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Rotherham 1400, Telford 1000

Twenty-two years after 16-year-old Lucy Lowe, her mother and her sister were burned to death in a house fire started by Azhar Ali Mehmood (the 26-year-old who impregnated her when she was 14), the inquiry into grooming gangs in Telford has released a report on the phenomenon of which that was an example.

the authorities dismissed the 1,000 figure as ‘sensationalised’ and suggested the newspaper had ‘made it up on the back of a fag packet’. This week, inquiry chair Tom Crowther QC described the Sunday Mirror’s estimate as a ‘measured, reasonable and non-sensational assessment’. (h/t spiked)

It’s another example of how one of the things Blair made it unsafe to say back then was not only true in Telford (and true enough to compete with Rotherham – and with Rochdale, Aylesbury, Oxford, Derby, Halifax, Keighley, Peterborough, Huddersfield, Manchester and Newcastle) but became much more common, much more true, because the resulting politically-correct suppression of anything resembling basic policing “emboldens offenders”.

‘Islamophobia’ is not the only ‘phobia’ restricting free speech. But it has a certain claim to priority in this century’s war on free speech in Britain, so if we want to know what’s coming up for the others, we’d better pay attention to what the effects of hating free speech were as ‘Islamophobia’ permeated culture and law.

4 comments to Rotherham 1400, Telford 1000

  • Stuart Noyes

    The abusers should be put in jail. Those who have failed the innocent while being paid to protect them should also be in jail.

  • Paul Marks

    Frankfurt School Marxist influence on British law and custom, undermining Freedom of Speech, goes back long before Mr Blair – although it certainly got much worse in his time.

    Even in the 1970s the Home Office had Marxist academic “advisers” (one of whom was the father of Lisa Nandy – the modern Labour Party politician), and one can see the influence in law as far back as the 1960s – for example the American Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not target speech, the British Act of 1965 did.

    Leaving aside the Marxist tradition – the British Fabian tradition (those “wolves in sheep’s clothing” as they pictured themselves in the “Fabian Window”) had a deep hatred for truth, and disregard for human life. H.G. Wells mused about exterminating “these teeming millions of blacks, browns and yellows” (for some reason this was is not considered “racist”), and George Bernard Shaw wanted everyone to be forced to “justify their existence” to a government board – with people who the government board did not approve of, to be MURDERED.

    “Paul – Mr Shaw was joking” – no he was not.

    That the British left did not care about thousands of young girls being raped should have shocked no one – see above. Anything to destroy “capitalist” society.

    As for the Conservative Party – I have personal experience of their past lack of support for Freedom of Speech (their fear of offending the left). Hopefully this has changed – but we shall have to see.

    Whilst police forces remain in fear of being considered “racist”, “Islamophobic”, “transphobic” and all the rest of this Frankfurt School stuff, policing will not improve – and little girls will continue to be abused.

    The “education” and “training” of officers is now filled with this stuff – as is the case with most other cultural institutions in British life. Sadly the same is true in many other Western countries.

  • lucklucky

    I think those that usually talk about islamophobia are very keen in Zoroastrianphobia, Baha’iphobia, and many other religions that media, TV series, Hollywood censorships their existence…

  • Bob Marshall

    Tommy Robinson has been right from day one vs. the entire British establishment of bureaucrats, police, politicians and the news media. No wonder they all want Tommy dead. He’s a hero and he is hated. So many girls hurt for lousiest of reasons. Such a pathetic response.