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Government says so…

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19 comments to Government says so…

  • bobby b

    Perfect encapsulation of Australia’s tennis fiasco.

  • Bruce

    Doing the rounds:

    “Novak Djokovic becomes the first professional athlete in history to be banned from a major sporting competition for not taking drugs.”

  • Paul Marks

    There are real risks with all the vaccines – especially the American ones, but the British one is hardly risk free. Whether the risk is greater or lesser is a matter of each individual case. But for people who do not get injected – keep up your Vitamin D (and so on) levels, exercise and have healthy lungs – and do NOT be fat (basically say to yourself “Paul Marks – I must NOT be like him”).

    We also do not know the full facts about the vaccines yet – some things are still very uncertain. Let us hope that people who think vast numbers of people will die from the injections are mistaken.

    If you get Covid seek Early Treatment from a medical doctor with a lot of experience in curing patients. You many get better totally on your own (many people do) – but it does no harm to get Early Treatment and it may SAVE YOUR LIFE.

  • Paul Marks

    As for the Serbian tennis player – he had already had Covid (only a few months ago). Demanding that he have the injections was totally insane. He was a “threat” to no one – the government of Australia were talking total nonsense.

    If you have already had Covid and anyone demands you have the injections – then their objective is NOT health, it is political control.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    The Australian province of Victoria has had 6 lockdowns; Melbourne was, according to a line I saw in the Telegraph, locked down for a total of 262 days during this stretch, and yet I read that vaccination rates in Australia are fairly high.

    Whatever else one can say about Australia, its reputation – which I suspect was overhyped anyway – for being a carefree nation is in tatters. I am sure many parts of the country are fascinating and interesting, but to be blunt I’d sooner spend a week in my dear old county of Suffolk, sitting by the beach in Aldeburgh with a cool pint of Adnams and book.

    Australia was founded as a penal colony. The gags write themselves.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    I pity anyone who lives in Australia. I do not really consider Australia part of the western world anymore.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Doing the rounds- The best medical advice is, if you want a fast test, play England.

  • bobby b

    Is anyone really surprised? Australia politics have been painful to watch for some time. They even de-manned Tony Abbott. Australia has been following the Canadian model (or vice versa?) Big woke majorities. Safetyism supreme. Karens to the left, Karens to the right . . .

    For a bit, I thought this was all being done in spite of the peoples’ wishes. I gave them too much credit.

    In the US, we tend to build caricatured images of far-off countries. Crocodile Dundees, we thought. Ha.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    I pity anyone who doesn’t live in Australia. We can laugh at Boris and his party antics, and pity America for being lead by Sleepy’ Joe. If you wish to live in the northern parts of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Queensland, you can still fight crocodiles all day long! And if the seas keep warming (and something does seem to be warming them), then crocodiles will be seen in major cities along Australia’s coast- I might move to Hobart, in Tasmania.

  • The communist party bosses with Stalin in the top-left photo are Nikolai Antipov, Sergei Kirov, and Nikolai Shvernik.

    The disappearance of Kirov (last to vanish) from the photo is particularly informative, since he was not purged.

    – Stalin’s official story was that Kirov was assassinated by enemies of the Soviet state; that a great purge was necessary to uncover the conspiracy that did it.

    – Two years ago, I used Stalin’s repeated reworkings of the Kirov assassination story to illustrate a propaganda mechanism in a post about election fraud.

    – The fact that Kirov vanished from the photo too is yet further evidence (for any who feel yet further evidence is needed) that Stalin killed him as well as the others.

    – It is grimly hilarious that Kirov’s wikipedia page contains the following:

    Stalin’s complicity has been rejected by historians of the “revisionist school” of Soviet studies … according to [revisionist historian Matt] Lenoe, “if we follow accepted rules of historical evidence–privileging, for example, archival documentation over third-hand transmitted by word of mouth– then almost all of the conventional narrative disappears”

    Yes indeed, associate professor Lenoe – the evidence does indeed disappear! 🙂

    FYI, checking this made me aware of a book about it: ‘The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin’s Russia’ by David King. Never let it be said that photo-liars need photoshop. I inform readers in case it might make a good coffee-table book for anyone – especially for when any PC friends or family call round. 🙂

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Also, I think that Australia could become a more libertarian society if libertarians moved here in large numbers! Australia could then become the contrarian continent! As other countries, and continents, succumb to Majoritarian Democratic impulses, Australia could become the Switzerland of the South. We have a small population base (25 million), so consistent migration from people with decentralized inclinations should swing our policies away from big governments.

  • John


    Looking at the demography of immigrants to your country over, say, the past 20 years does their inclination towards decentralisation, which in some cases may be akin to that seen in many Northern English towns and cities, generally concur with your understanding of the term?

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    I don’t know. I am just hoping that people who read this blog might be interested in the idea. This blog is read all over the world.

  • APL

    Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray: “(and something does seem to be warming them)”

    The Sun.

    I did look into moving to Australia, But that was five years ago, and I was already over the age threshold. My brother moved there, forty years ago. Lives in Brisbane, but I’m the closest among my siblings to anything resembling a Libertarian, elder brother is a bit of a Leftie, I suspect Vexxed as well.

    Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray: “I am just hoping that people who read this blog might be interested in the idea.”

    I’m interested in the idea, although I think Australia is maybe too geographically large. How about New Zealand?

