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Gun rights are women’s rights

Terrifying moment an off-duty female police officer shoots dead an attempted robber who leapt out of a car and charged at her while she was walking alone in Brazil.

Three years ago yesterday.

Found via Some Welder on Twitter, from whom I also borrowed the title of this post.

5 comments to Gun rights are women’s rights

  • bobby b

    Point is, a weapon simply changes the balance of power away from someone who has physical superiority over you.

    It’s the anti-bullying answer. Guns are women’s right, guns are old people’s rights, guns are weaker people’s rights, guns are subject’s rights . . .

  • Fraser Orr

    Brazilian law enforcement officials ruled the incident an attempted robbery but are still investigating

    Me? I’d rule the incident “taking out the trash” and stop investigating.

  • llamas

    A few years ago, I was spending a fair bit of time in a maquiladora in Acuna, just over the river from Del Rio, TX. All the talk at the time was of the ‘Diana of Ciudad Juarez’. Juarez is a Mexican city along the Rio Grande aways, across the river from El Paso, TX, and like Acuna, packed with maquiladoras.

    Seems that there had been a problem in Juarez with young women workers at the maquiladoras travelling on busses late at night, being harassed and abused, and indeed, some had been abducted and murdered. Strong suspicions attached, naturally enough, to the drivers of these late-night busses. The Mexican police had done, as Mexican police will do, nothing much about this. (“we are the Federales – you know – the mounted police . . . .”)

    Until one day, a woman boarded a late night bus, went up the to driver, whispered in his ear, then produced a pistol, inserted it in the same ear, and blew his brains out. This happened several times on succeeding nights – I heard varying accounts of how many times, but it was definitely enough times to send a stark message. The shooter published a terse manifesto, indicating that if the police weren’t prepared to do anything about the problem, she would continue in this vein.

    I’ll be damned if the problem didn’t resolve itself practically-instantly. The real and present prospect of a bullet in the ear tends to rearrange priorities to a remarkable degree.

    It’s been said that God made man, but it’s Colonel Colt who made all men equal, and nowhere is this more true than in the case of women vs men.



  • Exasperated

    My sister listens to talk shows and she insists, that when the topic is gun rights, the pro callers are women. Guns are, indeed, the great equalizer. In my opinion, gun control people favor violent, vicious predators and are indifferent to the victims. They are willing to sacrifice women and people who are smaller, handicapped, older, less physically aggressive or isolated on their altar. They seem to think that the public should just accept GBH, rape, or death to advance their cause.
    Consider that the gun control people are obsessed with the law abiding because it’s easy and low risk. Going after the guns in the hands of underage, wannabe gang bangers is hard and dangerous. In the USA, this is the bulk of gun crime, not to mention that the collateral damage is children and bystanders, but the Drug Cartels and Human Trafficking Cartels are Dem constituents.

  • Paul Marks

    The police officer acted correctly – indeed with great presence of mind.

    It grieves me that the President of the Brazil (himself a victim of crime – he was badly knifed and almost died, the international media disgracing themselves with their gloating) may well be defeated this year – and so the friend of crime may gain power in Brazil.

    And by “friends of crime” I mean exactly that – that is what “Social Justice” means, CRIME – looting, pillage.

    Many police officers and ordinary honest people will be slaughtered if the “friends of the people” come to power in Brazil.

    And the international “liberal” elite will laugh – till the crime comes to (and inside) their own doors.