citizens armed to any significant extent? If not, it’s over.

    It’s a pity there aren’t more small revolts about things like this because the effect of not letting off some steam and making small, but important corrections is that it will all build until it boils over. And then a lot of innocents will get swept up with the guilty…like in all revolutions.

    Anyone know how many innocents vs guilty were guillotined in the French Revolution? Probably a good estimate for what’s coming.

  • The Neon Madman

    “What is the fundamental difference between church indulgences and emission allowances? Primarily it is that critics of allowances are not burned at the stake.”

    Not yet, Illuminatus. Not yet.