  • Paul Marks

    “The more things change, the more they stay the same”.

    The other day I was looking up the American counties that had most rejected the New Deal in the election of 1936 (I am nerd – we nerds do such things as look up local election results for 1936, or examine Hansard Parliamentary debates for 1968), and the counties that most rejected Franklin Roosevelt in 1936 were the same counties in the South that rejected the Confederacy in the 1860s (not because they loved D.C. – but because, Rothbardians please note, the Confederacy was more, not less, Big Government than the Union) and are the same counties that were most pro Donald Trump in 2020. So much for the “parties switching” – that doctrine of the education system is as false as all their other doctrines (places such as Johnson County Tennessee are the same politically as they have ever been).

    Nor is it just a Southern thing – for example only one county in South Dakota (a Western State that borders Wyoming) rejected Franklin Roosevelt and his Toytown Corporate State four times – Lawrence County (stories of compassionate government are not really trusted in a town like Deadwood), and people in that county who did not vote for President Trump, voted for the Libertarian Party (yes it does get votes in some places).

    “Lockdowns” and other such are not welcome in such long term Republican counties, in the South or in the West – and there are lots of places for Feds to disappear in. Both sides can play the “accident” game.

    The elected county sheriff and those locals who volunteer to help the elected county sheriff is law enforcement – FBI, ATF, and-so-on….. STAY OUT.

    Many years ago a long term politician in Washington D.C. led a campaign to undermine the authority of locally elected sheriffs and impose unconstitutional Federal law enforcement – that politician’s name was Joseph Biden. He was a never a moderate – even if he was not senile now, he would (I believe) support every sickening piece of Fascism that is being done in his name.

    “Uncle Joe” is a very bad person – both Franklin Roosevelt’s hero Joe Stalin, and the present Uncle Joe.

  • Paul Marks

    Note to people who do not know – Fascism was an adaptation to Marxism to make it more fitting for the modern world, Mussolini being the leading Marxist in Italy in his time. Although after he made the changes to Marxist doctrine, Orthodox Marxists considered Mussolini a heretic and eventually killed him.

    Franklin Roosevelt’s National Industrial Recovery Act and National Recovery Administration (the Blue Eagle thugs – struck down by the Supreme Court in 1935, Nine Justices to Zero as it was too obviously Fascist even for the Progressives on the Supreme Court) and the rest of what is called the “New Deal” was based on Fascist Italy – this was well known at the time, but has since been shoved down the Memory Hole by the corrupt education system and “mainstream media”.

    So to people who say to themselves “how can you say that Franklin Roosevelt’s policies were Fascist and that he admired Joseph Stalin – that is a contradiction” – there is no contradiction.

    And anyone who thinks that the New Dealers only started admiring “Uncle Joe” in 1941 are quite mistaken.

    What is happening now is the climax of a very long war – for example Woodrow Wilson’s ideas were essentially Fascist, before the word “Fascist” was even invented (see such works as “The State” by Woodrow Wilson and “Philip Dru: Administrator” by his “other self” Colonel House).

    The speeches of such men as Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge against the Progressives (against the-men-who-make-the-state-God – literally in the case of Richard Ely and other Social Gospel thinkers) are actually more (not less) applicable to our time than to their own.

  • NickM

    Paul, that stuff about the US counties is fascinating. Not least because much water has flowed under many bridges and the yet same basic principles apply. I vaguely tend to think the World of now is different from 100 years ago but is it? I really dunno. It is fascinating geographically because I guess we think people move more now but do they? My wife and I live in a house walking distance from the one she grew up in.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes NickM – the idea that “the parties have switched” is a lie (for example the Warren Harding campaign of 1920 – all about rolling back Democrat statism, or the opposition to Democrat Mayor Curley of Boston in the early 1900s – after whom the “Curley Effect” in local government is named).

    But then, so many things the education system teach (and the media push) are lies.

    As for the world being different – it is, but not in the way they teach it is.

    In spite of technology massively improving, many American cities and large towns have got worse rather better – the buildings are ugly, the people are badly dressed, and (far more important) there are now vast numbers of desperate drug addled people LIVING ON THE STREETS.

    Basic industries have been destroyed (the idea that a country can live for ever by borrowing money and importing from China is insane), the family has broken down (the 1960s Social Revolution) so have both religious and secular institutions – the streets are inhabited by people in rags, out of their minds on drugs, and living in human excrement (their own excrement – and the excrement of others). And engaging in savage violence against each other – and against anyone else they can get at.

    The “Progressive” “Compassionate” modern state is a failure, a horrible failure.

    Family and voluntary associations (religious and secular) are key – the very things that have come under such vicious attack all our lives.

    Where the state is “all in all”, trying to replace family and voluntary associations, the result is horror – and the horror is only just starting.

  • Paul Marks

    What is the answer of the Progressive “Social Justice”, “Equity”, establishment?

    More government spending and more regulations.

    The very policies that created the horror in the first place.

    The education system, the mainstream media, the “Woke” bankers and lawyers of the Corporations, the establishment officials and politicians – they have all learned NOTHING.

    They repeat the same policies, in education, health care, and everything else, again-and-again each time expecting a different result.

    That is a definition of insanity.

    In their own way, the Harvard Professors and Progressive politicians (such as “President” Biden and the Governors of such places as California, New York, New Jersey…..) are just as insane as the gibbering, drug addled, savages who now control the streets of so many American cities.